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  • Kiehl's Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Masque Review


    Has anyone tried the Kiehl's Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Masque yet? I have been using on my nose & areas with enlarge pores. It can be drying for normal skin, but if you have oily skin then baby u should try this out! (get a sample! try before u buy Kiehl's say!). The texture is creamy-mud like. It contains Amazonian White Clay (for absorbing oil), Oatmeal and Aloe Vera. Since its kinda drying, I was told that I could try it on my oily T-Zone but being nutty, I decided to test it on my cheeks too where some pores were saying hi to me.


    This is what Kiehl's website says about the product:
    This deep-pore cleansing masque may be used for normal to oily skin types to help eliminate debris and dead surface skin-cell accumulation that can clog pores and leave skin dull-looking.
    • Helps eliminate surface impurities and toxins from the skin
    • After use, skin appears more refined with visibly minimized pores

    wow ... my nose hehe.. my face do i look un-dull? lol
    (update, i just realize u can see the difference in my face skin where areas are used with masque is pinky n brighter than the areas with no masque!)

    After wiping the mask off with a warm towel, I notice that my pores are indeed visibly smaller! & cheeks smoother. "Ala... copy from product description say wan is it?" NO! coz after I used the masque, the pesky blackheads that I have been combating for months pop out and said hello to me right to my face! Imagine my happiness that they can be seen! I don't know about you, but my blackheads can be seen (especially on the sides and center). I rushed to get my pore pack and stick it on happily (while grinning away like I have won a battle muahaha). It was a bit drying on my cheeks but my pores muahaha...goodbye! I quickly put my toner on and moisturize my face.

    do not try this at home
    seek the advise of Kiehl's KCR before using product!

    How on earth can my blackheads pop out like that? I am guessing the pores tighten and they kinda push it out a bit so u can see the head? is there such a thing? well hmm one things for sure, I'm diligently using this on my nose now once a week to reduce the pores on my nose!

    The Kiehl's Rare Earth Range:

    Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Masque 142g rm95
    May be used for normal to oily skin types to help eliminate debris and dead surface skin-cell accumulation. After use, skin appears more refined with visibly minimised pores.

    Rare Earth Deep Pore Daily Cleanser 150ml rm90
    Formulated specifically for normal to oily skin types to purify and thoroughly cleanse facial skin, and reduce the appearance of enlarged pores.

    Rare Earth Refining Tonic 250ml rm199
    Help eliminate surface toxins from the skin, as well as to refine pores and control excess oil. After application, skin appears matte, with re-balanced moisture levels.

    Rare Earth Minimizing Lotion 75ml rm130.
    Formulated specifically for normal to oily skin types to address the appearance of enlarged pores. Pores appear tightened and skin looks smoother.

    source: Kiehl's Website


    1. oooo I've been wondering about this product, thanks for the review! I'm going to try to get a sample to try :)

    2. hi Becks, yeah go get a sample to try first. It can be a bit drying though, use a light amount yap!

    3. I've been hearing nothing but good raves about it ever since it came out, but every outlet I go to doesn't have the sample any more!

      I tried it on my hand once, and I could see that my hand got fairer (hehe dirty hand kwa) but kan hands no enlarged pores. T.T

    4. love your cute faces..hahhaha. I also like to do that faces.

    5. electronicfly: O_O out of stock?! serious? try 1utama or BSC (the newly open store) maybe they have stock.

      diyana: i wanna see funny faces on ur blog too!

    6. fwaaa you replied so fast! the 1u one was my first stop. :/ will try the BSC one soon. :D

    7. OMG, this is what I need to minimise pores and get rid blackheads

      how much is it?

    8. wahaha.. last pic wht you pegang?

    9. i was given a pore minimizing lotion to try....
      after a week i try , my face suddenly like allergic and pops out a lots of small red dot on my whole face!!!
      and it's itchy and doesn't disappear !
      after a week it's still there...
      oh my god luckily dat time i was having holiday and don't need to go out....
      then i use the estee lauder "Idealist" pore minimizing serum....wow ~ it's like miracle coz after a day i use, my skin become very smooth and the red dots disappear a lot ady ^^
      then i keep on using the Idealist for 3 days , my face turns become as usual ady^^ the red dots is all gone and becomes a smoother skin ^^

      aiks...luckily we can get a sample before we buy...if not then it will be a waste ^^

    10. electronicfly: LOL! ok u got me there. Try BSC if it's convenient yah. Don't purposely go to take sample later out of stock u marah me :(

    11. Sherry: it's my eerr..weapon?

      Sherry & Pink Princess: I updated with price liao, it's rm95 for a tub.

      YJia: woah lotion caused allergic reactions to u? i heard some ppl have been getting red spots n rashes from using certain products. I wonder why O_O i must let Kiehl's know.

    12. thanks for update the price, oh yeah one minute there.. I think eh.. weapon.. toilet brush. haha.. kidding :)

    13. it's not a toilet brush!

      it's my body brush!

    14. i so have to rush to Kiehl's and ask for sample! thanks Miu for your review! your blog is like my beauty products bible. :)

    15. I heard that it's not quite suitable for dry skin and I have a dry combination skin.. Do they have samples for trying before purchase?

    16. Moose: you're welcome! but i heard that samples are out :( i hope u find one.. if not ask them when the samples will arrive? never try never know and won't buy u know! - poem by miu

      Jean: yeah i have dry and combi skin too, it's drying but slathered on some moisture should do the trick. U can go to any Kiehl's store and ask for a sample to try :)

      I still use it on my face though, coz it removes my dead skin n minimized my pores, downside drying! sob sob

    17. Thanks for reviewing!! Good to know. Will try it out one of these days. Can't stop using the exfoliator at the moment. Haha...

      Just got my newsletter earlier and saw yours and Candy's testimonials there! Woot! You're making me lemming gal!

      Oh, know something? Just realized my long lost friend also reads your blog! Must go find her again.

    18. oh body brush.. hehe.. dont use one thats why dont know. Where you buy the body brush?

      warm towel.. umm.. I usually just tap water and wash

    19. hey, seem the product is so good le...

      Btw, still remember me?? Long time didn't hop over to your blog and you are getting prettier...

    20. oh yea wan say you notice the picture you put with love, one side eye bag darker. :( umm.. me also getting already.. :(

    21. abby: yeah i've not tried the brightening scrub yet! i just bought the recovery pack for my hair T_T sob sob bye bye money. I brought Candy to the Kiehl's Amazonian Launching at Mid Valley for the live kiehl's display box (kiehl's boys) and got our testimonials down. Hey who is your long lost friend? O_O do tell?

      Sherry: at body shop got.. at watson/guardian got, easier brush back mah. Warm towel remove so not so messy, coz my sink ah..wash face.. can all over kena sigh.

      Debbie Y: hey long time no c! :) Yes i still remember u luv debbie! enjoying motherhood i see in ur blog! thanks for the compliments, malu malu.. hehe

    22. Sherry: T___T sob panda eyes... i been very tired n busy.. juggling work, freelance personal shopper & blogging..

    23. Girl, go get yourself a sample of it! My sensitive cheeks like it! Must say something right? Eleh, never take me to the event. So sad haha... Oh, electronicfly is my long lost friend. Haha...

      Let's see if she knows how to find me nya

    24. I've just tried this masque and quite like it.

      Dont think the price is too expensive either. May buy after my current clay masks finish.

      But as for any clay masks i use, immediately after that, i will use a hydrating mask - whichever type i fancy at that moment.

    25. hey miu, I think if you got time sleep more see can replace or not.. the time for sleep. when I try sleep my brain active pula.. :( ..

    26. Eh...ok wor..not so expensive...can consider :D

    27. exactly what i need! i've got huge, crater-like pores on my nose... hisy. thanks for the review, miu... will head down to Kiehl's soon ;)

    28. need to remember the brand, I always forgot

    29. abby: oh! then i go get a sample also lol.. what the event i also duno got event until i reach..

      Pigita: agree with u, hydratin mask after clay mask = good.

      Sherry: i wish i can sleep while working sob sob.. macam robot.. i need surrogate!

      Uli: ok ok price u try sample dulu

      zyrin: woah.. the way u describe ur pores bring me new meaning to crater moon like nose! try sample first, effects might be different to ppl? i dare not say 100% everyone's blackhead will go peekaboo!

      Sherry: remember KILLS! kills blackhead!

    30. Hi Miu , I went to Kiehl's counter yesterday and ask the SA about my problem with using the Pore Minimizing Lotion. The SA said it might be allergic but it can be detoxing too ><

      Coz according to the SA , this pore minimizing lotion has the function of detox. So when it is detoxing , it will appear the same problem like mine.

      How to know it's really allergic ? She said normally the detox process takes time about 2 weeks. If the red rashes keeps on appearing more than two weeks , then I should stop using it loh ^^So I think i'll keep on using it and see how's the result 1st loh ^^


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