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My name is Tammy Lim and I am an award winning blogger from Top 10 Malaysia Magazine and Cleo Malaysia Magazine. I have been blogging since 2008 and I am also the founder of a local Malaysian beauty & lifestyle community called The Butterfly Project. People often tell me that I'm a wonder woman, but in reality - if it's something you love, you can do wonders.

When I'm not wondering, I'll be on my computer searching for the next fountain of youth or hunting down a fantastic deal. I'm also a shopaholic, wanderluster, spa enthusiast and proud hipster who loves planning special occasions and surprises for her loved ones.
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  • Countdown to Project Revive by TUSC


    Project Revive 4.11.10 by TUSC

    4 more days to counting before the charity concert and dinner "Project Revive" organized by Taylors University Student Council takes the stage with performances from local bands like Bob The Sausage Band, Precious Home Children Choir, Harmonica Group, Beatboxing, Spellman & Keyboardist, Magician and the amazing and talented Juwita Suwito! check out her video below:

    Juwita Suwito Performing "Walk Away"

    Project Revive details:
    Theme : Lend us a hand, Give them a hope
    Date : 4 Nov 2010 (Thursday)
    Time : 7.30 till 11pm
    Venue : Multipurpose Hall, Taylor’s University, Lakeside Campus.

    What is Project Revive?

    It is a Charity Concert + Dinner to Raise funds for Precious Home orphanage and BARIO Project and To provide a platform for youth to perform their hidden talents.

    What is BARIO Project?
    The Kelabit, at approximately 5,000 people, is one of the smallest ethnic groups in Bario, Sarawak. Bario is located in the centre of the Kelabit Highlands in the north east of Sarawak, Malaysia. Like many other indigenous communities in Sarawak, the Kelabit live in longhouses in the highlands. However, due to economic and social factors, many have migrated to live in urban areas over the last 20 years. Approximately, 1,200 Kelabit are still living in the highlands. Bario lack constant supply of basic utilities. Besides the Celcom network coverage, there is no telecommunication service provided at Bario. Water supply is through gravity-fed system and thus they rely on rainwater and river water for their supply. Limited electricity supply is provided through diesel generators and solar-panels. Kids at Bario also lack basic facilities that are required for boarding and schooling.

    Ticket Price: RM 70 (Standard), RM 90 (Premium)

    To get your ticket kindly contact:
    Andrew Si: 0126012106
    Victoria Lin: 0172106817

    Project Revive sponsors: BeautyTalkAcerChocolate Graphics & Restyle by A Cut Above. Help spread the word around and Vote for Project Revive on Facebook in Digi Your Ideas to lend a helping hand towards this project with just a few clicks of a button. 

    Petronas The Road To Rewards Launched!


    dude surfing on money?

    live report from Miu at Petronas launching ceremony

    Yesterday (28.11.10) I was invited to witness the launch of a contest program aimed at rewarding its customers. Which customers? well those who pumps at Petronas of course! It was launched at the Petronas station at Ampang where media, bloggers and guests were invited. It's my first time attending a petrol company event and boy was I excited. Green and white balloons, colors of Petronas Dagangan decorated the stage above and I was watching them.

    Encik Zainal Abidin Othman opening speech
    (General Manager, Retail Business Division)
    Petronas Dagangan Bhd

    The ceremony started with an opening speech by Petronas Dagangan's General Manager of Retail Business Division, Encik Zainal Abidin Othman thanking everyone who came. He introduced the reward program, aiming to thank their loyal customers called the "Road To Rewards" promotion and suddenly a surfer dude came surfing (on a mechanical and ocean wave board build up) on a orange surf board, the crowd went OOOO!!! The Balloons came down and a short performance started. Everyone was clapping and the photographers went snapping away. 

    official launch of "Petronas The Road to Rewards"

    rewarding its customer not only with a smile

    Now "The Road To Rewards" program will kick start on 1st Nov, 2010 until Feb 15th, 2011 as a part of the company's effort to reward its customers. Customers with a minimum spending of RM30 at any Petronas stations nationwide will get a chance to win up to RM3million in cash prizes including cash, PETRONAS Mesra points and Petronas cash gift cards.

    Kedai Mesra shopping sweep lucky draw
    by Encik Amir Hamzah Azizan
    (Managing Director/CEO)
    Petronas Dagangan Bhd

    It don't just stop there coz Petronas Dagangan is also rewarding 252 customers spotted with the 'PETRONAS The Road to Rewards' Promotion Car Stickers to a SHOPPING SPREE done weekly! What shopping?! now I am awake! How much shopping can we do if we're spotted? A RM200 worth at Kedai Mesra! Just get the car stickers from any Petronas stations from next week onwards, stick it on your car and wait to be spotted. You could have a party of snack, drinks when u win the shopping spree!

    the 6 chosen shoppers = 3 guys vs 3 girls!

    who will win?

    you need to shop in 45 minutes, no sorry SECONDS!

    Now to show you a taste of the shopping spree,  Encik Amir Hamzah Azizan Managing Director and CEO of Petronas Dagangan drew 6 lucky names from guests who attended this launch for a quick, no EXPRESS SHOPPING SPREE in 45 SECONDS of where a shopping list is given and the lucky 6 shoppers (no car stickers needed at this launch) and they have to rush into the Kedai Mesra, shop as fast as they could and get out! The one with the highest spending will win right away what's in their basket and a RM100 Petronas voucher.

    who can spend the most in 45secs?

    hmm could you have done better?

    sneak peek at the results *drum rolls*

    I wonder what I would've have done if I was one of them? Could I have shopped till I drop in 45seconds? it's just too rush! Looking at them rushing in, frantically looking for the items in the list and not knowing what to get first, you'd probably get the first thing that come into your mind or what you see! Now a bucket of Hagen Daaz would not be in my mind when I think of ice-cream, but Jeff Chin's quick shopping bag him the highest among all the basket of purchases! He must be a big fan of Hagen Daaz, coz he was alerting the judges that his ice-cream is going to melt! 

    Reiko, Me & Jeff Chin

    JEFF CHIN from MYFM won!
    (yes thanks to Hagen Daaz ice cream)

    Congratulations to Jeff Chin from MYFM the first Petronas 45seconds Shopper to kick start the shopping spree fever! I hope he don't put a sticker again in his car so he can get spotted to win another basket of ice-cream! Give chance to us please! Petronas customers don't let Jeff Chin win anymore! get your Petronas Road To Rewards Car Stickers so you can get spotted soon! and enter into the running for the cash prizes! Imagine wining the RM100,000, I will faint immediately.

    The Petronas "Road To Rewards" Program starts 1st Nov, 2010 to 15th Feb, 2011. For more information visit your Petronas station to bug them how you can win or MyMesra website here.

    Clarin's We Care Lunch Box

    clarins we care 2010 is lunch box rm18

    Received my Clarin's December 2010 newsletters (as a member of Clarin's Spa & Clarin's Beaute Club). The first page I flip, my eyes zoom in on the lunch boxes (green & blue) which will start selling from 1st November, 2010 until end of December, 2010. Previous years it was a notebook, then herb plants and this year Clarin's come out with lunch boxes! amazingly cool way to donate to charity, now u get to bring back a lunch box for your children or use it for yourself to make bento. Selling at RM18 each at all Clarins and Skin Spa counters nationwide, the proceed goes to funding better future for needy children.

    my favorite page in the newsletter, facial promotion

    This reminds me that I have 1 more facial session to go at Clarin's Spa. I have not been hardworking enough to complete my facial and body packages due to my life schedule as a blogger. This looks tempting though! Enjoy Anti-Stress Facial Treatment or Extra-Firming from Bavaria Facial Treatment for ONLY RM99! Offer available only at Clarins Skin Spas and until 31/12/10. Valid for 1 treatment per person only. The Christmas sets are also out in the newsletter from RM468-RM165. Tempting but Santa says no shopping this Christmas for me.

    source: Clarin's We Care

    Garnier Skin Naturals Light Oil Control

    Oil control whitening cream

    The latest Garnier Skin Naturals innovation "Light Oil Control" whitening cream has the new oil-trapping formula and 8 hour shine-free look. It whitens, visibly lightens acne marks and reduces excess oil. Dermatological tested, has pure lemon essence + salicylic acid derivative. This all sounds too good to be true and too bad I don't have oily skin or acne marks to try this out. Good news however for my readers with oily skin and acne marks! if you're looking for a product that will improve your worries, you might be the one I'm looking for. Comment with the details below to get selected to review this baby. I don't need an extensive review, just your thoughts, feelings or experience when u use this product and photos. You have 1 week to review, I don't need miracles to happen but after a month you feel there's improvement let me know! :)

    Follower ID:
    Blog/FB: (if you have either)

    Why I should be the one to try the Garnier Light Oil Control (in 20 words). 

    Start 29/10/11 - 5/10/11. Selected reader will be announce and item will be posted to her. Mailing address must be in Malaysia.

    Indulge in a Luxurious Treat this Christmas


    Decleor Workshop 4.12.10 / 2-5pm
    Source: Female Nov 2010

    One would know Christmas is nearing from reading this page in Female Magazine Nov issue. Christmas songs started to play in my head already and I am wondering if I should put up my fake Christmas tree up (bought from Ikea 2 years back) and start hanging cosmetics on it. Such joy, and what's more joyful than a workshop in the Christmas season? a workshop at Escentials Urban Retreat, Starhill KL with Decleor, RMK and Salvatore Ferragamo. I'm wondering why Salvatore Ferragamo is in this workshop? *scratch head*. Also is this about massage? spa? coz I love that photo on this page! RM50 per pax and goodie bag worth RM422. 1st 30 Female Readers only to call and register. 

    Shape Workshop: Skin Rejuvenation with Hada Labo

    Shape & Hada Labo Workshop
    Source: Shape Nov 2010 Issue

    This is what I have been waiting for! the long awaited Hada Labo Workshop which I missed this year but it's not focusing on just Hada Labo! for health and fitness fans, you'll also be in for "Jukari Fit to Flex" session too! Great that's just what I need now. Held at CHI Fitness, this workshop will be on 20.11.10 from 9.45am to 1.30pm. The fees is RM20 per person / RM30 per pair (so bring your friend!). What's the catch here? just email to register and wait for the call coz if you're selected, Shape Magazine will call you! :)

    Plusizekitten in Female Magazine

    Female Magazine Nov 2010 Issue

    A couple of months back, I received an e-mail from Wan Lee, a writer for Female Magazine. It was about interviewing beauty junkies (girls mad about beauty stuffs) and she got to know that I kinda fit the bill from my blog. Well yeah I think she found the right person coz I have so much skincare and cosmetics, I didn't know where to start. I was asked to show beauty obsession and among all the beauty products I have, skincare cosmetics, haircare, body care, which could amount to hundreds, I only had one obsession that I truly like to show which is my Shu Uemura eyelash collection . Yeap you don't see me wear them all the time, but when I need to, I'll get it from my collection of lashes (hunted from sales, shops, overseas). Some are so precious I wouldn't want to use them at all. Others are expensive (seriously like RM250 for a pair) should be use only when I am a celebrity (which I am not) or when I need to meet our Prime Minister (will never happen). Being Asian, I have small sleepy (make them super small) eyes with no double eyelid but with the help of false eyelashes, my look could totally change in a second! Take a look at this photo here, my eyes are quite something else aren't they? I am wearing Shu Uemura's natural false eyelash (walk into any Shu Uemura Boutique and they'll recommend u this popular natural lash RM55). Few good reasons why I use Shu Uemura:
    • quality
    • diversity
    • designer collections
    • seasonal collections suited for the occasion
    • can be use up to 20 times!

    before boring miu

    after putting on Shu Uemura's Star Blitz mini lash

    Check out my 1st experimental session using a seriously crazy green eyelash from Shu Uemura below (full review here). Don't laugh and yes I look tired and here because it was a crazy and stressful time for me last year but I love the make up and everyone in KLCC was looking at me funny. I don't blame them.

    Dramatic False Eyelash Transformation

    Shu Uemura Premium Fake Eyelashes
     in Velvet Feather Deep Forest 

    Don't I look super evil like Uma Thurman @ Poison Ivy from Batman? Just like the stereotypical Librarian lady whose boring and firm, they might be a tiger in the bedroom with leather sexy lingerie and a whip. The same for squinty small eyes Asian girl like me, who may look dull and boring but might have a killer appetite to have/own beautiful lashes, the more dramatic the better. 

    Cosmopolitan Beauty Workshop with Shiseido


    Source: Cosmopolitan Nov 2010 Issue
    (click on poster for larger read)

    Anyone check out Cosmopolitan Magazine yet? I received my issue few days ago as I subscribed to Cosmopolitan Magazine Malaysia during the youth 10 event in April, 2010. They're having a workshop with Shiseido next month November 27, 2010. Two sessions at Shiseido Malaysia office (Menara UAC). The workshop fee is Rm60 per person. Goodie bag +RM60 voucher. Get the latest copy of Cosmopolitan to check the details out and to send in your forms :)

    Date: 27.11.10
    Time: 10am-1pm / 2pm-5pm
    Venue: Shiseido Malaysia, Unit 7-03, Level 7, Menara UAC, No.12, Jln PJU 7/5, Mutiara Damansara, 47800 PJ.
    Payment: RM60 per pax (you will receive voucher worth rm60 and special Shiseido goodie bag).

    Pantene Bloggers Tea Party


    Be on the look out for photos of me & Fatin online and offline! Yes we're lil devils running around everywhere this month. Thanks to Pantene for the awesome makeover and tea party! it was truly a pampering session where Fatin & Kenby also came along! Though Kenby is no blogger, she enjoyed a makeover session with manicure complete with nail art, got her hair spa done with Pantene Shampoo, Conditioner and Treatment. Wished I had my hubby Canon 550D with me that time, I could've snap so many photos! Fatin babe you're so pretty, can't wait to see the threesome photos and the write up on it. My Pantene 14days Challenge review will be up soon! Am editing the photos from this party session to be up here too. Many thanks to Yvonne & Jone, The Hair Atelier and Team for this wonderful experience *Muaks*

    The Malay Mail Paper

    Sinar Harian

    Wevents: Love Your Body Love Your World Workshop

    20.11.10 3-m-7pm
    Studio V, Ground Floor One U New Wing

    Registrations are only open for 70 pax (working women only) on a first come first serve basis. Please follow the link for registration. 

    Only confirmed registered guests will be admitted.WEVents members who have pre-registered and receive your confirmation of registration do not need to register again.

    Attendees, please note that in support of the environment and Saturday being a no plastic bag day, we will not be giving out any paper bags during the event. 
    Please bring your own (BYO) recycle bag for the goody bag items.

    Full details see: http://www.wevents.com.my/

    Max Factor in Malaysia!


    upcoming bloggie on my haul at Max Factor Lot 10

    Gifts from Gold Coast, Australia

    love love love these gifts thank you!!!

    Yesterday I met my reader turn fairy god mother at Aqua Label workshop! It's been such a long time since I seen her. You all know who she is! or maybe I should hide her identity to protect her from stalkers coz this lady is seriously "me" but in a couple more years. We both love to shop and boy do we love to buy cute and girly gifts. Not for ourself but for others! (seriously mental). She knows I love Coke a lot but due to her luggage being overweight, she got Lip Smackers in Coca Cola instead for me! (I collect Coca Cola cans made in various countries). Another cool item that I never got before is Cath Kidston's products! these pastel polka/floral packaging just kills me. They're soap btw! Barbie!!! my childhood craze (who don't play with Barbie!) it a lip gloss set. The Barbie face on the metal casing just screams Stila Barbie too! Oh Thank you so much sexymummy! 



    Project Revive 4.11.10

    I'm no student anymore but hey it's good to see students now actively participating in charitable activities to help the less fortunate! Charitable projects and events like the upcoming Project Revive where Juwita Suwito is performing live. What's Project Revive? In short, it's a charity concert + dinner to help raise funds for the Precious Home Orphanage, BARIO Project and to provide a platform for youth to showcase their hidden talents. Big clap to Taylor's University Student Council (TUSC) for organizing this! Details of this event:

    Theme : Lend us a hand, Give them a hope
    Date :4 Nov 2010 (Thursday)
    Time :7.30 till 11pm
    Venue :Multipurpose Hall, Taylor’s University, Lakeside Campus.

    Besides helping to raise funds for the orphanage, Project Revive fuels the Bario Project too. Bario is a place in north east of Sarawak, located in the centre of the Kelabit Highlands. A small group of indigenous community called the Kelabit lives here in longhouses. Lack of constant supply of basic utilities, telecommunication (only Celcom network covers here), relying on rainwater and river water, electricity (diesel generated & solar panels), and basic facilities required by kids for boarding and schooling, are the main concerns in the project where your help, even though how little, may go a long way for the community. The Bario Project is a Taylor's Corporate Social Responsibility project.

    Juwita Suwito is performing for

    Kudos to the sponsors Beauty Talk, Acer, RE: Style by A Cut Above and Chocolate Graphics for sponsoring the Project Revive cause. Tickets are priced at RM70 (Standard) and RM90 (premium). Contact Victoria Lin 017-2106817 / May Zhen 016-4210946. You can start helping Project Revive by sharing, spreading and joining the following pages below:
    Spread the word, blog about it, twitter it, facebook, Project Revive needs your helping hand and mine too! I will be going!

    Detv and the hallyu, or Korean Wave


    guess what it is?

    Last month, I had the priviledged to review something that I have never reviewed before. No it’s not about cosmetics or beauty products. Neither is it on food or fashion. This time it's on entertaiment, when I say entertaiment, I will narrow it down to TV Channels which you can't find just by turning on your TV. I'll give you a few hints.

    1. International Channels
    2. Needs Decorder
    3. Needs Internet

    DeTV Malaysia's First Chinese IPTV!

    Can you guess what it is already? I know some of you might think it's ASTRO but hang on, Astro don't use internet to stream tv channels so which new TV service is this! When I told my friends, they were all also dumb founded by my new discovery (lol). It's called DETV! yeap DETV! I tried to explain to them it uses internet to stream tv channels to my tv (Internet Protocol television = IPTV) they don't believe me until I showed them my DETV which uses a decorder connected to either directly to your wired ethernet connection or can be connected wireless! Mine is wireless, thanks to my bf who set it up. We didn't even know how to read Chinese! (and still could manage to set up a wireless connection). DeTV is a Chinese TV service owned by DE Multimedia Sdn Bhd, a joint venture founded by REDtone International Bhd and Zhong Nan Enterprise (M) Bhd. It was officially been launched on 26th Jan 2010. Most of the channels provided by DeTV are from mainland China and Taiwan.

    DETV Have you Heard Of It?

    chinese & taiwan channels aplenty!

    If my grandmother were still here, she would be glued to this DeTV watching all the mainland China dramas and news, being updated of her motherland. Yes my grandmother is from China and she would understand Chinese! I on the other hand can't read Chinese but I do understand "a bit" of Chinese (Mandarin/Cantonese). The generation gap is there haha! The channels that I can find on my DeTV are:

    GuangXi TV International
    TianJin TV International
    SiChuan TV International
    Al Jazeera English
    Al Jazeera (Arabic)
    Channel NewsAsia
    Bloomberg TV
    DaAi Channel
    Digital Mobile (Dimo) TV
    Taiwan MAC (Macroview) TV
    Hakka TV
    China Sun TV
    Arirang TV
    CCTV 4
    CCTV 9
    Kaku Animation
    China Movie
    Fujian Straits TV
    Dragon TV
    TVS (China)
    Zhejiang International Channel
    CCTV Chinese Opera Channel
    Chongqing TV International Channel
    Hunan TV World
    Beijing TV
    JSBC International Channel
    Yellow River TV
    NHK World
    Enlight Media
    Collections TV
    Health & Lifestyle Channel

    Since it's a IPTV based service, I did wonder if the internet connection here would affect the TV Channel's live streaming. Well truth be told, there was at a time Streamyx was having maintenance at my area and I could not watch DeTv at all but after that, the streaming was effortless and I could channel surf all the way until I found this cool channel called Arirang TV (Korean TV). Arirang TV is an international, English-language networkd based in Seoul, South Korea. It's operated by The Korean International Broadcasting Foundation and has a diverse lineup of programs ranging from cultural, documentaries, and entertiament to give viewers a peek into Korea, Asia and the world at large. FYI! This is my ultimate favourite channel in DeTV because I am interested in Korea! Also another reason why I like watching this channel is beacuse I got to keep up with the "Hallyu" meaning the Korean Wave! yes what's making everyone especially the young and restless crazy nowadays? addictive tunes, cool moves and girl/boy bands that's as addictive as sugary desserts.

    Girls Generation on Arirang, DeTV

    K-POP! from Facebook there's already friends posting and sharing their views about K POP and there's where I first got watching! Seriously, I don't have time for entertaiment these days so I don't know what's hot and happening. Being able to finally catch up Korean's Hottest Bands in DeTV while ironing my clothes makes me happy. When Generation Girls music video came up, I stop doing what I do and sat down, mesmerized by the video. No wonder guys are going ga-ga over them and girls trying to dress like them. Their tune and dance movement is so addictive, makes me want to do the same. During my teenage years, American Boy Bands and Spice Girls were the rage! Now you can find all sorts of bands being in the top 10 idol list! K POP being one of them. I am enjoying still the many channels in Arirang, here's a list of them you can find:
    A History of East Asian Culinary Exchange
    a Plus
    Affairs of the Heart
    Ancestral Legacies
    Apple Tree
    Arirang Arabic News
    Arirang Cafe
    Arirang News
    Arirang Special
    Arirang Sports M
    Asia and the Cities
    Asian Cuisine Tour
    Battle Shinwa
    Beyond Borders
    Biz Today
    Buzz in Business
    Cartoon Time
    Click! Digital Camera
    Company Close Up
    Coree Arirang
    CrossWorld People
    Cuisine Korea
    Cuisine Tour
    Day Break
    Diplomacy Lounge
    Drama Platinum
    Drama Theater
    Dream It
    Documenraty World
    Dynamic Korea
    Edward's Live Kitchen
    Encore Documentary
    Face to Face
    Festive Journey
    GEO Korea
    Great Pathfinders
    Hand in Hand
    Health For All
    Heart to Heart
    Homey Korean
    Host Family
    I Love Korea
    IDCF Special Cartoons
    In Focus
    In Law's War
    In Style Plus
    In Your Eyes
    Innovation Korea
    InStyle Plus
    Invest Korea
    Kidsland Wowow
    Korea 101
    Korea Now
    Korea This Week
    Korea Today
    Korea, The World's Best
    Korean Freakonomists
    Korean National Parks
    Korean News Update
    Korean Odyssey
    Let's Speak Korean
    Love or Nothing
    Love's Pinwheel
    Lush Life
    Made in Korea
    More Than Kimchi
    Movie World
    Museum Circuit
    My Funky Family
    National Treasures
    Nature's Symphony
    On the Road
    Peninsula Scope
    People & People
    Perform Arts
    Photo Essay
    Pops in Seoul
    Power Market
    Power Product
    Quiz Champions
    Rank Korea
    Real Express
    Scenery of Korea
    Screen Flash
    Show Music Tank
    Showbiz Extra
    Showbiz World
    Showking M
    Some Like it Hot
    Sound & Motion
    Sports Express
    STAR Real Story, "I Am"
    Starlit Promenade
    Talk Around
    Taste Your Life
    The Contenders
    The Great Aspiration
    The Legacy of Historical Architecture
    The Water Bloom
    Thumb Bear Kkomzi
    Trading Post
    Traditional Symbols
    Traveler's Korean
    Veiled Truth
    W 24/7
    Wave Markers
    WEG Programs
    Win Win
    Winning Choice
    Wiz & Biz Korea
    Working It
    World Best Restaurant
    World Sports
    World Wonders
    Ya Tribe

    Here's an excerpt from the sun on the Korean wave dated oct 1st, 2010, I was just reading the Sun Newspaper on Friday and I felt that it's good to share about it here too while I'm watching Korea on DeTV. If you have any questions! please feeel free to leave a comment about DeTV! This is my experience and I tell it as it is.

    Korea’s second wave comes calling (1st Oct, 2010, The Sun)

    THE Korean Wave of pop culture is ebbing overseas, according to the latest figures, but an official said recently he expects a renewed surge of interest, thanks to new TV dramas. South Korean TV dramas, movies and pop music took Asia and other parts of the world by storm earlier in the decade in a phenomenon known as the Korean Wave or Hallyu. The export of broadcast content alone rose 20% to 30% every year between 2001 and 2005.

    Last year exports of broadcast content such as TV dramas, variety shows and documentary films rose only 1.9% year-onyear to US$184 million (RM567.9 million), the state-run Korea Creative Content Agency (KCCA) said. “Overseas demand for our product has been slow amid a global financial crisis. We also face growing competition from US, Chinese and Taiwanese content,” Yoon Jae-Sik, a KCCA team leader, told AFP. He also admitted that in the past few years, South Korea failed to produce programmes on par with previous popular TV classics such as Daejanggeum and Winter Sonata. Korean Wave of pop culture is ebbing overseas, according to the latest figures, but an official said recently he expects a renewed surge of interest, thanks to new TV dramas. South Korean TV dramas, movies and pop music took Asia and other parts of the world by storm earlier in the decade in a phenomenon known as the Korean Wave or Hallyu. the export of broadcast content alone rose 20% to 30% every year between 2001 and 2005. Last year exports of broadcast content such as TV dramas, variety shows and documentary films rose only 1.9% year-onyear to US$184 million (RM567.9 million), the state-run Korea Creative Content Agency (KCCA) said. “Overseas demand for our product has been slow amid a global financial crisis. We also face growing competition from US, Chinese and Taiwanese content,” Yoon Jae-Sik, a KCCA team leader, told AFP. He also admitted that in the past few years, South Korea failed to produce programmes on par with previous popular TV classics such as Daejanggeum and Winter Sonata. Daejanggeum and Winter Sonata. “I’d like to put it this way. The Korean Wave is not ebbing but waiting for a new surge,” Yoon said. “We’ll see the Korean ave turn around this year. TV series such as Queen Sunduk (right) Queen Sunduk (right) and Iris would inject new life into the regional appetite for Korean pop culture, he said. Iris would inject new life into the regional appetite for Korean pop culture, he said. Queen Sunduk, a history drama, and Iris, a history drama, and Iris, a thriller series, drew large numbers of domestic viewers last year. – AFP

    DeTV on newspapers

    Join DeTV Facebook to find out more about DeTV and it's activities!

    Cutting Down on Expenses? Try RM5 Lunch Set by Hot Piper


    Groan my recent purchase of DSLR Camera & repairs for my Macbook cost me a bomb. If only cafes/food outlets have RM5 near my office, I would buy a supply of 1 month to eat. Unfortunately Hot Piper is not near my office, but maybe near to you. RM5 lunch? try it once at least. The Pastas looks nice, but I don't know if it's nice. Still RM5, the deal starts today and already 64 people bought the coupons. Thanks to Everyday.Com.My for bringing us good deals like this. It helps poor people like me at times of desperate need.

    Uniqlo Opening Soon in Malaysia


    I am going to shop shop shop! 4/11/10 opening date
    Fahrenheit 88 (Formerly known as KL Plaza)
    179 Jalan Bukit Bintang

    Isetan KLCC Shu Uemura Aya Takano

    click for larger read

    The latest Isetan newsletter features the much awaited Shu Uemura Aya Takano Collection with price listing on it! Oh boy Oh Boy (screaming away). I was told it would come out in November, 2010 but the Isetan Newsletter stated 27th Oct - 3rd Nov, 2010 Japan Week. Guess it would not harm to take a look and also if anyone purchase anything, be entitle to a RM50 voucher to get The New Plain Jane eco bags?

    Who's The New Plain Jane For Shu Uemura?

    Shu Uemura collaborates with Jane Yap

    Inspired by the iconic cleansing oil by shu uemura, Jane Yap a talented local artist designed a brand new series of three 3 eco bags where each bag will have 2 sided design inspired by the high performance cleansing oil. There's also 6 eco pouches which are inspired by each individual high performance cleansing oil that you can match with the eco bag. A cat lover, Jane embraces a vibrant mix of cats and contemporary Japanese art. Now that's my kind of girl! *meow*

    The New Plain Jane Eco Bags & Pouches

    "I imagine my cat being surrounded by all different ingredients from nature, spring, summer, autumn and winter no matters what the season is we women are liek cats, we love to be clean, be pampered and to look beautiful." - Jane Yap.

    New Plain Jane for shu uemura collection is officially launched exclusively at Isetan KLCC from 27th October - 4th November, 2010. For customers who purchase shu uemura products worth RM300 at the selected outlets of shu uemura*, will received a RM50 cash voucher to be used for the purchase of the New Plain Jane for shu uemura collection ** at Isetan KLCC from 27th Oct - 4th Nov, 2010.

    big eco bag retailed at RM219 each
    eco pouch retailed at RM49 each

    *shu uemura participation outlets:
    shu uemura boutique 1 Utama,
    shu uemura boutique Mid Valley
    shu uemura boutique Sunway Pyramid
    shu uemura boutique Subang Empire
    shu uemura boutique KLCC
    shu uemura boutique Pavilion KL
    shu uemura boutique KLCC
    shu uemura boutique Isetan Lot 10

    ** Terms & Conditions apply: Cash voucher only applicable for the purchase of the big Eco bag or the Eco bag plus the eco pouch.

    Look out for a Contest Here! A lucky reader will win something from the New Plain Jane Collection! Stay Tune. Are you that lucky reader? 
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