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My name is Tammy Lim and I am an award winning blogger from Top 10 Malaysia Magazine and Cleo Malaysia Magazine. I have been blogging since 2008 and I am also the founder of a local Malaysian beauty & lifestyle community called The Butterfly Project. People often tell me that I'm a wonder woman, but in reality - if it's something you love, you can do wonders.

When I'm not wondering, I'll be on my computer searching for the next fountain of youth or hunting down a fantastic deal. I'm also a shopaholic, wanderluster, spa enthusiast and proud hipster who loves planning special occasions and surprises for her loved ones.
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  • A&W 63rd Birthday Limited Edition My Rooty Tote Bag


    limited edition my rooty tote bag RM19.90 np
    RM16.90 with any combo purchase

    a collaboration with local artist @nassuha_

    comes in equally cool box

    you can also customize your name on the bag
    Sunway Pyramid 23-25 Sept

    It is definitely a breath of fresh air to see a restaurant chain like A&W collaborating with local artist @nassuha_ to showcase their work. Our local scene definitely needs more exposure and I am so happy to see this from A&W as they celebrate their 63rd birthday which falls on the same day as Malaysia Day! 16th September. 

    So what did they do? They release a beautiful Malaysia illustration with the Great Root Bear, Rooty! Hence the name My Rooty Tote Bag 💖

    Available at 10 A&W outlets nationwide, while stocks last. 

    Since being in Malaysia from the beginning, our beloved mascot Rooty has fallen in love with everything Malaysian, and he is deeply inspired by our fans, local heroes and Malaysian elements. Purchase our limited edition tote bag to embrace and celebrate the country’s diversity with us. 🇲🇾❤️ - A&W Malaysia.

    Want the bag? Then you can get free name customization on the tote bag at Sunway Pyramid only on 23rd - 25th September 2022. Go early to avoid disappointment! Limited to 2 customized bags per customer. T&C Apply.




    Finally, I got to try one of the chains of restaurants from Chengdu Sichuan, China, famed for their fiery tongue-numbing, throat-coughing, volcano eruption bathroom break hot pots. However, I am not a fan of that type because even the mildest level causes me to cough uncontrollably. Don't get me wrong, I love spicy food and mala! What's a hot pot without mala, right? 

    Though quite expensive, it is on par with the rest of the popular hot pot restaurants in the Klang Valley, and with each hot pot restaurant, there is a signature soup that would determine what's for dinner tonight.

    SHUGUO YINXIANG Tropicana Gardens Mall

    a rather large and spacious dining outlet

    condiments and tea is mandatory rm7/pax

    Just like the muscular guy hot pot in Uptown, they serve the special Eight Treasures Tea too, made from Chinese herbs, chrysanthemum, licorice, stevia leaf, mangosteen, rock sugar, and jasmine tea. This tea helps with the spiciness and is easy on the stomach. Just like the use of sesame seed oil in your sauces, which helps to reduce discomfort from spicy food.

    kung fu tea performance

    7pm / 9pm

    Also, if you're looking forward to some entertainment for your family or guests, this is one of the hot pot restaurants to go to as they have a special Kungfu tea performance in a way you have never seen before. The classic Sichuan opera's historical art, Bian Lian, is a face-changing performance performed by an art troupe from China.

    their sour cabbage duck soup is the best!

    Now let's get down to business. A double pot costs RM45 and a triple pot cost RM50. The soup choices are limited, but they are good! You have the usual pork bone soup, mushroom soup, tomato soup, and let's just admit it, collagen soup is becoming the norm and not a specialty anymore. Mala soups come in two options: either Beef Oil or Nature Oil Mala. Their signature? That would be the sour cabbage duck soup, which I highly recommend.

    Tan Tan Noodles a Szechuan specialty RM12

    Ring Roll RM16 / Frozen Special Tofu RM10

    Szechuan glass noddle RM12 / black fungus RM12

    Assorted Mushroom Platter RM26

    I will just list down the items we ordered and the prices since their food items are fresh and high quality! There is really nothing much to say, but I definitely would like to highlight their Chendu specialty platters, which can be pricey, but you get to sample a bit of everything in a fancy box. This place has a way to display top dishes in a fancy manner, meaning not just on a plate, so it makes an impressive display next to your hot pot.

    Signature Nine Dish Combo RM99
    beef slices, beef tripe, pork cheeks
    pork liver, daisy duck, beef tendon
    squid, fish, scallops

    Assorted Handmade Balls platters RM28
    Handmade Shrimp Paste RM28 / Squid Roe Paste RM28

    Canadian Scallop RM46 / Superior Pork Belly RM26

    Pee Beef Balls RM18 / Pork Balls RM20
    Handmade Coriander Balls RM20

    Pork Collar Slice RM26

    Duo Platter (Pork and Beef Slices) N/A
    Superior Beef Slice RM48

    That's a lot of dishes, right? haha!!! We love hot pot, so we needed to try everything once. I would say their meat slices are fresh and good quality, and their soups are really delicious. Even after I went back home, I smelled for 2 days like hot pot! I did shower and wash my hair! It is pretty expensive. Even a normal meal with 3 pax would cost about RM150/pax after taxes. These days, taxes really kill.

    Opening Hours 12pm - 11pm 
    Lunch: 12pm-4pm Enjoy 20% Discount
    Promo - Spend RM200 and get RM50 voucher*
    Birthday 10% discount
    Take Away - Self Pickup or Delivery: Enjoy a 20% Discount


    I went to Tropicana Gardens and Plaza Arkadia. 
    They have many outlets in the Klang Valley.

    My Cricut Craft Corner


     behold my new inspirational craft corner

    Over the weekend, I worked on finding a place to put this A-plantar rack that I salvaged from my friend Izzati (she got it from Kawood KL). It was previously used in her garden, so it had weathered away with cracks, water damage, and the legs had some rot set in. I googled how to treat wood, so I went to Ace Hardware to get them. Online articles advised using linseed oil to treat wood, but before that I needed to sandpaper it and clean the wood. I bought linseed oil from an Indonesian seller on Shopee (more affordable).

    I did this in a span of a month, letting the wood rest after each step.

    (I forgot to take a picture of the rack before I started cleaning.)

    I bought wood cleaning wipes & sandpaper from Ace Hardware
    Linseed Oil from Shopee (Indonesian seller)

    After sanding down and another round of linseed oil treatment
    it's looking much better than before

    pupu approves this rack haha

    I decided to position this next to my work desk and my pet budgie's play area. It looked quite nice with my potted plants on top, and I moved all my Cricut materials over along with my Cricut Joy machine. Now I can clearly see what materials I have when I think of projects to do!

    It does look pretty nice right? I love the combination of colors here, pink, teal, yellow, orange all the whacky colors to brighten the jungalow up.

    The Dough Factory Bandar Sri Damansara Review


    The Dough Factory

    The other day, I followed my sister, who needed to go to HOI  to look for materials at Bandar Sri Damansara, and happened upon a cool-looking bakery nearby called The Dough Factory. It's opposite The Beam (people have been telling me this is a great place for coffee). 

    pssst.... Sis is trying to start a small business by herself by baking her infamous crumbly Belgian chocolate chip cookies, so if anyone is reading this blog of mine, do support her if you can. #blessyou

    We were hungry, so we dropped by for brunch and coffee. It was beautiful inside, not the kind of beauty that's like a Parisian cafe, but beautiful in the sense that this is the kind of interior design I love! industrial concept-grey, black, metals, concrete, cement, the works. It reminded me of my old rental in Taman Tun Dr. Ismail. 

    a hidden gem in Bandar Sri Damansara

    ground floor & menu

    staircase to the upper floors

    the upper floors

    Long Black (cold) RM9

    Black Truffle Squid Ink Carbonara RM24
    Big Breakfast RM28

    Their puff pastries made us go wow! My sister could taste that it uses good butter. We agreed that this is so far the best pastry bakery we have ever eaten. So much so that we order takeaway for tea-time too. I expected their iced black coffee to be bigger than what was served (small cup). 

    We also ordered the pasta and the big breakfast for brunch. The presentation is good, and the portions are adequate, but we believe their pastries are superior. I think the black truffle squid ink carbonara has a poached egg. We anticipated a melting yolk when Sis cut through it, but it was a cooked yolk instead.

    their pastries are so good!

    croissants, sea salt kouign amann

    pain au chocolate, danishes, tars

    their egg tarts are so good it's like a creme Brulee egg tart!
    the spicy tuna puff is good too

    our takeaway bounty

    We would come back here again for the pastries because it's just that good, beyond our expectations of a small bakery hidden in an industrial area. My only wish is that they improve the way they pack for takeaways because our pastries were all damaged by the time we got home. They shouldn't pile it on top like that.

    Urban Artisan Bakery and Brunch
    Jalan Gangsa SD 5/3B,
    52200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

    Mon- Fri 9am-5pm
    Sat-Sun 9am-7pm

    P.S: I found out they're on Beep It so I don't have to go all the way to Bdr Sri Damansara.

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