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    Finally, I got to try one of the chains of restaurants from Chengdu Sichuan, China, famed for their fiery tongue-numbing, throat-coughing, volcano eruption bathroom break hot pots. However, I am not a fan of that type because even the mildest level causes me to cough uncontrollably. Don't get me wrong, I love spicy food and mala! What's a hot pot without mala, right? 

    Though quite expensive, it is on par with the rest of the popular hot pot restaurants in the Klang Valley, and with each hot pot restaurant, there is a signature soup that would determine what's for dinner tonight.

    SHUGUO YINXIANG Tropicana Gardens Mall

    a rather large and spacious dining outlet

    condiments and tea is mandatory rm7/pax

    Just like the muscular guy hot pot in Uptown, they serve the special Eight Treasures Tea too, made from Chinese herbs, chrysanthemum, licorice, stevia leaf, mangosteen, rock sugar, and jasmine tea. This tea helps with the spiciness and is easy on the stomach. Just like the use of sesame seed oil in your sauces, which helps to reduce discomfort from spicy food.

    kung fu tea performance

    7pm / 9pm

    Also, if you're looking forward to some entertainment for your family or guests, this is one of the hot pot restaurants to go to as they have a special Kungfu tea performance in a way you have never seen before. The classic Sichuan opera's historical art, Bian Lian, is a face-changing performance performed by an art troupe from China.

    their sour cabbage duck soup is the best!

    Now let's get down to business. A double pot costs RM45 and a triple pot cost RM50. The soup choices are limited, but they are good! You have the usual pork bone soup, mushroom soup, tomato soup, and let's just admit it, collagen soup is becoming the norm and not a specialty anymore. Mala soups come in two options: either Beef Oil or Nature Oil Mala. Their signature? That would be the sour cabbage duck soup, which I highly recommend.

    Tan Tan Noodles a Szechuan specialty RM12

    Ring Roll RM16 / Frozen Special Tofu RM10

    Szechuan glass noddle RM12 / black fungus RM12

    Assorted Mushroom Platter RM26

    I will just list down the items we ordered and the prices since their food items are fresh and high quality! There is really nothing much to say, but I definitely would like to highlight their Chendu specialty platters, which can be pricey, but you get to sample a bit of everything in a fancy box. This place has a way to display top dishes in a fancy manner, meaning not just on a plate, so it makes an impressive display next to your hot pot.

    Signature Nine Dish Combo RM99
    beef slices, beef tripe, pork cheeks
    pork liver, daisy duck, beef tendon
    squid, fish, scallops

    Assorted Handmade Balls platters RM28
    Handmade Shrimp Paste RM28 / Squid Roe Paste RM28

    Canadian Scallop RM46 / Superior Pork Belly RM26

    Pee Beef Balls RM18 / Pork Balls RM20
    Handmade Coriander Balls RM20

    Pork Collar Slice RM26

    Duo Platter (Pork and Beef Slices) N/A
    Superior Beef Slice RM48

    That's a lot of dishes, right? haha!!! We love hot pot, so we needed to try everything once. I would say their meat slices are fresh and good quality, and their soups are really delicious. Even after I went back home, I smelled for 2 days like hot pot! I did shower and wash my hair! It is pretty expensive. Even a normal meal with 3 pax would cost about RM150/pax after taxes. These days, taxes really kill.

    Opening Hours 12pm - 11pm 
    Lunch: 12pm-4pm Enjoy 20% Discount
    Promo - Spend RM200 and get RM50 voucher*
    Birthday 10% discount
    Take Away - Self Pickup or Delivery: Enjoy a 20% Discount


    I went to Tropicana Gardens and Plaza Arkadia. 
    They have many outlets in the Klang Valley.

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