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My name is Tammy Lim and I am an award winning blogger from Top 10 Malaysia Magazine and Cleo Malaysia Magazine. I have been blogging since 2008 and I am also the founder of a local Malaysian beauty & lifestyle community called The Butterfly Project. People often tell me that I'm a wonder woman, but in reality - if it's something you love, you can do wonders.

When I'm not wondering, I'll be on my computer searching for the next fountain of youth or hunting down a fantastic deal. I'm also a shopaholic, wanderluster, spa enthusiast and proud hipster who loves planning special occasions and surprises for her loved ones.
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  • Loreal Gentle Lip And Eye Make-up Remover For Waterproof Makeup


    Gentle Lip & Eye Make-up Remover!

    A few months ago I attended the Smashbox Workshop held at Parkson Pavilion's Personal Shopper Room. It was also my first time putting on eyeliner (liquid form). I have only been using gel or cream with eyeliner brushes but liquid, not really as I thought they would at least require some form of skill and balance to draw a perfect line. Nevertheless, I made a boo-boo on my right eye. Since it was waterproof liquid eyeliner, I could not correct my accident so I turned it into art (accidental art lol). 

    Evil EYE! haha no no it's my "artistic" eyeliner

    When I got back home, it was time to remove my make up. I remembered I had the Loreal Gentle Lip & Eye Make-up Remover for Waterproof Makeup still hiding somewhere in my drawer so I hunted it down and used it for the first time. The make up remover has bi-layer liquids in it, one layer should be the oil on top so I needed to shake it so it would mix. Then with a cotton pad, I soak it a fair bit (I am quite generous and I feel that it would remove my eye makeup easily). 

    place soaked cotton pad with eye make up remover on eyes
    (of coz close your eyes when doing this!)

    I placed the soaked cotton pad onto my right eye and hold it for a minute or less, I didn't count. Our eye area are delicate and easily wrinkle so being gentle is important in removing eye make up (and even applying on). Try to minimized tugging/pulling/irritation by soaking the cotton pad and placing it longer on your eye to remove waterproof make up. Then go swiping it left to right, right to left like a matching band. In time they're going to look like roast ducks under the sun with matching crisp skin. 

    just one application tadaah 90% removed?

    In just one application (one pad to eye for a minute) this is how much eyeliner that was removed from my eyes! cool right? A second or more application to remove everything out after this before you wash up. I like this eye make up remover! (also can be used for lips). It's gentle, non stinging and does its job quickly! It's affordable too. I can't remember the price, will go back n check n update here! believe it or not, these photos were taken way back before  I saw the Biore Eye Make Up removers, I ain't copying them!

    Where to Buy Sea Monkey Food?

    PetroSains KLCC they sell Sea Monkey Food & Accessory

    Besides buying from online stores like More Sales or Myccs online, you can also head over to Petrosains KLCC (top floor) to buy them. It's about the same price or same! They don't sell anymore kits or tanks though *sad* but they do have the million bubble air pumper accessory for RM9.90 (same as online stores). I check ToysRus & Parkson they don't carry Sea Monkey products anymore and Kinokuniya also no longer supply the Guide To Sea Monkeys book anymore *sad*. The Sea Monkey Products at Petrosains are:

    • Water Purifier RM11.90 (purify water b4 putting in eggs)
    • Plasma III RM11.90 (super food)
    • Cupid's Arrow RM11.90 (mating powder)
    • Red Magic RM11.90 (some kinda vitamin food)
    • Growth Kwiky RM11.90 (growth food)
    • Banana Treat RM11.90 (sea monkey favourite)
    • Sea Medic RM11.90 (medicine for sick sea monkeys)

    Oh My they're so tiny!

    I bought the Banana Treat rm11.90 and Air Pump rm9.90 for my babies today. Look Trinity is looking at them. They're still very tiny. Trinity is my doll given by Doroshi! :D it's day 6 today. Tomorrow they will be one week old! I'm thinking if I should feed them the growth food?

    Happy Birthday Plusizekitten!

    Today is the last day of my blog birthday month June! sob sob. There's one last giveaway for this month before June ends! it's the Happy Birthday Plusizekitten Giveaway! It's easy to join just snap a photo of you posing/reading/looking with my blog and a Birthday Greeting (up to what you wan to say!). Read below on how to join:

    How to Join:
    1. only followers of plusizekitten blog may join
    if you're not a follower yet, please follow my blog
    2. snap a photo of you posing/etc with plusizekitten.com
    3. attached a birthday greeting
    4. contest starts today 30th June and ends on 8th July midnight.
    5. results will be announce after and prizes will take 2-3 weeks to be processed.

    Entry Form (leave as comment):

    follower id:
    blog link post for the photo:
    don't have blog? email in your photo to tammylci@gmail.com

    *all photos will be published in my blog for the giveaway including blog links.

    GRAND PRIZE? Laneige Lip Palette Worth RM120!

    grand prize x 1

    Grand Prize for Best Photo x 1 Laneige Snow Crystal Art Play Lip Palette worth rm120
    Consolation Prizes x 4 Origins Starter Kit worth RM102

    Where to buy Sea Monkeys?

    got mine from Q Box, 1utama
    (opposite secret recipe)

    Some of you are asking me where I bought my rm18 Sea Monkey kit so I went to take pic of the shop. It's Q Box (where ppl rent a box to sell their stuffs) in One Utama, opposite Secret Recipe or beside Memory Lane. It's Lower Ground of New Wing, rain forrest area.

    the drawin on the poster looks scary

    I brought my colleague (the one in tudung) to go see it. There's live sea monkeys on display too but today I check only one adult left alive. Rest died. The Sea Monkey kits are sold with a mini tank, a sachet of water conditioning powder, a tub of food, and sea monkey eggs for RM18. Anyone also bought them? I am going to get them better looking tanks. Don't quite like the mini tank, not cute or cool.

    This Little Kitty is at Carnival of Shopping!


    being a blogger is tough work

    "Hello Miu, I’ve been following your blog and I enjoy seeing your posts about makeup and cosmetics. I particularly like your review of Snow Crystal. I was wondering if you ever feature websites or share links with blogs that have content relevant to your readers" - William from Become.Com April, 2010.

    This blew my mind off. Someone is following my blog and they like what they read on the Laneige's Snow Crystal workshop review I did. Seriously I am still new at all this blog and review stuffs, my blog is only 2 years old (this month). I have gone through so many ups and downs with it and enjoy some wonderful moments that I will never forget because of it. I guess I never thought creative is what I would be tag as until Carnival of Shopping said it.

    creative cats meow! thx!

    Creative me? I dare you not! you guys are super too and keep up the good work featuring bloggers around! Become.Com has an extensive read up on topics other than shopping! Check it out here.

    Feeding Sea Monkeys

    feeding time for my babies
    (they're still very tiny, u can't see here!)

    Today marks Day 5 of my Sea Monkey Experiment. I read from online that you only need to feed them once a week and like a tiny bit only if not you'll over feed them and they get food poisoning and die away. Well okay something like that coz over feeding cause the water to be murky and dirty and stuffs will start to grow soon in your sea monkey tank. Then you're going to have a hell of a problem trying to clean it up. Also read that you need to let the tank have indirect light so that some algae will grow and the sea monkeys will eat it up too.

    What I discover: Don't feed them fish food or yeast. They will die! and that one packet/tub of food lasts a year. Since you only need to feed them very little once a week. That's like 48 times a year only. I definitely won't be fat if I'm fed once a week only.

    Vote for Beautiful Fatin

    Fatin in a Beautiful Pose

    Fatin's giving up on campaigning for her photo votes. I'm pretty sad that she's under so much stress and that she's giving up so soon. Her photo is beautiful, unfortunately she is a facebook newbie so she don't have much friends in there. I hope that anyone who reads this can help Fatin out by voting for her photo at Beautiful Earth by Estee Lauder. Tonight's the closing date for voting (7pm, Tuesday). She's close to winning but still not there. I hope you guys and girls can help her out a bit by voting for her photo. She's at 91 votes now. If you have a facebook account please take a few minutes to vote for Fatin:

    How To Help Fatin? Click:

    Step 1 : LIKE the fan page first (click here)

    Step 2: LIKE her photo (click here)

    Thanks so much, and if Fatin wins, you can tell her to forget that Birthday Gifts (her bday is in September) this year! that's going to be my plan.

    Help Needed! Tumpang to Jurlique Workshop


    A reader of mine name Cindy from Cheras is attending the Jurlique workshop this Saturday afternoon session. She's from Cheras and has no transport. I have no transport too so it's difficult. Anyone from Cheras heading to the workshop too? Please leave your email here so Cindy can contact you for a lift. She could share cab from KLCC to Curve (that's the last resort if no carpool) but it will be hard to go back after 5pm from Curve to Cheras. Any kind soul out there please leave a tinker.

    Free RMK Sample with Purchase of Female or Nuyou

    Got my Female & Nuyou Magazine from MyNews.Com 1utama

    With purchase of either a Female RM8 or Nuyou RM8 magazine, customers of MyNews.Com will be entitle to redeem either a RMK liquid foundation (shade 104) or Powder Foundation N (shade 103) on the spot at the cashier counter, while stocks last. I check the stocks at the counter, they seemed old and the shades are 104 for the liquid foundation (I am using 103) and 103 for the powder. I think those with medium to tan skin will benefit from this sampling activity.

    I Love Laneige Snap & Win Contest!

    Sea Monkey Experiment

    Day 4: My Sea Monkeys Are ALIVE!

    I kinda screwed up on the Day 1 procedure. Was suppose to add water conditioning to the water for 12 hours before I can add the instant eggs sachet. What I did was pour mineral water into the tank, add eggs and then realize maybe I should add the water conditioning powder (it's to condition the water from harmful poisons/chlorine etc). Anyway I screw that up on Friday and left my sea monkeys at office. In the weekend I thought they'll probably not hatched coz I screwed it up or they have hatched and is hungry?! I read that I need to feed them only once a week.

    see my babies?! they're swimming and very small!

    YES thank goodness they're alive! and while I see some eggs still not hatched yet, plenty of babies are already swimming like mad Malaysian drivers in the water. They're so tiny, you need a magnifying glass to see them. I circle them for you to see, those which is obvious enough to point out. My colleague Nina was shocked at this, she's wondering why I have a mini tank in my room and she don't believe there's such thing as instant pets! (until I show her they're all swimming inside). Really small, I hope they grow big soon!

    Sea Monkey's Magic Castle Starter Kit Set RM69.90

    Sea Monkey's Hidden Treasure Glow in the Dark Tank!

    Also my next thing to do is get them a proper nice home. Well at least a better one than this tank! There's a lot of Sea Monkey tanks in the market, just it's pretty hard to buy one now in Malaysia. I scouted Jusco, Parkson and ToysRus (which used to sell them but not anymore now). There's an online shop now selling them and I found out Moose Toys is the sole distributor for Sea Monkeys in Asia! Gona find out the tanks and probably post up pictures here :D

    Sea Monkey - Ocean Zoo Neon Colors
    Just add water and create life !

  • 1 unit price will be RM39.90
  • Pack of 8pcs will be RM319.20 as shown in the picture above
  • Available color: Orange, Purple, Red or Green
  • Includes Water Purifier, Instant Live Eggs, Growth Food, Tank with Cover, instructions

  • Online Shop that sells Sea Monkey Tanks & Starter Kits click here! (I have not purchase from them before, anyone here bought b4? hope they're bukan tipu ppl punya). It's much more expensive buying these sets which is different from normal pet stores "sea monkeys" use for feeding fishes. The commercialized sea monkeys sets are cute, more fun and their life span is longer too (up to two years). However it will be a task keeping them alive for more than few days! as I found out online lol and from friends. The mini tank kit that I bought from One Utama is RM18 only. You can read from here Day 1 of my experience.

    Vote For Supermodel Secret Blog and U might Win this!


    Hey dearies! Supermodel's Secret has a contest going on and it's quite easy to join. If you have a facebook account all you need to do is vote LIKE on Supermodel's Secret photo and stand a chance to WIN prizes from them! Prizes might be Sexy Lingerie and USA's NO.1 Lipbalm up for grabs! If you like to vote here's the instructions below:

    1)Pls 'LIKE' this page FIRST

    NEXT, 'LIKE' this photo:

    Thanks heaps!
    ALL who click LIKE on Supermodel’s Secrets photo will Stand a chance to Win a Sexy Leopard-print Lingerie, Carmex Lip balm (USA’s #1 lip balm in 10 years running) and Cleavage control bra clip. 5 Lucky winners will be selected by 30th June 2010. NO PURCHASE required.

    #1 All who liked our photo will be entitled to a RM 5 voucher for our new product, Invisible tummy trimmer (New arrival in July!)
    #2 Invite your friends to join the Supermodel’s Secrets Page and receive 3 bonus entries!

    My New Pets: Sea Monkeys!


    the famous sea monkeys! instant pets!

    i want this box kit!!!

    I have Sea Monkey pets rm18

    Since young, I was fascinated with Sea Monkeys. It started with the colorful mermaid like cartoons that decorated the box of Sea Monkeys at ToysRus! The idea of having instant pets is really cool for me. I did buy a box, it came with a cool looking aquarium and sachets of the sea monkey eggs, food and water conditioning powder. I fail at caring for them, I didn't understand what they needed, soon the water got too dirty and I had to pour them away.

    Sea Monkey Starter Kit

    Walking around 1utama, I saw the Rent A Box shop. They're selling Sea Monkey kits for RM18! that's cheaper than the Sea Monkeys sold at ToysRus. Giving it another go, I bought the kit, it comes with a mini pink aquarium, 3 sachets (sea monkey eggs, food and water conditioning powder) and a instruction sheet.

    Sea Monkey Eggs

    Day 1: Waiting for Eggs to hatch

    I just poured my sea monkeys eggs into the mini aquarium. Now after a few hours, my Sea Monkeys will come to life! I hope I did the right thing here hmmm. Stay tune!

    watch it on youtube

    From wikipedia:

    Sea-Monkeys is the brand name for artemia sold in hatching kits, as a novelty aquarium pet aimed at children, in the United States and theUnited Kingdom since 1960.[1] They are a variant of brine shrimp or Artemia salina, a species which enters cryptobiosis, a natural state ofsuspended animation, allowing their cysts (dormant saclike embryos) to be distributed and sold as a dry powder. When the "powder" is poured into saltwater, the Sea-Monkeys start to come out of their cysts.

    In the United Kingdom in the 1970s they were also sold as "Artful Arties".[2]

    Thank You All For The Votes!

    I won the Beautiful Pose Contest (Week3)

    I would like to thank all my facebook, blog readers, friends & family for all the support given in the Week 2 & Week 3 voting period of the Beautiful Pose Contest! I am truly blessed to have such supportive friends around me. Thank you all very much, I really appreciate the likes you given! I can't wait to blog about the prize when I receive it! and to review them all!

    Hammam Baths Bangsar Village 2


    heard of Hammam? or tried it?

    For two years I have been itching to go to Hammam at Bangsar Village 2 Shopping Centre, ever since Xana (who's now staying in Singapore) brought me there to talk to her friend (I remember it was a man of exotic looks). It was a rare sight for me. I been to many spas but I have not seen a Turkish inspired spa place before, one that calls themselves Hammam! they're apparently the one and only in Asia! the spa lady told me today as I was inquiring. The brochure says Hamman is the first traditional Moroccan version of the Turkish Bath in Asia. Hammam also means spreader of warmth in Arabic and has it's roots in Ancient Greek bathroom culture.

    A Unique Turkish Bath Experience

    "A Town is incomplete without a Hammam"
    - Sherazade, A thousand and one nights.

    the vibrant exotic colors will get you started

    i like their website, but it's still under
    construction after 2 years!

    Now you might wonder why I didn't go in after 2 years? well, first the price is.. *jaw drops*. Take a look at the menu. Anyway it probably ain't much different from other spas. and it is a luxury spa place because of it's uniqueness. I was just at Amante Spa today for my aromatherapy massage and that costs rm119 for 1 hour. A jacuzzi & body scrub is an additional RM120. That would be rm200 over already. For Hammam, if you get the packaged treatments, it would save you some $$. I researched and calculated the services on the menu and even inquired directly with the spa lady at Hammam today.

    Hammam Baths at Bangsar Village II
    (updated: June 2010)

    I found out that the best treatment for those who wants to try Hammam would be the My Favourite Concubine Hammam treat for RM315. Wait hear me out first! It's also common in spas to buy packages (5 + 1, etc) and the best priced package is the "My Favourite Concubine Hammam" package RM1,250.00 for 5 sessions @ RM250 per session. Now get 5 girls to go and walah! u can try Hammam's signature treatments! Now that's RM250 (saving you rm85, which is the price of a rose hair masque) for 4 treatments as describe below:

    Step One - Hammam
    Hot water is used to acclimatise body to room temperature. A layer of Beldi Black Soap (a substance of olive and eucalyptus oil) is applied onto the body and is left on for 10 minutes. This swells up the epidermis layer, killing bacteria and also soften dead skin.

    Step Two - Gommage
    Gommage (scrub in French), is done to remove dead skin off the body. It is done using a glove that has silk materials so that it will not be too harsh for the skin.

    Step Three - Moorish Body Polish (Hair Masque add rm85)

    After skin is stripped off of dead skin, a layer of Moroccan volcanic clay mixed with seven kinds of dried plants was applied and left on for 10 minutes. As an extra treat, a hair masque was also applied. This hair masque is a mixture of volcanic clay, olive oil and Damascus rosewater.

    Step Four – Rinse
    Using a shower gel with rosemary essence and a geranium shampoo, both body and hair masque were rinsed off.

    Then follow by the 45mins Aromatic massage & we can rest as long as we want if nobody is around. I read that the massage is not very different from other massages you get so 45mins is enough. What I really want to try is the Hammam, Gommage, Moorish Body Polish and Hair Masque and lay around sipping tea and taking in the Moroccan atmosphere. I will be making appointment with them next month and hopefully I get more pictures of the place (if nobody is around, coz have to respect ppl there).

    P.S: Anyone notice the cool names of the treatments? I'm so going to be a favourite concubine soon haha.

    For enquiries, call 03-2282 2180 or log on to www.hammambaths.com

    ifeel magazine july issue at Kinokuniya!

    ifeel July free Laneige starter kit worth rm80!

    Dear all kipas susah mati Laneige & iFeel! (die hard fans) the ifeel magazine (july issue) is already out at Kinokuniya KLCC! which means the exciting freebie this month from Kinokuniya bookstore is the Laneige waterbanks starter kit worth RM80! inside the Laneige star product - 20ml water sleeping mask! (a mask that u put on & go to sleep, yeap good for lazy ppl like me! then u wake up brighter, radiant and moisturized!) and waterbank's essence and moisturiser. Good time to try & make great gifts too! Just grab the magazine (check first got stock for the laneige okay, don't buy and come here scold me out of stock), bring receipt back to the chinese books counter and redeem your starter kit. I got mine already!

    La Senza: PSST Dial 7 for Sexy!


    La Senza here I come!

    Last week I gave it a go at the La Senza Malaysia's Facebook contest. It seemed pretty easy to join, just tag your name onto the contest photo (like the one above) and answer the question posted for that day. Yeah it's a daily contest with 10 winners selected daily! means your chances of winning is quite good, let's say the max tag is 50 names, one person out of 10 names would be lucky. I got lucky and I am so excited. It's the first time I won something from La Senza too. I have been their customer for 3 years already and this gave me a chance to renew my membership card to their latest black colored membership card!

    La Senza email me to collect my voucher from Pavilion

    When I finally got my prize, a RM100 La Senza Voucher to buy anything I want in the store (excluding sales and promotions) I was going mad! so happy! I didn't know what to buy, I wanted everything. It was like a kid in a candy store! Am I going to buy bras? more panties? how about that silicone bra pads? my boobs can look seemingly bigger with its help? hmmm or...

    this caught my eye! a cute black polka dot lingerie

    Spotted! a cute black lingerie from the Love La Senza collection. I was staring at it for some time. Checking if it could fit a plus size like me? they only have it in S, M & L no XL! arghh.. I asked the SA if I could try it, she brought me to the fitting room. I also saw a cupcake bathrobe with hood! it's so cute too RM159? can't remember! I just had to try it and camwhore in the fitting room.

    things girls do in a fitting room

    Guess what! the black lingerie FITS! I am so sorry no photos of me wearing it to be shown here, coz so 18SX! but it's absolutely cute and sexy! If I could wear it outside I would too! it's like a modern day sleevless top with obvious bra cup patterns. Think Madonna. The price tag? RM189! which would it be? black lingerie or cute cupcake bathrobe?

    u guessed it, I bought the black lingerie!

    Yeap I figure pink cupcake bathrobe can wait another time. It has a hood even argh! next time baybeh! wait for me to come back for you? right now I'll buy my first sexy lingerie, sign up as a member again for rm30 coz mine expired and i lost the rm5 renew coupon (get a booklet of promotional coupons as a La Senza Member) and a sexy La Senza postcards (for purchases above RM150).

    I took it with my HP so looks overexposed! the color i mean!

    The postcards (5 of them) are really good stuffs. It's glossy and hard, the colors are amazingly nice. I almost want to frame them up but I am thinking of doing something else with it like actually posting it to people lol.

    Preview of Tokyo Lash Bar 2010 Neo-Tokyo Odyssey Collection


    Dear shu fanatics, (shu uemura members)

    Be the first lucky few to preview the new Tokyo Lash Bar 2010 Neo-Tokyo Odyssey Collection! Experience the exciting world of shu uemura lashes & enjoy refreshments, goodie bags*, and special gifts & offers available only at this party!

    Dress Code: Futuristic - White & Silver.
    (Best dressed will win a special prize from shu uemura!)

    Thursday, July 1, 2010
    6:00pm - 8:00pm
    Mid Valley Center Court
    The party is open to the first 100 shu fanatics who RSVP to Mid Valley boutique @ 03 - 2287 1764.

    *Goodie bags will be reserved for the 1st 1/2hr (until 6:30pm) to those on the RSVP list. After that the goodie bags will be released to other guests. To secure your goodie bag, please arrive before 6:30pm
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