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Free RMK Sample with Purchase of Female or Nuyou

Got my Female & Nuyou Magazine from MyNews.Com 1utama

With purchase of either a Female RM8 or Nuyou RM8 magazine, customers of MyNews.Com will be entitle to redeem either a RMK liquid foundation (shade 104) or Powder Foundation N (shade 103) on the spot at the cashier counter, while stocks last. I check the stocks at the counter, they seemed old and the shades are 104 for the liquid foundation (I am using 103) and 103 for the powder. I think those with medium to tan skin will benefit from this sampling activity.


  1. I'm having medium tanned skin now!!!! wakakaka!!
    just now din pass by else I will buy d.. cox all my previous foundation color oso dun match my skin jor after my two island trip..>.<

  2. woah! kena BBQ by ur redang trip ni...

  3. huh? Miu,r u sure ur liquid foundation is 104? coz I got mine 103 (written on bottle)... Got myself 2 bottles of that coz it's a perfect size for travelling. hehe.

  4. yeap mine 104, i also shock..

  5. WOOHOO!! splendid supplements from female & nuyou magazine!! RMK POTION FOR ME!! i wanna get loads hehe any review

    Miu? how's the texture & coverage?!
    i hav a MyNews.Com below my office~~ but am stuck in a conference call hahahha~~ cant zoom down!

    WHUDDD you made a pass for GUerlain Meteorites for 50%!!!! NOOoooooOOoo its a SIN hehehe
    it may be subtle but it does provide a sheen of luminosity and color correction as well~

    LauraMercier is GREAT!not for coverage for LM TM but the goodie ingredient of primer and concealer pot~~ yuummy

    cya at ShuParty this Thursday!! WHITE OUT BABE!
    stand pretty for my camera~~!

  6. stellar: wei never try b4 rmk? then u better go try.. but pls check the shades first b4 buying! mine are dark :( so tak suitable.

    the liquid foundation is like skincare nia! it's watery and it provides only sheer coverage. For medium -heavy coverage better use rmk cream foundation baru boleh cover. I like it coz it feels barely there! well for me.. shade 102 :)

    the powder, nice loh use pearl powder somore for translucent skin. I dun really use their powder. Only make up base n liquid foundation.

    hey but i notice ur guerlain balls is the latest one! coz the packaging is different? flower logo there. The ones i see was last end of year like that sales. URM i am so into makeup that's good for skin now. Future investment..



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