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  • My New Pets: Sea Monkeys!


    the famous sea monkeys! instant pets!

    i want this box kit!!!

    I have Sea Monkey pets rm18

    Since young, I was fascinated with Sea Monkeys. It started with the colorful mermaid like cartoons that decorated the box of Sea Monkeys at ToysRus! The idea of having instant pets is really cool for me. I did buy a box, it came with a cool looking aquarium and sachets of the sea monkey eggs, food and water conditioning powder. I fail at caring for them, I didn't understand what they needed, soon the water got too dirty and I had to pour them away.

    Sea Monkey Starter Kit

    Walking around 1utama, I saw the Rent A Box shop. They're selling Sea Monkey kits for RM18! that's cheaper than the Sea Monkeys sold at ToysRus. Giving it another go, I bought the kit, it comes with a mini pink aquarium, 3 sachets (sea monkey eggs, food and water conditioning powder) and a instruction sheet.

    Sea Monkey Eggs

    Day 1: Waiting for Eggs to hatch

    I just poured my sea monkeys eggs into the mini aquarium. Now after a few hours, my Sea Monkeys will come to life! I hope I did the right thing here hmmm. Stay tune!

    watch it on youtube

    From wikipedia:

    Sea-Monkeys is the brand name for artemia sold in hatching kits, as a novelty aquarium pet aimed at children, in the United States and theUnited Kingdom since 1960.[1] They are a variant of brine shrimp or Artemia salina, a species which enters cryptobiosis, a natural state ofsuspended animation, allowing their cysts (dormant saclike embryos) to be distributed and sold as a dry powder. When the "powder" is poured into saltwater, the Sea-Monkeys start to come out of their cysts.

    In the United Kingdom in the 1970s they were also sold as "Artful Arties".[2]


    1. please update when they hatched!

    2. they said can live up to two years O.o. Now must see tammy can keep them alive for how long.

    3. carol: i saw dots in the water yesterday, maybe oledi hatch! i need go back office check loh :( i put in office.. osb sob

    4. Doroshi: up to 2 years...

      Carol: *(*&^&$%#$^&*!!!

    5. I want this pet...the shop name is rent a box is it?do you now any other place to buy??

    6. wow.. now got such thing??? amazing....

    7. Lucy: yeah but the nicer collection kits that used to be for sale at parkson, jusco and toys r us are no longer for sale :( so i found online shops that sells. I'm going to order a nice kit from them. The sites are:




    8. Cath J: long time liao, but now i felt i should re-do my pet experience again since I was too young to understand how to care for sea monkeys! :D muahah...

    9. where did you get this kit its cute sorry im late


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