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  • Feeding Sea Monkeys


    feeding time for my babies
    (they're still very tiny, u can't see here!)

    Today marks Day 5 of my Sea Monkey Experiment. I read from online that you only need to feed them once a week and like a tiny bit only if not you'll over feed them and they get food poisoning and die away. Well okay something like that coz over feeding cause the water to be murky and dirty and stuffs will start to grow soon in your sea monkey tank. Then you're going to have a hell of a problem trying to clean it up. Also read that you need to let the tank have indirect light so that some algae will grow and the sea monkeys will eat it up too.

    What I discover: Don't feed them fish food or yeast. They will die! and that one packet/tub of food lasts a year. Since you only need to feed them very little once a week. That's like 48 times a year only. I definitely won't be fat if I'm fed once a week only.


    1. I hate u!hahaha...hate u becoz u already hv sea monkeys!!!hehehe...I hv been wanting this creature for years but did not hv the courage to 'bela' them since I'm quiet bad in petting any kind of animal...hehehe...but Good Luck to u..waiting to see the result of ur baby sea monkeys!! =D

    2. ameh: i am equally as bad!!! whahah... so this "instant pet" is instant great for me! just duno how long they will last... LOL.................. thanks and i hope to see them grow big too!!! so i can snap closer pics of it.

    3. i see no sea monkey!! wherre where~~
      anxious lolx

    4. T_T they're very tiny...........

    5. i'm fascinated!

      quickly take close ups.. lol

    6. how big they can get? any pic of the adult sea monkey..never seen one

    7. i just bought a set at the same store as u did~! just started the kit~ waiting fro them to hatch~! =D


    8. SN: about one inch.. u could google them up, there's a lot pics out there. But mine dead while still just teenager! =_= sigh..so no pics show..

    9. Zhafri: gratz! they should hatch today or tomorrow already! :D watch them wiggle in the water!!!

    10. Hi I have also attempted to hatch sea monkeys, so very excited to be a mommy to lots of little sea monkeys, but I have a problem I live in a rather cold country (New Zealand) and its the transition between winter and spring here and I heard that sea monkeys require their water temp to be at 26 degrees celcius or 78 degrees Fahrenheit the weather and my house is quite cold so will my sea babies hatch soon? I want them to hatch so badly as I received them for my sixteenth birthday, I've always wanted sea monkeys ever since I was 11, but my mother said that she would not have dirty creatures in her house, she has finally allowed me to keep my sea monkeys and I desperately want them hatch. My other question is, can I feed my sea monkeys spirulina if I run out of food for them? They don't sell individual food packets here In NZ so I'm looking for alternative ways to feed them once they hatch :) I would really appreciate it if you could answer my questions or if anyone else can. Thanks.

      1. Hey Inquisitive one, may I know how many days since you put in the eggs? it should hatch within 24hrs of doing so. If they haven't hatch, the temperature must have affected it.

        I haven't tried feeding Spirulina directly, though it is a food they eat. Spirulina is found in the growth food ingredients, so I guess you can experiment on this and let us all know how it goes? just not to put too much as it would cloud the waters.

      2. I also love the photo you took of the pregnant sea monkey its soo awesome could you please tell me what camera you use? As my blog is dedicated to photography, thanks :)

    11. They've hatched :) :) and are almost fully grown :O one of my females is already pregnant and they are so many of them so far, some of them are still hatching. I will try feeding them spirulina once they all are fully grown. I love your blog its so nice to have constant updates on your sea monkeys keep up the good work :)


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