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Kitty for Adoption

looking for a kitty? lil' puteh needs a home

My blogger friend Kitty (ironically) is shifting to a condo and needs to find a new home for her 3 month old kitty cat name Puteh (White! why... this cat is black lah.. like panda). He's so cute! if I have him I'll rename him to Black (don't care about Kitty anymore haha). Anyway Puteh needs a new home and anyone who's willing to adopt him please look for Kitty (yes) this is her blog and she even put up Puteh's info on Please spread the word out for Puteh too! needs a loving owner (cough cough look at Kitty). Check her blog here.

Here's my description: Puteh is a black 3 month old kitten with black nose, white jaws and white paws. His whiskers is white too. Future names to consider:

white paw
black nose
musang hitam
kopi susu
Joe Black
Mr. Wiggles
he who has black nose
Galaxie or Battlestar Gallatica
Bat Man?

News Update! Kitty reports back that Puteh has been adopted! So what's Puteh's new name? Don't be sad Kitty! Puteh will be loved and sayang by his new parents!


  1. lol... didn't know u like to name ur future pets to charcoal..

  2. My dog runaway/kidnapped last week.. I'm so sad...T.T

  3. Sssoooooo cuuuuutttteee!!

    Wish I could adopt him but already have 10.. :(

  4. Jean: T_T what kinda dog u have...

  5. meow!!

    thank miu!

    and fatin, ala.... boleh la... tambah lagi sorang.. heehhehe.

  6. fatin: call it blacky wacky or wakaka or giller battle crew!

  7. dear babe, just wanna let you know, Puteh was adopted last night.

    i cried for abt an hour after we let him go.

    adoi so upset. but i know its for the best. but i missed him so much.

    his brothers pun missed him, after we reached home without Puteh, they were kinda calling for him all over the house.

    kesian my fur babies.

  8. happy for Puteh!!

    now i feel like crying.. :(


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