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My name is Tammy Lim and I am an award winning blogger from Top 10 Malaysia Magazine and Cleo Malaysia Magazine. I have been blogging since 2008 and I am also the founder of a local Malaysian beauty & lifestyle community called The Butterfly Project. People often tell me that I'm a wonder woman, but in reality - if it's something you love, you can do wonders.

When I'm not wondering, I'll be on my computer searching for the next fountain of youth or hunting down a fantastic deal. I'm also a shopaholic, wanderluster, spa enthusiast and proud hipster who loves planning special occasions and surprises for her loved ones.
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  • Talking about Pads


    I love receiving surprises (who don't?)

    Hi Blog, it's been a hell of a journey this month. I was practically missing from action in Malaysia as I travelled to 2 countries, Philippines for 4 days and Korea for 2 weeks. To sum it up, I have tons of homework to do now (pending blog reviews) and while I stared into my Macbook screen, I don't know where to start. Perhaps I start with how I receive a year's supply of sanitary pads to use.

    It was Saturday morning, a day before I leave to Philippines. The postmen woke me up and with my bed hair and favorite black oversized long sleeve top I zombie myself to the door hoping the postman would think it's sexy instead of hell what happened to this girl. 

    thank you Kao Malaysia for the gift :)

    To my surprise, he handed me a big parcel to sign and I was like *yay yay yay* running into the house to take a selfie. Then I open up the box and *omg* it's filled with assorted sanitary pads from Laurier. I think this can last me like until 2016 which is really awesome because I love hoarding stuffs that I need (practical this way, to beat inflation) like a hamster. Then I saw an envelope, inside RM500 worth of TopShop vouchers to buy clothes!!! *jumps rolls around and gets up again*. I gave them to my brother for his birthday (what an awesome sister I am - no actually a cheapskate one). Hope he buys a couple of working clothes with it.

    "girl" stuffs in Korea haha!!!

    I tried the green one, it smells really herbal

    lavender sanitary pads people!

    100% cotton sanitary pad (fragrance free)

    Sanitary Pad Panties!!! how cool is this?

    I wanted to buy it but it's expensive RM35 for 10pcs

    Fast forward since we are on the topic of pads, I went crazy at Lotte Mart (Seoul Station) checking out their range of "girl" stuffs available. There is just so many variety to choose from and they're packaged differently than in Malaysia. From 100% cotton to herbal scented pads to even pad panties. Why don't Malaysia bring in these really cool types of pads in the market?. The aesthetics of it is really impressive.

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    안녕하세요 My Liposuction Story


    my 200 pounds beauty story in Korea

    안녕하세요 means Annyeonghaseyo which is hello in Korea. I still can't believe I am in Korea, it's amazing as I have always dreamt about travelling to this country. It's day 9 and I just woke up from my slumber, tired out from my "adventures" yesterday. Tomorrow I will be flying back and I am going to do some googling on tax refunds. Later at 3pm I have an appointment at The Line Clinic Plastic Surgery to remove my stitches from behind my ears, underarms, pelvic area and tail bone (back). Sounds scary? Haha don't worry it's just my surgery stint, I didn't get into any accidents here. 

    My Wanderlust Bucket List (so far)
    1. Japan 2. Korea 3. Paris, France 4. United Kingdom 5. Philippines 
    6. Thailand 7. Bali, Indonesia 8. Hong Kong 9. Taiwan 10. Canada

    WAIT! WHAT SURGERY? Well, you know I am always the curious one when it comes to discovering opportunities or ways to enhance a women's lifestyle particularly in terms of slimming and weight loss. I have tried almost everything now but liposuction and you know where's best to get such surgery done with the professionals who know it all - Korea. What's more interesting is now I get to travel and do plastic surgery at the same time. It's becoming increasingly popular in the market for women and men to go for plastic surgery trips for holidays. I manage to scratch visiting Korea and getting plastic surgery done at the same time this year (haha). Oh but wait, I didn't change my looks, what I did was getting rid of my stubborn fats and shaping my body so I could enhance my body shape and wear beautiful clothes. That procedure is called liposuction, the last thing to discover in my fat loss journey. From diet products, detox drinks, exercising, liposonix, HCG I probably have done it all but clipping my stomach now.

    Coming back to Plastic Surgery Trips, think about it. Put aside any qualms about it and free your mind to the future of possibilities where someone, anyone could go away for the holidays and come back a different person. While conformity is not beautiful, improving oneself is an never ending struggle and this includes improving one's physical looks. That being said, just because someone wants to look beautiful, it doesn't mean she's ugly on the inside. Everyone wants to be beautiful, using cosmetics, skincare and fashion is one of the ways. How confident you are is ultimately what makes you beautiful. 

    the movie that inspired me to go for plastic surgery
    (highest grossing romantic comedy in Korea)

    watch the trailer! :D you'll love this movie

    200 Pounds Beauty is my inspiration for this post and the one reason why I am in Korea today. The movie talks about an obese girl named Hanna who is a "background K-pop" singer. She has a beautiful talent - her voice but due to her physical image, her agency cameos here with a hot chick while she hides behind singing. She suffers from having extremely poor self-esteem, as she has been ignored because of her appearance. At last, she makes the decision of a lifetime to have full-body plastic surgery by black mailing a surgeon with a "sex voice recording tape" at his clinic. How that happened?! well because Hanna's part time job is a sex caller to support her dad's medical bills. A really nice movie, please watch if you haven't! (click here to watch the movie on youtube) 

    I have chosen The Line Clinic Plastic Surgery (Korea) to do my surgery

    their testimonials vowed me among other interesting "services"

    So How Does Liposuction Feel ATM?

    The first few days after my surgery I was extremely exhausted, hungry and in pain. The pain isn't like slash, mash, fire kinda pain but more of a bruised, muscle ache, body has climb Mt. Everest kinda pain. It's bearable and tolerable, the only difficulty I had for the first 5 days was sitting, bending, getting up and down the bed which was difficult and painful. Apart from that is the fact that I am wearing my body garment (pressure garment) post liposuction that's annoying uncomfortable for the first 3 days but about now day 9 I am getting used to it and may consider wearing it forever to keep my body in shape HAHAHA. Recovery is fast :) I am shocked as well since from Day 3 onwards I am out and about shopping in Seoul, Korea.

    busting some lipo-myths

    Gosh I think my thoughts are everywhere in here, when I get back I'll share more in depth about my Liposuction Journey a.k.a my very own 200 pounds beauty journey. I promise it's going to be interesting especially when I have friends texting me "did you know you can die from liposuction?!" and I texted back "I am alive aren't I?".

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    Have You Heard Of Vanilla Tees?


    in love with vanilla tees

    Recently I've begun to love wearing Korean-ish casuals at home. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy plus it matches my hair style. Couple of months ago I gave my hair stylist permission to colour my hair so she gave me soft brown highlights over dark ash brown base. It turned out lovely!. Because of my hair, I started hunting down clothes with long sleeves on soft, monotonous colours. My faves are greys, blacks and anything along the line of soft dark and Korean-ish if that makes sense. When I say that, I meant uncomplicated, minimalist, everyday tops that's refined, of quality and still affordable to the pocket.
    vanilla tees below RM50.00 on www.milktee.nu
    (free size, I hope I can wear this)

     love the duo colour top, wondering if this would look great on me

    simple, soft, minimalist! I'm ordering this one

    However it is a pain trying to find clothes like this at the mall, I couldn't really find many that would resemble a perfect match to what I was looking for until I google my way into "vanilla tees" at milktee.nu.  Vanilla tees are oversized tees (which by now U know I am a huge fan of anything oversized lol). It's Malaysian online store selling ready-to-wear tees that's simple, refined and polished. The reason they're able to provide styles such as these is because they made it themselves! *wow* that's really impressive for a home grown brand and you know how I love supporting local indie brands. They claim to focus on product and service quality while providing well-crafted and great fitting clothes. 

    That just means, I dare you to try me out haha. I spotted a few tops under VANILLA that I would love to have, so I placed an order while I'm still in Korea. Yes that's how crazy I am in my hotel room that I am doing online shopping at midnight. I hope by the time I fly back home (Wed), my parcel would arrive the next day. They give free shipping for purchases above RM55 (inclusive of GST), so I'm going to buy two. One of it is this "grey vanilla duo string" baby that caught my eyes!!!

    some examples of Vanilla tees on this site
    (plus a guide on how easy it is to shop here)

    after selecting the vanilla tees, I checked out to this page
     (my doorbell is givin me probs, hope courier calls me)

    filling in my details for my purchase

    if safety is a concern, choose bank deposit like me haha

    wow that's quick :O I hope this is true lol
    (e-mail came in with banking details)

    Shows how excited I am about this store that I am sharing away! I hear they're bringing in more vanilla tees but the launch is tomorrow I think? I'm keeping my eyes peered at their instagram and facebook to find out what other colours / styles they're going to introduce. I also hope to join in the girls sharing their instagram oodt to get RM25 voucher. Can't wait to get  my vanilla tees when I get back home *hearts*.

    How To Score A RM25 Voucher?
    1) Upload your favourite Milktee outfit on instagram
    2) Tag us and use #MILKTEEMOMENTS
    3) and receive a RM25 voucher from us!

    beautiful instagram photographs, love the colours & styling
    (I also spotted my friends posing in here!!!)

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    Haagen-Dazs Banana Chocolate Brownie Review


    meet my new boyfriend, he's dark, rich & chunky

    I would like to introduce the new Haagen Dazs Banana Chocolate Brownie flavour readers! This deliciously sinful heaven has all three of your favourites blend into a mouthful of pleasure. A playground of delicious creamy smooth banana ice-cream with ribbons of luscious melted chocolate sauce and generous chunks of  real brownies. The textures will make you go oooOOOOH!. 

    the anatomy of the new flavour dissected for your viewing pleasure

     watch how he unwind under my hands

    the new flavour from Haagen Dazs

    If you love bananas, chocolate sauce and brownies, which in my opinion is the sexiest combination of all three fan favourites in one - then you're going to have to try this for a night in with your love or say girlfriends and watch Sex and the City. My first taste, the soft ice-cream melted away in my mouth and I could taste the banana flavour entangled with rich chocolate sauce among the bite size brownies. Very very rich, and if you love bananas like me giggles then make way to the nearest Haagen Dazs outlet and grab a pint to try.

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    Pitch Perfect 2 Review


    they say sequels sux, but PP2 is the bomb

    Just got back from watching the movie and yes everyone is asking whether the movie is good enough to spend RM16 (or less depending on which cinema you go to). Okay that's how much I paid for a ticket at TGV 1 Utama. I won't go into details naming characters, what nots but I do want to say how good this movie is compared to the first. I was literally moving to the beat and cheering from my seat from the start of the movie until the end credits. It was mind blowing that I could experience beautiful voices, songs, mash ups, and the height of all inspiring determination from the all female a cappella group from Barden University. The energy was pouring from the movie as we watch how the girls got back their groove from being shamed initially at the start of the movie with an oppsy incident from Fat Amy who happens to be my favourite character.

    I also loved how I bonded with the characters this time around as Elizabeth Banks (the director and also "Gail" the a cappella commentator) playfully injected romance, friendship (sisterhood), friendly competition and drama into the storyline.

    Definitely a must watch, if I dare say, seconds and thirds as well. I'm glad I got to watch this before I fly off to Korea on Sunday night. I could not help cheering and singing to the tunes and being pumped up as a girl myself. Beautiful, wonderful, inspiring movie not to be missed. Pitch Perfect 2, is in my opinion, PERFECT.

    P.S: Elizabeth Banks saved the best for last. My heart jumped out and landed on the floor with that last performance by Barden Bellas. 

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