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When I'm not wondering, I'll be on my computer searching for the next fountain of youth or hunting down a fantastic deal. I'm also a shopaholic, wanderluster, spa enthusiast and proud hipster who loves planning special occasions and surprises for her loved ones.
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  • Have You Heard Of Vanilla Tees?


    in love with vanilla tees

    Recently I've begun to love wearing Korean-ish casuals at home. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy plus it matches my hair style. Couple of months ago I gave my hair stylist permission to colour my hair so she gave me soft brown highlights over dark ash brown base. It turned out lovely!. Because of my hair, I started hunting down clothes with long sleeves on soft, monotonous colours. My faves are greys, blacks and anything along the line of soft dark and Korean-ish if that makes sense. When I say that, I meant uncomplicated, minimalist, everyday tops that's refined, of quality and still affordable to the pocket.
    vanilla tees below RM50.00 on www.milktee.nu
    (free size, I hope I can wear this)

     love the duo colour top, wondering if this would look great on me

    simple, soft, minimalist! I'm ordering this one

    However it is a pain trying to find clothes like this at the mall, I couldn't really find many that would resemble a perfect match to what I was looking for until I google my way into "vanilla tees" at milktee.nu.  Vanilla tees are oversized tees (which by now U know I am a huge fan of anything oversized lol). It's Malaysian online store selling ready-to-wear tees that's simple, refined and polished. The reason they're able to provide styles such as these is because they made it themselves! *wow* that's really impressive for a home grown brand and you know how I love supporting local indie brands. They claim to focus on product and service quality while providing well-crafted and great fitting clothes. 

    That just means, I dare you to try me out haha. I spotted a few tops under VANILLA that I would love to have, so I placed an order while I'm still in Korea. Yes that's how crazy I am in my hotel room that I am doing online shopping at midnight. I hope by the time I fly back home (Wed), my parcel would arrive the next day. They give free shipping for purchases above RM55 (inclusive of GST), so I'm going to buy two. One of it is this "grey vanilla duo string" baby that caught my eyes!!!

    some examples of Vanilla tees on this site
    (plus a guide on how easy it is to shop here)

    after selecting the vanilla tees, I checked out to this page
     (my doorbell is givin me probs, hope courier calls me)

    filling in my details for my purchase

    if safety is a concern, choose bank deposit like me haha

    wow that's quick :O I hope this is true lol
    (e-mail came in with banking details)

    Shows how excited I am about this store that I am sharing away! I hear they're bringing in more vanilla tees but the launch is tomorrow I think? I'm keeping my eyes peered at their instagram and facebook to find out what other colours / styles they're going to introduce. I also hope to join in the girls sharing their instagram oodt to get RM25 voucher. Can't wait to get  my vanilla tees when I get back home *hearts*.

    How To Score A RM25 Voucher?
    1) Upload your favourite Milktee outfit on instagram
    2) Tag us and use #MILKTEEMOMENTS
    3) and receive a RM25 voucher from us!

    beautiful instagram photographs, love the colours & styling
    (I also spotted my friends posing in here!!!)

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    1. OMG, babe. So cute! I'm on the site now, ordering! Lol!


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