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My name is Tammy Lim and I am an award winning blogger from Top 10 Malaysia Magazine and Cleo Malaysia Magazine. I have been blogging since 2008 and I am also the founder of a local Malaysian beauty & lifestyle community called The Butterfly Project. People often tell me that I'm a wonder woman, but in reality - if it's something you love, you can do wonders.

When I'm not wondering, I'll be on my computer searching for the next fountain of youth or hunting down a fantastic deal. I'm also a shopaholic, wanderluster, spa enthusiast and proud hipster who loves planning special occasions and surprises for her loved ones.
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  • Anna Sui Warehouse Sales


    With Anna Sui Warehouse Sales coming up (ok it's not just Anna sui, there's plenty of brands in this warehouse sales. I only tag it Anna Sui to differentiate all the warehouse sales) many might be wondering how to get there right? I received a lot of emails/sms/comments asking me where it is.

    how to get to 3k compleks?

    3K Inn Subang Jaya
    Persiaran Kewajipan
    47500 Subang Jaya
    Selangor, Malaysia

    Clarins Warehouse Sale


    I receive a sms yesterday from Clarins. Quite sudden that they're having a warehouse sale this weekend starting tomorrow (Friday) until Saturday. It was normally held around August for the past couple of years but this year in May. Not only that, metrojaya, anna sui, etc all around this time! why why. I think I will have to skip this sale as I've already overspend on Stila. Goodbye shower gels, goodbye face serum. They sell brush sets here too fyi!

    Stila NEW Indian Summer Collection


    OMGOSH! Stila has introduced a New Indian Summer Collection! (I can hear some of us Malaysians screaming in ecstasy now and maybe crying since Malaysia has no more Stila!) JClues must be admiring the Stila girl now!!!

    click here for the collection




    Finally, my hunt is over! It was one of the things I wanted really really really to get from Stila. Can you guess what it is? My expression is priceless. There is no words to described how happy I am! I am still looking to collect the basic brush set (black) & the limited edition traveling mini brush set which I doubt there will be any left in Malaysia as it was only known to those who work in Stila. Whoever has those and wants to sell it contact me pls!

    oh i love u stila brushes... sob sob *cries*

    have u guess what it is?
    yes it's the limited edition Pink Stila Brush Set
    called the World Tour Brush Set!
    happy happy!!!

    Stila World Tour Brush Set Pink

    it has 5 basic mini brushes

    #1 blush brush

    #13 one step eyeliner brush
    #6 Lip Brush
    #5 all over eye shadow brush
    #7 precision crease brush,

    the 5 basic brushes for beginners

    the biggest brush can be used for face powder

    this is for blending

    this is for e/s

    this is for eyeliner

    and this is for lips! *muaks*

    That's all for my camwhore! i am so so so happy, it finally ease the depression I had last week. I'm so happy I finally got it! I can't disclosed how I got it, but u can find it in ebay./ppl who is selling it. This is already out of stock in Stila counters. Mine is not for sale, sorry! I'm loving & keeping this forever~ and ever!~

    P.S: blah to the SA who didn't want to order/reserve/sell me Stila brushes! now I finally have this and it's much better than what I was looking for all over the counters.

    Thank You :)

    anyone for melted BBQ plug?
    (smells kinda electrical)

    Thank you all for your kind & supportive comments, prayers, e-mails, sms & phone calls! I know it was scary to think that a fire could break out from just using the washing machine! It would be traumatising to certain friends whom had seen me that day earlier smiling and then to attend my funeral the next following day. 

    i was still smiling in the morning on the day the fire outbreak

    I'm very grateful for having everything done at the right timing and the fire put out ASAP once I smell the smoke that engulf my condo. It was horrifying to see a fire in the dark eating away the plug point and reaching the cupboards to the kitchen ceiling. On top the cupboards were bottles of alcohol (yes don't scream at this fact). Next to the fire plug is my kitchen stove (ok don't scream again). The fire alarm system did not even make any noise despite smoke filling up the kitchen and living room (dammit i am going to complain to the developer who fix it there! luxurious smart condo my foot!). 

    taken with camera flash in the dark
    (guards investigating after fire alarm system shut down the lifts)

    Thank you God for saving me (in the nick of time) and to all my readers, friends and family, thank you for all the concern and worries which flooded my email box, handphone and chatbox. I can't reply to everyone so I will thank you all here! 

    Shoutbox Upgraded

    extend usd6 for 3 months
    (premium account)

    the comparison between basic (free) & premium (paid) 

    Plus Size Kitten's Shoutbox is now UPGRADED to Premium Status since 22nd May, 2009! 

    As I have only register for a free account, my shoutbox has a limit of 60 chat post an hour. Every since Stila Sales, the chatbox is growing @_@ and at times I am embarrased that girls can't post their chats anymore because my account has a limit. On May 22nd, the chatbox reached its limit again and during an important discussion as well. I decided to pay usd6 to upgrade it for 3 months on that day, turning my free account into premium status with unlimited chat posts and refresh rate 10times faster. I'd like to thank all you girls for using my chat box to chat, inquire, comment and even sometimes advertise your blogs/stuffs (but pls do not offend me with it, i will delete it off). 

    Thank you and please enjoy this 3 months unlimited chat with it! :) 

    Previous Anna Sui Warehouse Sales

    went there after 4pm, not much crowd

    anna sui coferet set all gone, but suddenly the sales girl took out a plastic of them (Secret wish romantic rm85) was gone in a flash. Other than that didn't see any sets, cept individual perfumes which I think… is not even 40% off.
     Reduced: 85% of original size [ 600 x 450 ] - Click to view full image

    50ml Secret wish = rm171
    30ml = rm115
    shower gel Secret wish romantic = rm25 
    Dolly lotion = rm25
    Secret wish romantic perfume = rm95 

    closing time 6pm, the sales girl took out boxes of their "items" and omg.. i saw the variety of selection which is so awesome.. (i think b4 buka they already chop n put into their box to keep n buy themselves or for friends)

    Can u believe Anna Sui coferets are there… dolly, secret wish, sw.romance they kept it for themselves (not complaining.. i would do the same too) and OMG the bags, purses, accessory of Anna Sui i almost want to bring out parang n kill myself for not coming earlier (i am not sure the early birds saw these selection?)

     Reduced: 85% of original size [ 600 x 450 ] - Click to view full image

    - Anna Sui Butterly Embroidery Purse RM5 ONLY
    - Anna Sui Bags, Purses, Wallets, Cosmetic Bags = RM5-10 ONLY
    - Anna Sui PANTIES (5 panties in a casing) OMG so lovely..it's white panties with Anna sui cartooon faces.. CAN U BELIEVE ITS ONLY rm5?? the fella chop 5 sets of that man..

    i deeply regretted not goin early..coz the panties so cute..

    (the accessory items above is at reduced price too, or least i notice some of them are.. even if they booked it in the morning)

    Btw girls, by 5pm they reduce the price on some items. Anna Sui Limited Edition Bonjour Lipstick originally rm35, became rm25 (i told the girl to change my price tag.. hey not fair!!!!!!) the left over anna sui bags at rm18 became rm10, plastic anna sui bag quite cute is rm10 became rm5, the hanging type anna sui…uh duno what is that compact department hanging was reduce also, forgot price)

    Maybe there is an advantage to going early n goin nearly closing time.

    so sad..about losing out on the anna sui coferets…

     Reduced: 85% of original size [ 600 x 450 ] - Click to view full image

    D&G rm150


    Eye shadow glitter roll in Gold (Purple, Blue, Pink, Silver & Gold available rm30 each)

    Bonjour Paris Limited Edition Lipsticks RM25 (available in 3 colours i think)

    Rough Pricing List
    1. Anna Sui
    -Secret Wish Romance EDP 50ml RM95
    -Secret Wish (green) 50ml RM171 / 30ml RM115
    - All kinds of Shower Gel/Lotion RM25

    2. Lacoste
    -Inspiration EDP 30ml RM45
    -man EDP range from RM100-RM150

    3. Dunhill 
    - sets from rm50-100 over
    -individuals expensive up to rm180

    4. Montblanc
    -indivuduelle for men EDP 50ml RM118
    -the rest RM88-RM150

    5. Hugo
    -Deep Purple 30ml EDP RM99 (come in 2 bottles) so RM49/bottle
    -Soul 90ml RM138 (come in 2 bottles) so RM69/bottle
    -Hugo Boss (yg ada kaler oren tuh) package EDP 30ml + body lotion for only RM99
    -average price is less than rm150

    another Metrojaya Warehouse Sales

    again? well click the poster for more info :)

    Free Play at Sunway Lagoon

    AllMalaysia.info is giving away two Sunway Lagoon entry passes (All Park) each to twelve lucky readers who could tell us what they like best about the theme park. Simply leave your comment at that article, and if your comment is adjudged the best, you walk away with the tickets. Closing Date: May 30, 2009**

    Heather from United Kingdom


    I just received a package from the postmen! On first look it's a package from U.K from Heather, the sweet girl who bought my make up case! I wonder what it is, never in my life I would expect such a lovely thank you gift from her! There's a small note & a Stila box in it with sakura packaging! Definitely I have never see this before! Malaysia don't have this! boo Malaysia.

    OMG! it's even more fantastic that there's a imprint of Stila Girl (Japan) on the face powder! yes did I mention this is a face powder? It's just so darn cute I can't imagine anybody who use it! Definitely going into my display cabinet!!! ok once I done admiring it I would probably use it.. maybe! omg I don't know! Thanks so much Heather!!! I love love love uuuuu... and u don't have to! why?! omg I don't know why?! is UK girls so nice?! such lovely people!!! 

    a sweet thank you note

    To Miu,

    Thanks so much for selling me my case! I know you said not to but here's a little Stila gift... I don't think you have one of these, and even if you do, they're pretty to display!!

    Thanks again so much!

    Oh gosh I don't even have the time yet to reply her e-mail and to thank her for such a lovely gesture! She sent me pictures of her posing with the make up case, which I will blog about tonight if I have the time (so busy T_T and condo in shitty condition after fire).

    Thank you Heather! I am so Loving u now!

    Fragrance Warehouse Clearance

    Guess which long awaited warehouse sale that is always at 3k Compleks in Subang Jaya is back? I'm so going! YAYY YIPPEE..omg.. have to save money!!! 

    Discount Duration:Fri, 12 Jun 2009 - Sat, 13 Jun 2009, 10am to 6pm
    Company:Warehouse Clearance Sale
    Location:3K SPORTS COMPLEX & INN, Jalan SS13/1, Persiaran Kewajipan 47500 Subang Jaya Selangor Darul Ehsan
    Promotion:Fragrance Warehouse Clearance Sale Up to 80% Discount
    Brands Offered:
  • Anna Sui
  • Dunhill
  • Escada
  • Hugo Boss
  • Lacoste
  • Montblanc
  • Dolce & Gabbana
  • FIRE!!! OMG!!!


    the dishcloth that save my life

    OMG while I was blogging & chatting in my blog, suddenly there was a BLACKOUT! I was so scared! I was thinking was there intruders in my condo and they purposely cut my electricity??? I took a deep breath and open my room door. I could smell smoke and a weird smell at my door and when I open my door out to the living room the unit was dark and full of smoke!

    condo guards checking my plug

    I quickly remember I had my washing machine on and maybe that could've caused the blackout? I race to the kitchen and there was fire on the plug! it was as big as my hand! i quickly took the dish cloth and flag it at the fire. The fire was put out. I was in shocked.

    with camera flash

    I called my bf to come home quick because i was home alone. My auntie came back 5 mins later. The guards appeared soon after. The condo lifts stop working. My unit has no electricty.

    taken with camera flash

    This is what happened to the plug! I don't know what happened! but it's connected to the washing machine! AND U KNOW WHAT this plug is in the KITCHEN and just next to it is the STOVE! if i hadn't come out in time.. and imagine if i was bathing??? fire would broke out and the stove would get burn and the condo unit would EXPLODE? and I would probably DIE TONIGHT?

    I'm so speechless and scared now.. SOBSOBSBOSBOSBOBOSBOSBOSBOS... now waiting in the unit with my Auntie and BF. Security guards are around and maintenace guy is coming over to check out electricity. I don't think i even dare to on back the electricity power box. Look at the monsterous burn out plug!!

    I will talk to u all tomorrow!! sobn sobsobsbosobs... don't worry I am ALIVE!!!!! This is reported LIVE!!! using the condo's connection! using laptop!!! in the dark!!! imagine MIU would die and there will be no more blog and my stila items all burn in the condo? and maybe half the condo residents also bakar?? (ok la i am being too dramatic but what if that happen?)

    I really have no confidence living in this stupid condo!!! first my bday the BBQ EXPLODE. Now the PLUG in my condo ON FIRE?! crazy place!! arghhh..arghhh..


    just few months earlier at my bbq birthday party
    my condo bbq pit exploded when we start burning charcoals!
    read it here too, nobody was hurt

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