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Thank You :)

anyone for melted BBQ plug?
(smells kinda electrical)

Thank you all for your kind & supportive comments, prayers, e-mails, sms & phone calls! I know it was scary to think that a fire could break out from just using the washing machine! It would be traumatising to certain friends whom had seen me that day earlier smiling and then to attend my funeral the next following day. 

i was still smiling in the morning on the day the fire outbreak

I'm very grateful for having everything done at the right timing and the fire put out ASAP once I smell the smoke that engulf my condo. It was horrifying to see a fire in the dark eating away the plug point and reaching the cupboards to the kitchen ceiling. On top the cupboards were bottles of alcohol (yes don't scream at this fact). Next to the fire plug is my kitchen stove (ok don't scream again). The fire alarm system did not even make any noise despite smoke filling up the kitchen and living room (dammit i am going to complain to the developer who fix it there! luxurious smart condo my foot!). 

taken with camera flash in the dark
(guards investigating after fire alarm system shut down the lifts)

Thank you God for saving me (in the nick of time) and to all my readers, friends and family, thank you for all the concern and worries which flooded my email box, handphone and chatbox. I can't reply to everyone so I will thank you all here! 


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  2. Miu, thanks god that you are fine..take care n b alert always..=)

  3. we thank god that you're alright!!!^^
    that's wat matters....hehehehe.....=)

  4. scary la.....the look from pic just like movie liddat.......aiyo becareful ar.....

    tutu J


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