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When I'm not wondering, I'll be on my computer searching for the next fountain of youth or hunting down a fantastic deal. I'm also a shopaholic, wanderluster, spa enthusiast and proud hipster who loves planning special occasions and surprises for her loved ones.
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  • Mother's Day at 1Utama


    the Star Trek event full of bloggers

    I was at 1utama for The Star's Newspaper's AMBP Star Strek Event (wow long name) from 1.3-pm - 9.30pm. It was a really tiring day and in between breaks I went to check out Stila BU bought some Stila tin cans. Behold the picture below! my pink tin cans which will be given free as part of my 1 year Blog Anniversary Party Giveaways! I'm still planning the big bash not too sure if i should have a mini party or a movie party or just a blog contests to celebrate it. What do u think?

    pink Stila tin cans

    There's a whole load of promotions going on in 1utama for Mother's Day. One thing I loved about 1utama is the events and freebies they give in conjunction with any festivities unlike the so dam boring and "high class" KLCC. SO for Mother's Day if u purchase rm200 and above (rm150 if u're 1card member which I am) you get these free:

    the freebies for spending at 1utama

    And if you're not a One Card member yet, u can get a free 3 year One Card membership too with purchase of rm200 and above. A free Shiseido Makeover Voucher, a Mother's Day High Tea invitation (which is so stupid bcoz when i read it, it says need to RSVP upon receiving the invite at the cus service counter. When I went to RSVP, they ask me to call/email, so utter BULLSHIAT. It states on the invite I can RSVP at the customer service counter! blah nvm I'll email then), an OPI nail polish worth rm59 free and a complimentary nail color and filling service worth rm27 free too!

    free OPI nail polish & service

    OK the one thing u don't need to spend to get freebie is get the coupon from this Mother's Day brochure and take the coupon to Shiseido stall at the concourse area where the Japanese fair is at (just nearby the customer service counter) and u get a free Zen perfume sample vial :)

    Update: Wow very fast confirmation from Josie confirming I am in for the tea party. It's only for the first 100 eligible shoppers (Female) only. First come first serve. Take hom fabulous door gifts, win prizes in our sushi eating competition. Fun & enjoyment awaits you. There are loads of great prizes for lucky draws!

    Date: 8th May, 2009 (Friday)
    Time: 2pm-5pm
    Venue: Ground Floor Highstreet, 1utama

    Dear Tammy,

    Thank you for your RSVP. Please be advised that per invitation per person which we have included your name.

    Best Regards,


    1. i recommend the mini party or movie party!
      lets meet up...all of us..wow!
      its gonna be awesome..

      or maybe we can do potluck ke?

    2. a pot luck sounds good!

      i have in mind:

      bbq pot luck
      (bring your own meat bbq party!)

    3. oh and we can bring out stila stuffs to do trades also!


    4. Hii Miu, wow I was at 1U, but I didn't get the free gifts. It was crowded! Boo I missed the attractive stuffs. how much were the cans? :D

    5. diana: :( oh no.. u missed it.. but definitely lotsa people :( carpark also crazy! in n out!

      tin cars are rm5 each :)

    6. i checked out klcc outlet.
      cans are still available.lot of them even got the pink one.

    7. wah.....so nice lor......hehehe.....i love go to 1U than KLCC >_<"" more stuff i can afford to buy rather than just window shopping at klcc hehehe^^

      miu ar....stila still many stuff mah since is MONTH MAY liao.....very soon leaving us liao sob sob smudddgeee pot byebye >_<""

      tutu ( J)

    8. WOW pinky stila cans! massive.

      suggest mini party~!

    9. girly party, me likey, hehehhe ^_~

    10. Jamie...I would love to see this horse shoe you carry around for luck and do you gain all your strength back drinking from those Pink Stila tin cans??

    11. How about a mini-movie gathering? Dats more affordable than mini party.

    12. I vote for either movie gath or mini party... hehe :)

    13. I spend like RM 700 on optical in one of the One Card participant outlet... should just go and claim that freebies... Miu... Do you know until when this will end?

    14. here Cynthia:

      Event period:

      01 May 2009 To 10 May 2009
      Event name:

      Haha NoHi, Happy Mother's Day !
      Description of event:

      Celebrate this Mother’s Day with a Japanese Fair at 1 Utama. Show mum you care with special treats, entertainment and even unique Furoshiki wrapped gifts today!


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