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  • Stila Palettes seen in counters


    Earlier when sales started, girls manage to buy this lip gloss palette (i think it's babyloveshopping) I don't know how much it was for, but I got a feeling warehouse has it and maybe it was already shipped last week to that counter n sold out OR it's still in the warehouse.

    the black one lol

    the red one lol rm70 now probably rm56
    (that's how i call them ahhahaha)

    Pon Pon Gerbera Collection
    the trio ppg palette now rm40
    the ppg lipglaze rm36
    ppg blusher

    the Asian exclusive collections
    glitter eyeliners now rm28
    (gardens sellin blue n pink last week)

    Belle of the Ball I bought rm50 2 weeks ago

    the blanc & noire palettes rm50 (now rm40?)

    Ice Glacier
    Snow Lilies

    This is called the Stila Winter Palettes. It was given out as one of the MTV sign up as Stila Member gift. I collected a few of it, my mom sapu all to Australia. I sold some away too. Now I regret sob sob! if u see this BUY! the cover is really nice and shiny!

    the classic (look 4)
    the red carpet looks

    love your look (look 2)

    The Stila Cover Look book palettes! (matching with the Stila Tin Cas) and comes with a IT Lip Gloss! (each has a shade of it's own to match). This lovely baby cost rm40 now! (previous sale price rm50). It's manufactured in 2006 so becareful! don't reget when buy!
    the fall fantasy palette that comes with a stone accessory has 3 colors: green, blue and chocolate. If u see this, it'll probably be rm40 now (previously rm50?) of coz i am talking about sale price! lol original price is.. way way way.. $$$

    the holiday palettes that has crystals on it!
    scarlet (pinky) and Guinevere palette (browny).
    RM40 now from RM50.
    a similar palette that has crystals (5 to be exact) is called:
    Just My Luck Palette (Lindsay Lohan movie)
    I bought it for rm120 when it came out
    (just for the movie, i like lindsay lohan haha)
    u will not see it anymore, but if u do see it.. BUY!

    Stila Quad e/s Monmartre Palette

    Stila Quad e/s Marrakesh Palette
    The Holiday Set RM120 (sale rm150)
    original price rm250 I bought! ARGHH
    (inside has monmartre palette)

    All the Talking Palettes! Ranging From RM56-48.
    Below is from rm70 now RM56.

    this is the day to night talkin palettes

    this is the lip pout talking palette

    this is the talking message palette

    The Smokey Eye Talking Palettes Previously RM60 now RM48
    the platinum (never see b4)
    the sapphires

    the emeralds
    the original

    the bronzes

    the smoky eye collection has 5 colors: the original, bronze, emerald, sapphire and platinum (this never see b4).
    the precious pearl palette rm90
    (6 e/s made of pearl & the palette cover is made of mother of pearl!)

    in this collection there is the pom crush
    and the pearl lip gloss which we will never get here

    this similar design was originated from the 2008 summer palette
    (that feature the famous kitten e/s in it)
    originally sold for rm190
    (last one CAI bought! i don't know for how much ask her)


    1. I want Chocolate Fall Fantasy palette and The bronze talking palette! Fever~~~~ coz I don't have it yet~~~~~

    2. I have the chocolate and green palettes with stones, but never saw the Blue one ler.... sigh...

      just wish i have more time to go counter-hopping in the last week leading up to Stila's departure...sob sob!

    3. Btw, I got probably the last of the gift of glamour set, incomplete but at least I got another Kitten and the Contessa e/s and the LE Fruit cake lip glaze. Me so happy. i think it's still so worth it.

      Will email you...

    4. I just love everything on this post!! I want everything!! so tamak me ;p


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