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Last Wednesday, I was told that the stocks will arrive at KLCC for sale but alas that's not always the case? I'm sure many of you know this by now, that when it's a restock day, it probably will be a delayed restock bcoz of factors like:
  • the stocks just arrived
    the good: u need to wait hours for them to tag the items to be released for sale
    the bad: if it's a holiday or the next day is a holiday, no staff/not enough staff to tag come back next time! bye bye

  • the stocks should arrive but did not
    the good: there's no good about it
    the bad: you taken your leave/wasted a day waiting

  • the stocks are here!
    the good: yes the wait is finally over!
    the bad: here comes the mob run for yer life!

  • hell when is the stocks coming?
    the good: you save money okay!
    the bad: sleepless nights wondering when stocks coming
So ok stocks was suppose to arrive on Wed but did not, I was there after work and then stocks arrived the next day Thursday at 6pm. Tagging process started and stocks came out about nearly 8pm in a every 30min interval (roughly). It was the craziest crowd I've ever since Stila Sales. Each time a box came out, it was already attacked midway before reaching it's destination (the counter). When it landed, even the SA can't fend off eargerly waiting fans. It was like attending your last favourite concert or fending fans off Brad Pitt on the road. All I could do is watch (thankfully I have bought my share of items last month) and my friends Cai, Jess, Harim & JC passed me items they could get hold of. Very nice of them!

anyone seen this before?
(special thanks to Jess for letting me have it)

Among the things I could buy is kitten lipglosses, some eyeliners (stone & violet) a hydrating primer, a watermelon lipglaze, a smudge pot in black (there was a lot of brown), manage to get the last cherry crush, black mascaras (Major Major Lash & Multi-Effect Mascara), 2 Pon Pon Gerberas (now at rm40 why not? but i discover today that one of them are missing a brown e/s sob sob) it was probably because I took it from the table top counter when someone decided not to buy it. The e/s probably got lost or stolen. There was so much mob there, I think a few things would've got stolen easily. There was no control, it was HAVOC! items were missing/gone even before reaching the counter and stuffs was everywhere being tested (pls no testin on new products!) left around and even on the floor.

Crazy yes, fun yes, mad definitely.

Some of the things I will miss about Stila.

I shall post a pic of my haul tomorrow :D

P.S: The 2006 Jade Blossom Holiday Set was seen in this KLCC restock. There were only 2 units of it (and I know Creme Bonquet is still around but not seen in KLCC Stila). It's pretty old considerinng it was manufactured in 2006. Jess (a new friend I met) has lightning speed hands, manage to grab one (JC grabbed the other one). After much thinking (she's going on a vacation soon) she decided not to buy the Jade Blossom set. Thanks to her, I can now museum this Jade Blossom set along with my other Jade Blossom set that I bought in 2006 that has a cream pot, lipglaze and perfume too.

Stila Bandar Utama restocks!
Yep I waited from noon till 5pm today just to see what 3 little boxes have in store for Stila BU counter. Not much things though compare to KLCC. There was a lot of black mascaras, face powders, foundation, concealers. Some lipglazes in grapefruit, passionfruit and starfruit. 2 lip plumping glaze in vanilla mint, cherry crush, tin cans, mugs, brown bag, contouring trio, talking lip palette, pon pon gerbera palettes, eyeshadows and lipsticks. Brushes just the leftovers like no.2 and eye concealer brushes.

I heard Pavillion restocked today but nothing much as well. Gardens restocked too but with all the good stuffs gone. Well it's already going to be the end of the month. I am predicting one more restock and praying hard that LuxAsia will give one last final reduction to finally clear everything off before it's thrown into the sea.

(u bet i will be at the sea waiting for it)


  1. Hi Meow/Tammy

    Nice to me u there, hav seen ur thunder hands also lol,4 sets brushes gone within seconds!Smart move to pay 1st, I lost my smudge pots, i realise when I reached home. Thanks for your help in thrasing out some items to save my $$.

    I am goin hols end of the yr to bangkok and hk next yr april, still long way to go. However decided to let it go some items cos I have been purchasing every week in warehouse sale ( i know it sounds crazy) but u see its too cheap/less expensive not to buy it! And every week also got warehouse sale!

    Note : Now is isetan sale ... and i resist myself in buying more

  2. waaaaaaa... miu u manage to get the cherry crush.
    they told there was none when i asked about it.

  3. btw.. i agree with u about testing new product.
    while buying the other day, one of the lip pot that i wanted to buy had some blackish material in it and the only available extra had fingerprints on it.. the SA was really angry. somebody may have tested it and put it back on its place quietly..

  4. Do update us with your haul pics, cant wait to see it! Im goin to KLCC today, maybe I'll take a look at the counter. If 2 many ppl, I'd better stay far away. I'm not good with fighting with angry mobs. Lucky u, Miu 2 got mob-friends helping each other out. =P

  5. Miu... are you wiling to let out any of your Stila extra item? I always want to get a smudge pot,eyeliners


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