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  • Previous Anna Sui Warehouse Sales


    went there after 4pm, not much crowd

    anna sui coferet set all gone, but suddenly the sales girl took out a plastic of them (Secret wish romantic rm85) was gone in a flash. Other than that didn't see any sets, cept individual perfumes which I think… is not even 40% off.
     Reduced: 85% of original size [ 600 x 450 ] - Click to view full image

    50ml Secret wish = rm171
    30ml = rm115
    shower gel Secret wish romantic = rm25 
    Dolly lotion = rm25
    Secret wish romantic perfume = rm95 

    closing time 6pm, the sales girl took out boxes of their "items" and omg.. i saw the variety of selection which is so awesome.. (i think b4 buka they already chop n put into their box to keep n buy themselves or for friends)

    Can u believe Anna Sui coferets are there… dolly, secret wish, sw.romance they kept it for themselves (not complaining.. i would do the same too) and OMG the bags, purses, accessory of Anna Sui i almost want to bring out parang n kill myself for not coming earlier (i am not sure the early birds saw these selection?)

     Reduced: 85% of original size [ 600 x 450 ] - Click to view full image

    - Anna Sui Butterly Embroidery Purse RM5 ONLY
    - Anna Sui Bags, Purses, Wallets, Cosmetic Bags = RM5-10 ONLY
    - Anna Sui PANTIES (5 panties in a casing) OMG so lovely..it's white panties with Anna sui cartooon faces.. CAN U BELIEVE ITS ONLY rm5?? the fella chop 5 sets of that man..

    i deeply regretted not goin early..coz the panties so cute..

    (the accessory items above is at reduced price too, or least i notice some of them are.. even if they booked it in the morning)

    Btw girls, by 5pm they reduce the price on some items. Anna Sui Limited Edition Bonjour Lipstick originally rm35, became rm25 (i told the girl to change my price tag.. hey not fair!!!!!!) the left over anna sui bags at rm18 became rm10, plastic anna sui bag quite cute is rm10 became rm5, the hanging type anna sui…uh duno what is that compact department hanging was reduce also, forgot price)

    Maybe there is an advantage to going early n goin nearly closing time.

    so sad..about losing out on the anna sui coferets…

     Reduced: 85% of original size [ 600 x 450 ] - Click to view full image

    D&G rm150


    Eye shadow glitter roll in Gold (Purple, Blue, Pink, Silver & Gold available rm30 each)

    Bonjour Paris Limited Edition Lipsticks RM25 (available in 3 colours i think)

    Rough Pricing List
    1. Anna Sui
    -Secret Wish Romance EDP 50ml RM95
    -Secret Wish (green) 50ml RM171 / 30ml RM115
    - All kinds of Shower Gel/Lotion RM25

    2. Lacoste
    -Inspiration EDP 30ml RM45
    -man EDP range from RM100-RM150

    3. Dunhill 
    - sets from rm50-100 over
    -individuals expensive up to rm180

    4. Montblanc
    -indivuduelle for men EDP 50ml RM118
    -the rest RM88-RM150

    5. Hugo
    -Deep Purple 30ml EDP RM99 (come in 2 bottles) so RM49/bottle
    -Soul 90ml RM138 (come in 2 bottles) so RM69/bottle
    -Hugo Boss (yg ada kaler oren tuh) package EDP 30ml + body lotion for only RM99
    -average price is less than rm150


    1. i'm so going...have to ponteng in the morning then!! ;p

    2. when is this?
      coming soon or dah lepas?
      this post was from the previous sale ke ape?

      im interested with the bags...
      tell me tammy..tell me bebeh!

    3. pink: yah!! if u wan the goodies have to early!!!

      harim: this is last year's warehouse sale, this year is on 12-13th june :D

    4. ooooo i see...
      im so going!
      on the first day itself..ponteng kerja..lucky class tak start lagi that day...

      let's go together gether babe :D

    5. i really want to go to this warehouse! its d warehouse that ive been looking for the whole year! =( but i cant as im in overseas at that time! huhu!!! i want ANNA SUI!!!!!!

    6. Miu, help!!! I need your advice here. I never used Anna Sui before, so would luv to try their cosmetics since they're having this w/sale soon. Honestly, Im not willing to spend too much money for this sale.

      The question here is, shud I go on the 1st day, @ shud I go on d last day, close to the closing time? Coz from ur post here seemed like they still got tons of stocks even @ 4pm!

      I'd really like to know, thanx Miu. =)

    7. harim: lol ponteng kerja.. looks like sales is not good for us now..lol.....

      angel: :( aww anngel.. every year got this sale dun worry!!!

      hanna: their cosmetic very cheap in this sale, try buy the lipstick which is rosy in fragrance!

      hmm 1st day or last day..

      if u're looking for them to slash prices go on last day. There is a chance they slash prices like what happen last year. Since u're not into Anna Sui, i guess its not important for u to go on 1st day. It only last 2 days, with the first day - workin day, there will still be leftovers on 2nd day which is sat (most ppl not workin n might go).

      1st day if u wanna grab gift sets, collectibles, perfumes that u use from anna sui.

    8. Hmmm... so conclusion here is, go on d las day after noon so I cud get more cosmetics with lower price. Yay for being a cheapskate! Hehe what to do, I just dont have the moolah~

      Thanks so much Miu. Guess I'll see you there on the second day.

    9. this june 12th and 13th anna sui sales only for fragrance or do they have cosmetics too ?.. =)


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