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  • Stila Cosmetics Reduced to Clear!


    Dear all,

    Please note that stila is having a further markdown price on top of the great bargain price! Head on to the counters to grab them all!Offer is until 31st May 2009. Please forward this email around! Thanks!

    GREAT NEWS STILA FANS! Stila Malaysia has furher reduced the price for all their items starting 9th May until 31st May, 2009! Whatever's left should be worth a look with the price reduction!

    it's a further 20% reduction on the sale price. Example:

    Tin Cans RM4 (from rm5)
    Brown Bag RM20 (from RM25)
    Stila Mugs Rm12 (from rm15)
    Lipsticks rm20 (from rm25)
    Eyebrow refills rm16 (from rm20)
    E/S now rm20 (from rm25)


    1. whats is worth buying at Stila counters now? maybe just some single eyeshadow pans?

    2. i'm broke!!!! but stil cant resist it...hahaha..will drop by Stila BU and have a look....between Lilian told me tat they r goin to restock on this Wed or Fri...

    3. hahaha......still got what left for sale...i wonder......but good la......maybe got hope for earlier people than not buying yet one lor.....70 % liao + 20 % = 90 % .....wah.......

      tutu J

    4. Lovely Girls: lipsticks, IT Lip gloss, concealers, e/s, etc heard new stock flying in from KK also. Their Stila warehouse is almost empty already.

      Cai:Yeah, but i am so afraid of their restocking time, it's always unpredictable.

    5. tutu: nah not 90%
      these people do it this way:

      first cut - 50% lip glaze rm90 = rm45

      further reduction - let's say 20%
      rm45 x 20% = rm36

      if really 70% off it would be rm27 from rm90. but now they give discount base on the already sale price so rm45 and 20% - rm36

      so probably all the leftover stocks now are getting a cut of rm2-20++ depending on products.

      Like false eyelashes was rm8 before, now become rm6. Eyebrow refill rm20 now is rm16.

      Don't bet on e/s becoming rm10 haha i think it's rm20 from rm25. All Lipsticks also rm20 now from rm25.

    6. Do you think where got more products left... Parkson Pavillion, Parkson One Utama , Parkson KLCC or Isetan The gardens.... Want to try my luck yo

    7. posted about this on Sun - the further price reduction is 20% (at Parkson 1U). they still had a couple of brush rolls and brushes when I was there on Sat.

    8. there's leftovers at all counters and they're going to have another restock this week, time/date not guaranteed. Go try your luck, best to scout all counters bcoz each counter is different in leftover stocks.

      I do know the brown bag is now rm20 (from rm25) mugs are rm12 from rm15, tin cans rm4 now from rm5.

      Plenty left at KLCC, BU.

      BU has talking red lip pout palette still i think, i saw it on display. Din bother asking if there's stock but according to them whatever that's on display is what's left.

    9. beatrice: gosh brush rolls? and i just spent rm60 on one last wed. Now it's probably....... reduced to...... rm48..arghhh

    10. see see n scout scout lor......wahahaha.....

      tutu J

    11. just back from the garden...nothing much left...it's so frustrating when they display those things but when asked...sorry no out of stock!!! last sunday was at 1U...the stocks are better than the garden...i'm trying this weekend at the pavillion or klcc...i feel so addictive burn my pocket to buy more n more stila... ;p

    12. PinkPrincess- Yelah girl, I dun understand why they display so many things when they dun hav it.At least other counters, they only display wat they only have.

      I went to stila BU las Sun, no many items left. i was SO tempted to buy d lipsticks...thank God I didnt buy. Huhu

    13. OMG !!!
      further 20% is so byk oredi !!
      last week I got another 30% off at OU...
      wanna go check lah this week...
      but when do u think they'll re-stock?
      please Miu...
      they r so rapat with u , they might wanna inform u...
      & u inform us la...
      neway , TQ for d info !!!

    14. it's so frustrating right, when u are so anxious on buying stila when you see those displays...
      i'm still looking for the makeup case...if lucky ;p coz they are so cute and adorable...

    15. does anyone know whether have they restock their stock?and where?

    16. klcc going to restock this week, not sure when as always delay.
      pavilion not sure when restock, could be next week the sa said
      bu not sure
      gardens not sure.

    17. miu, can i order for you?
      if yes..how mush is the extra charges? and delivery cost.

      thank you.


    18. my email is tammylci at gmail dot com

      courier charges are rm10, inclusive of bubble wrap protective envelope, protective seal and pos laju charges.

      u may stack to make your courier charges worth while

    19. gardens just restocked yesterday :)
      i saw kitten lipgloss

    20. miu, i dah email to you.
      thanks :)


    21. hi miu..
      i m avid reader of ur blog.
      ur promo of stila had caught up with me.. i had bought some stila product too ;>
      i saw u at KLCC yesterday.. couldn't muster the courage to say hi.. plus u looked pretty serious while waiting for the restocking with harim and cai (i think)
      can't wait to see ur latest haul..
      best wishes
      p/s: tried the kajal eyeliner tiger eye.. u r rite about stila, it rocks!! wonder who has any black ones to let go...


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