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When I'm not wondering, I'll be on my computer searching for the next fountain of youth or hunting down a fantastic deal. I'm also a shopaholic, wanderluster, spa enthusiast and proud hipster who loves planning special occasions and surprises for her loved ones.
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    Finally, my hunt is over! It was one of the things I wanted really really really to get from Stila. Can you guess what it is? My expression is priceless. There is no words to described how happy I am! I am still looking to collect the basic brush set (black) & the limited edition traveling mini brush set which I doubt there will be any left in Malaysia as it was only known to those who work in Stila. Whoever has those and wants to sell it contact me pls!

    oh i love u stila brushes... sob sob *cries*

    have u guess what it is?
    yes it's the limited edition Pink Stila Brush Set
    called the World Tour Brush Set!
    happy happy!!!

    Stila World Tour Brush Set Pink

    it has 5 basic mini brushes

    #1 blush brush

    #13 one step eyeliner brush
    #6 Lip Brush
    #5 all over eye shadow brush
    #7 precision crease brush,

    the 5 basic brushes for beginners

    the biggest brush can be used for face powder

    this is for blending

    this is for e/s

    this is for eyeliner

    and this is for lips! *muaks*

    That's all for my camwhore! i am so so so happy, it finally ease the depression I had last week. I'm so happy I finally got it! I can't disclosed how I got it, but u can find it in ebay./ppl who is selling it. This is already out of stock in Stila counters. Mine is not for sale, sorry! I'm loving & keeping this forever~ and ever!~

    P.S: blah to the SA who didn't want to order/reserve/sell me Stila brushes! now I finally have this and it's much better than what I was looking for all over the counters.


    1. wahlauyeh~ you finally got it! hooray~ bet you are so happy now~ bless to whoever sold it to you...

    2. Congratulation! finally u got the brush set that i saw at Pavilion stila counter....cantik!!

    3. Good for u miu...worth stila hunting!!...So jealous...coz it's in pink!...so happy that u found the diamond in your stila hunt! yeay to miu!!!



    5. I wish I could find one of these for sale.. The first time I saw them I fell in love haha! Nowhere in the UK has any of them for sale of what I've found.. haha.. SO jealous!!

    6. nak jugakkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!

      searched in ebay takde pun.


    7. Hey I just saw this brush set last nite while browsing Mudah.com.my. Didn't know you were CRAZY over it, Miu.

      Haha lucky you, finally got what u've been hunting for.

    8. KACIAN....nia u....ur face look so sad in da pic..... >_<

      tutu J

    9. Babe...do you really need so much of brush!!:p

      Let me know if one day you want to let it go ya. But I guess you won't :)

    10. waaa, u must love the brush set more than ur bf kan??? heheheh =D soo kawaiiiii ^_~

    11. meiwah: yahh so happy! but i just saw one at mudah.com.my and it has 7 brushes in it compare to mine only 5! now i'm wondering if i got cheated?!

      June: heyy that day u saw at Pav was it 5 or 7 brushes in it?

      pink: yes.. so happy my hunt is over.. i can now close stila files!

      wani: hhuhuhu...ty babe.. dun jeles lah! u work at at place which has better stuffs than stila!

      exelia: thank u so much for the face powdeR! i been meanin to email u! haven't sat down to write a proper one yet sob sob. Hey u said u saw in UK? how much and did it have 7 or 5 brushes in it?

      kitty: kat mudah.com.my ada

      lovely: i've promised not to say how much! sorry

      hanna: heyy.. i saw it there, but it has 7 bruhses instead of 5 (mine). Now i feel like.. i kena cheated!!

    12. ayna: urm urm... sensitive question!

      Joey: no no never enough! planning to be a make up artist ( in dreams ). Its my first time buying brushes so these are my babies which I could never afford before the sales. Gosh.. owning them makes me feel beautiful.. i am so =_= weird.

      tutu J: haha yah it does, does it? now u know how miu looks like when she's sad.

    13. Erk no komen there. Honestly I didn't know much bout this brush set, whether got 5 or 7 brushes.

      Hurm look at the bright side, at least your hunt is OVER!

    14. T_T oh.. hunt is over but.. feel sakit hati if 2 brush missing coz i want to collect all the brushes to keep..

      now have to read all the beautyblogs how to do sexy eyes make up with specs on.

      I got this problem make up n wearing specs. Look fierce all the time =_=

    15. anybody wanna buy can buy from China!


    16. congratulations for hunting this down!

      p/s: i m sour!!

    17. Miu, i was shocked just now.Wondering why is she looks worried n almost crying...Thank God, its about the brush set..huhuhu..wat saspen je!!!..btw, congrats dear..muahhh


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