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  • FIRE!!! OMG!!!


    the dishcloth that save my life

    OMG while I was blogging & chatting in my blog, suddenly there was a BLACKOUT! I was so scared! I was thinking was there intruders in my condo and they purposely cut my electricity??? I took a deep breath and open my room door. I could smell smoke and a weird smell at my door and when I open my door out to the living room the unit was dark and full of smoke!

    condo guards checking my plug

    I quickly remember I had my washing machine on and maybe that could've caused the blackout? I race to the kitchen and there was fire on the plug! it was as big as my hand! i quickly took the dish cloth and flag it at the fire. The fire was put out. I was in shocked.

    with camera flash

    I called my bf to come home quick because i was home alone. My auntie came back 5 mins later. The guards appeared soon after. The condo lifts stop working. My unit has no electricty.

    taken with camera flash

    This is what happened to the plug! I don't know what happened! but it's connected to the washing machine! AND U KNOW WHAT this plug is in the KITCHEN and just next to it is the STOVE! if i hadn't come out in time.. and imagine if i was bathing??? fire would broke out and the stove would get burn and the condo unit would EXPLODE? and I would probably DIE TONIGHT?

    I'm so speechless and scared now.. SOBSOBSBOSBOSBOBOSBOSBOSBOS... now waiting in the unit with my Auntie and BF. Security guards are around and maintenace guy is coming over to check out electricity. I don't think i even dare to on back the electricity power box. Look at the monsterous burn out plug!!

    I will talk to u all tomorrow!! sobn sobsobsbosobs... don't worry I am ALIVE!!!!! This is reported LIVE!!! using the condo's connection! using laptop!!! in the dark!!! imagine MIU would die and there will be no more blog and my stila items all burn in the condo? and maybe half the condo residents also bakar?? (ok la i am being too dramatic but what if that happen?)

    I really have no confidence living in this stupid condo!!! first my bday the BBQ EXPLODE. Now the PLUG in my condo ON FIRE?! crazy place!! arghhh..arghhh..


    just few months earlier at my bbq birthday party
    my condo bbq pit exploded when we start burning charcoals!
    read it here too, nobody was hurt


    1. hi miu.

      was just checking ur blog and saw your post.

      hope you have gotten over the shock now. its good to know that you're doing fine.

      take care~


    2. OMG!!! So lucky you investigated the blackout in time! Otherwise you could've gotten seriously hurt.. I'm glad u're ok! Good grief.. can blog summore... u are kerrr-ayyy-zeee!!! I was editing photos to upload to my blog when i saw this update.. terus tak jadi edit gamba... am flabbergasted by YOUR fire pix... huhu. Hope the damages aren't that serious... take care, girl!

    3. " my stila items all burn in the condo? " Ish... think of your life 1st darling! or else make sure ur stila is packed in a box/bag all the time, anything just run away with that !

      Good timing to invest in a fire extinguisher for safety purposes leh... never too late than to be sorry ?

    4. short circuit somewhere along the way.

    5. Jamie...sounds like a death trap and it is new and cheaply built Good your ok but I can see where no confidence in where you live because if it happened in your apartment it could happen in another! Insure the hell out of everything and do not stick around if there seems to be a problem! Glad you OK!

    6. Huh...good to know u r ok...aiyo...so scareeeeer ler..

    7. OMG!! Must have happened around the time I was calling you yea? No wonder you didn't pick up phone. Can't imagine a luxury condo can have faulty wiring or like somebody asked, the washing machine got SIRIM sticker or not.

      I'm just glad you are ok, dear. Take care.

    8. You are so brave to take the cloth to stop the fire. Thank God, you are fine.

    9. wah..lucky la you...btw i notice that the plug dun have green wire..mayb that causes the fire...all the best.

    10. take care miu. glad that all is ok.
      -shirley ann

    11. OMG.. thank god you're alright! Damn that's scary O__o

    12. Honey, even if your Stila (which I bet cost thousands of RM) were burn to ashes, as long as you're safe you should be grateful that u're OK.

      Thank God u're OK, Miu. Take care eh.

    13. wah...if u didn't die, means goodluck will be coming soon? Chinese saying, lulz.

    14. Mui,

      OMG. That was an unforgettable experience and thank god you're alright

    15. OMG.. luckily there was no injury. i felt sorry for u miu. take care!

    16. miu, thank god ur ok..dat was a very scary experience..take care of urself k..

    17. oh dear! this is so scary. thank god u are aight. gosh, if it were me, i would also face the phobia of using any electricity and plugs again

    18. OMG how scary. But thank God nothing bad happened. Got to get your wiring checked babe.

    19. Hope that you are ok dear.

    20. wah read aledi and see the plug head also scary ...now i imagine no 1 at home and this happen wah...scary >_<""

      thank god nothing happen to u , may GOD always be with you

      tutu J

    21. Hi Miu,

      I've always liked reading your blog especially all your comments about warehouse sales. Am sorry about the fire in your condo. Since I used to investigate fires for a living, I'll give you some of my opinions based on the photos you posted up.

      Looking at the photo "wtff", it looks as if the fire did not start from the condo wiring (it's totally clean, see?). The short circuit looks like it began from the plug itself. So in this case, I think your house wiring is ok, it was actually the fault of the plug. There's nothing much you can do about this (the chances of a faulty plug is quite low, but it still happens). Unless you want to sue the washing machine manufacturer or something... but in this case they'll probably say the plug was manufactured somewhere else, and warranty only covers washing machine, blah blah blah....

      You were lucky that you were able to put the fire out in time, coz your cupboards are directly above the plug point. If those had caught fire, you'll be in big trouble.

      I would suggest that if you have any plug points, please make sure that you have nothing above it that can burn, coz fires always burn UPWARDS. Since your cupboards are already there, you can't do much about it, but next time you're renovating, you should bear this in mind. Also don't have papers or fabrics underneath, coz the melting plastic will drip down and ignite stuff below.

      It might be a good idea to buy a can of fire extinguisher (you can buy in Tesco, etc). It's about RM60, the size of a mosquito aerosol can and should put out most small fires. It's not a good idea to use cloth to put out a fire coz that could catch fire too.

      Hope my suggestions are helpful. If you have further questions, you can email me using my userID at yahoo. Take care.


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