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My name is Tammy Lim and I am an award winning blogger from Top 10 Malaysia Magazine and Cleo Malaysia Magazine. I have been blogging since 2008 and I am also the founder of a local Malaysian beauty & lifestyle community called The Butterfly Project. People often tell me that I'm a wonder woman, but in reality - if it's something you love, you can do wonders.

When I'm not wondering, I'll be on my computer searching for the next fountain of youth or hunting down a fantastic deal. I'm also a shopaholic, wanderluster, spa enthusiast and proud hipster who loves planning special occasions and surprises for her loved ones.
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    4th Dec, 09
    Dewan D'Kelana Kompleks Sukan MBPJ
    Jalan SS 7/5, Kelana Jaya,
    47301 Petaling Jaya

    One Card Kiehls Promotion

    Get a freebie on your next purchase at Kiehl's! only for first 100 One card members only. Click on image for larger read.

    Metrojaya Warehouse Sales & Branded Fragrance & Cosmetics Warehouse Sales!


    click on the images to read
    (source: shoppingnsales.com)

    TWO HUGE Warehouse Sales next week! which one will you go to? Time for Christmas shopping coz it's up to 70% off! I won't be going coz it's on a working day and I already have done my shopping few months ago! lol. Enjoy!

    Loccitane's member Day 26-29th November, 2009

    Loccitane Gift Boxes are so nice

    L'occitane's Member Day was on 26-29th November, 2009. I could not miss it since the last time I heard my friends go on & on about how the discounts were so good up to 50% off. Do you know that L'occitane is under the wing of Clarins Malaysia? or is there another word for it. Their letterhead has Clarins Company name on it and the contact us email loccitane_malaysia@clarins.com.my. I wish Loccitane would do workshops for its member too besides having member day.

    I like the nicely packed gift sealed their sticker

    However only selected items were up to 50% and some were manufactured in 2007. I was leeming on the Almond Shower Gel after Pigita told me the "ways" I could use it. Also on my mind was the Almond delicious tummy which Dorothy & Alexis were talking so much about. Sadly they weren't on discount. Dorothy being away in Penang to wrap up things before she gets married next Sunday asked me to help her buy the Loccitane's Anti-Retention Gel (which is going to be discontinue). Normal price RM150, now 2 for RM75 each.

    my Loccitane haul

    I had a RM50 Loccitane Voucher so I thought I may as well get the Anti-Water Retention Gel too. The gift boxes were attractive but only with a purchase of RM250 and above would they give it to you SO I added the Cherry Blossom Bath Pebbles set RM117. This is also on 50% discount if you buy 2 of it. That brings the haul to RM275.

    8 Cherry Blossom Bath Pebbles in a can RM117
    (now buy 2 for the price of one)

    My Loccitane Xmas present for myself

    Dorothy's Anti-Water Retention Gel
    gift wrap with 2 Shu Uemura Eyelashes as wedding gift

    I asked the SA to give me another gift box so I could put Dorothy's item in it. It was not easy though but finally they gave me one more. I put Dorothy's Anti-Water Retention Gel in it and 2 Shu Uemura Eyelashes as Christmas Present, a little something early so tha she can use it on her wedding day. Merry Christmas Dorothy!

    P.S: Anyone wants to buy the second Cherry Blossom Bath Pebbles? That's RM58-50. Or would you like to try it for RM7 a pebble? I'm not earning anything here. Just had to buy a set to get the 50% discount, don't need 2 bottles lol. SOLD to uncle for his Wife @ Him also can use "present".

    Win A Chanel Lip Gloss!

    brand new Chanel Lip Gloss for the best pouter!

    It's time for another contest and it will not be easy! Or at least it won't be just slogan n comments. This time to WIN A Chanel Lip Gloss from me, you have to send me a picture of yourself posing with your favorite lip gloss and a caption!. You can pout, put on, pose, etc with your lip gloss so as long it looks real dam good or cool! example:

    *slurp* so good u wanna eat it!
    my favourite: stila lip glaze in grapefruit
    (don't hide your face, my pic is just an example)

    This is how to enter leave a comment in this post with your details:

    Follower Id:
    Blog Link: to your yummy lipgloss picture
    If you don't have a Blog: email tammylci@gmail.com your picture.

    For the weak hearted and extremely camera shy followers:
    U can spread the news around by blogging & leave me your blog link here. The lucky blogger will win a travel size Stila Lip Glaze.

    Terms & Condition:

    - contest starts 20/11/09 and ends 1/12/09
    - only followers of plusizekitten can enter the contest, if you're not a follower please join by clicking the follow button on the right hand side of my blog somewhere below the links.
    - only complete entries are valid
    - only 1 photo per entry
    - bloggers can post up in their blogs while non-bloggers can email me a pic
    - your pictures will be put up on my post for judging
    - u can wear a mask/hide your identity while posing with your lipglaze (for those who's shy)
    - judging is base on voting


    our first yummy gloss-licious entry

    here's my pic with my maquillage lip gloss. it's 3 tones. limited edition.
    juicy sugary lips i have after applied the maquillage~

    2nd contender!!!
    My Lovely Clarins Lip Gloss! :)
    @lly Channel

    Kitty Pose~=p
    No time to makeup before going out? A lip gloss will help!
    Heart my Etude House's Watermelon Water Gloss!

    Mirror Mirror On The Wall, Which Lip Gloss is my Favourite?
    Joey Beauty Gossipologyst

    Luscious intoxicating lips! A kiss to steal for!
    My favourite - Inouvi Latin Lover

    bling bling! So amazing it makes me shine throughout the darkness!
    TruColors Mandarin Mystique is my favourite lip gloss ;)
    Huan Ting

    super duper lustrous lip glass, soo in love with it,
    so much till i bring her to bed!

    My Flash Lips, I can turn it on and
    off to use even in the dark! :D

    Pout pout if you are a NARS Babe :)!

    ooo~~its so shiny that my eyes cant even focus!!@.@
    Sylvia Ng

    The caption: Putting on a lip gloss is such a bliss!
    La Estrella

    Notti Pouty Pig with her Shiny Glossy Lip

    My all time favourite Estee Lauder
    High Gloss Ultra Brillance
    lipgloss (color code no14 Amethyst)
    brightens my day and chase my gloom away!

    wondergloss... for wonderkittens
    (Im wearing stage wondergloss in sophia)

    anyways im using a revlon lipgloss ,
    it gives a smooth and cushiony feel to my lips!

    Rimmel Volume Booster Lip Gloss in Tempt
    "Bee stung lips..what a tempting invitation!"
    * Vina *

    My All Time Favourite Stila Lipglaze in Raspberry

    ^ I love Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector, it's just AWESOME !!! ^


    (french) la kiss de amour@
    Anna sui got me a kissable sugar lip. *pout pout*

    my lovely lip gloss~~BEAUTE DE KOSE

    if i miss anyone's entry pls let me know
    too many emails n comments to filter
    (not enough time T_T)

    Shu Uemura Tsumori Chisato Citibank Promotion


    the Citibank Shu Uemura Christmas Promotion

    Now you don't need cash. Pay with your Citibank Rewards Points at any Shu Uemura Counter nationwide! (except departmental counters). Log on to www.citirewards.com for more info. Get The Christmas Set at RM326 worth of Citibank Points (n/p RM471) or just pay it with your Citibank Credit card if you do not have enough points.

    I was inquiring about this Christmas Set from MV & One Utama Shu Uemura and they told me it's out of stock. Can't believe its out of stock even on the first day I asked when this collection was launch. Anyway I asked Shu Uemura Isetan last week and the SA told me I could buy it. Unfortunately the Citibank Rewards Points Program do not apply for Departmental Store counters (boo hoo) so I had to pay with my Citibank Credit Card. The Christmas Set includes:

    Tsumori Chisato Limited Edition Gloss Unlimited

    which has 3 mini lip gloss

    and a Tsumori Chisato satin pouch

    Limited Edition Mini Lip Gloss Trio Set includes three Gloss Unlimited shades in Venus Peach, Moon GoldScorpion Red in an original Tsumori Chisato satin pouch. And...

    Also in this set was the Planet Cat Palette
    for rm198 (worth RM220)

    the cat has a crystal eye rawwrr!!!

    swatches on the planet cat palete

    Limited Edition Couture Compact palette that contains 3 Pressed Eye Shadows (Black Glitz , Shiny Silver, and Copper), 1 cream eyeliner (Black Purple), 1 cream highlighter (Gold Iridescent), 1 blush (Apricot Pink), and 2 dual-ended applicators (wide tip/narrow tip and cheek brush/liner brush) – everything you need for the perfect holiday look.

    the yummy yummy freebies

    A mini eyelash "star blitz" worth Rm50, a travel size cleansing oil "white recovery ex" 50ml (estimate worth rm40) and a travel size uv under base (it's 1/2 the size of actual, worth unknown). Also the SA forgot to let me make Lucky Star Wishes and appointment for my free facial. I hope she remembers when I call her on Monday. I got Isetan vouchers from this purchase too. Only regret is, I did not get cat mirror :( which 1utama Shu Uemura is giving out for rm450 purchase. My purchase was more than that but you'll see in my next post what I bought :) besides this Christmas Set.

    ©2006 Publications International, Ltd.

    Big Thanks to my fiance for buying this for me! (Christmas Prezzie) I adore this cute kitty packaging as I'm a kitty cat too (plus size one that is). I used to have 53 cats in my single storey house in Port Klang (my dad's hometown). There's about 15 cats that I called the "atap a.k.a roof cats", and the house cats. It all started with just 5 cats and then boom, there's 50 over cats suddenly. My grandma, my aunties & I love cats, we would rescue them from the streets. I have battle scars kidnapping the roof cat to bring to school as a present to my school teacher (the scar is still on my hand, my hand was bleeding in my school bus with the cat in the box). My dad on the other hand huh. My grandma is not here anymore but the stories & memories will always be in my heart.

    Birthday & Christmas Presents!


    today I received 2 presents from Angela!!!
    (one for me, one for buaya wing which she calls pigeon wing)

    I was supposed to meet Angela (my big supporter) this morning at MidValley as she was on "prison-break" with her cousins. Unfortunately, Angela could not come because her grandma had a fall & was rushed to the hospital so Angela's Cousin (Lim) met me instead. We chatted for a while and Angela's Cousin describe how pretty Angela is (oh la la). Angela glad to hear that your grandma is alright now (with slight fracture) don't feel bad & don't be sad. Thanks for the amazing gifts! I am so so so HAPPY and truly blessed to have you stalking my blog! Pigeon Wing also very happy & suprised! she asked me to blog faster & to thank you on her behalf.

    my christmas & birthday presents from Angela
    (she asked her friend to buy from AMERICA!)

    a Shinzi Katoh bag from Japan!!! SO CUTE!!!
    (i never have someone give me present from japan!)

    the Stila Barbie Jewel that I have been leeming for!!!
    (inside mascara, lip gloss & Barbie e/s palette)

    OMG AND THE ALL AMAZING 24carats Stila lip gloss
    (I was so sad Stila Malaysia closed down & can't get it!)

    OMGG!!! I have already used the 24Carat Stila Lip Gloss! it's so shimmering!!! and has gold bits inside!!! (the packaging states that gold is a known antioxidant and has anti-microbial properties). I'm falling in love all over again. This is the second Barbie Stila Birthday Present I got from my stalkers! (first Barbie Stila sexymummy bought from USA) Tonight I can't sleep anymore thinking about my Barbie Stilas. Best Christmas & Birthday gifts so far!!! T_T sob sob *cries*
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