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My name is Tammy Lim and I am an award winning blogger from Top 10 Malaysia Magazine and Cleo Malaysia Magazine. I have been blogging since 2008 and I am also the founder of a local Malaysian beauty & lifestyle community called The Butterfly Project. People often tell me that I'm a wonder woman, but in reality - if it's something you love, you can do wonders.

When I'm not wondering, I'll be on my computer searching for the next fountain of youth or hunting down a fantastic deal. I'm also a shopaholic, wanderluster, spa enthusiast and proud hipster who loves planning special occasions and surprises for her loved ones.
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  • My Life in Melbourne at 22


    when I was 22 years old in Melbourne, Australia

    Blogging has always been an outlet where I pour my heart and soul into writing. I have always wanted to be a writer for a magazine or a publish my own book about my life. I applied for internship during my final semester to Cleo Magazine but my application never got through. My lecturer at that time in Limkokwing apologized for the mishap and said I could graduate without going through practical training. I wonder if that's even legit haha.

    I went on to work in my Uncle's development company, dabble in design, preparation of housing documents, data entry, what not. It was fun, I made friends and my mentor was a really cool guy who plays music by night. I seriously can't remembered his name anymore.

    After working two months there, I graduated from Limkokwing. It was a grand event held at Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Kuala Lumpur. At that time, my parents (divorced) did not attend. I guessed it was because neither of them wants to see each other at my graduation. My brother and my x-fiance was there. I wasn't happy at all, because...

    in a couple of weeks, I would be shipped off to Australia to study by order of my mom. She came back from Australia and decided we would migrate there. I had no say about this. Depression set in as I am to leave this beautiful country for Melbourne. I could not speak and my tears kept rolling down my cheeks when I boarded the plane. My life in Australia was miserable, I tried to adapt to my new life. I made friends, stayed in a nice big house just opposite Chadstone Shopping Mall (my second home).

    Su Jin, Mongolian (Australian resident), me & Ken's new gf

    It was fun walking at night during Autumn and Winter season. The cold wind blowing my hair, the 5 layers of clothing I have to wear to keep warm. My housemates were a Korean guy, Japanese guy (NB), a Mongolian girl and a Hong Kong guy (Wallace). My best guy friend Ken at that time flew from Malaysia to stay and study English. If it wasn't for him, I would have been miserable. He made things fun. I became close friends with a Korean housemate name Su Jin, she was a few years older. She drinks day and night, something I would never forget. She also smokes, well practically all of them in this house smoke.

    I had a Korean boyfriend (Jay), even though short lived as I didn't want to take things further, was an interesting experience nonetheless. He said he fell for my smile, the moment we met. These Korean people can really hang out every night to drink and be merry. I learnt Korean this way but don't ask me about it now, I don't remember anymore except annyeonghaseyo (안녕하세요) how are you / greeting, kamsahhamniida (감사합니다) thank you and Saranghaeyo (사랑해요) which means I love you. After this,  I dated a Hong Kong guy (can't remember his name) who studied business. He couldn't talk as he was nervous all the time. 

    My best Uni mate was Kumbi, an African girl from the U.K, Rebecca an Australian Chinese, Oliver a Catholic Brother and Rui from China. I still remember the chicken mushroom soup she cooked for me. I was pretty popular among the Asians because they wanted me to help them with their assignments (English). I think most of the time I proof read and corrected their writings. I became fond of another Chinese girl, going through a break up. We would have our usual Vietnamese fried rice with lotus soup nearby her college. I spent a lot time at this place instead of my Uni because my housemates are all studying English here.

    P.S: I had a hard time understanding Mandarin with my Chinese friends but developed an intuition on what they're trying to say. I spoke English back to them lol.

    I wish I know where they are now so I could say hello again to my friends who made my life colorful during my time in Melbourne.

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    The Walkers Are Back!

     got to watch the premier of Walking Dead Season 5 before anyone else!

    I'm a big fan of horror, gore,  dark and physiological. This includes manga, movies, book and tv shows!. One of my favorite to name is Walking Dead. It has been one suspense after another following this series and I'm so happy that the Season 5 has premiered on Monday. I thought it would take ages (next year?) for S5 to start showing. Thanks to Fox International Channels, I was ivited to the media screening of Walking Dead's Fifth Season at Publika where they turn Black Box into a screening hall and the medias got to watch it a few days before it premiers live to the public on FOX (Astro Channel 710).

    Excited like mad I tell you!

    Discovering DAILIES® Aqua Comfort® Plus Toric Contact Lenses


    suffering headaches and blurred visions due to astigmatism

    When I was 6 years old, the headache monster constantly hunted me. I didn't know why and my parents started to get worried. My mom brought me to the Optician for an eye check and they found out that I have astigmatism. At that age, all I know was "YES! I'm getting a spectacle to wear!" like it's some kind of toy. The novelty effect lasted for a while (got bored of wearing) and I didn't wear my spectacles again until Form 3, when my vision started to deteriorate and the black board looked blurred. Astigmatism can be corrected but at a young age I didn't know the importance of it until it was too late (now I doomed to wear spectacles forever).

    Butterfly Girls Night Out, A Tale Of Passion


    people will stare, make it worth their while - Tammy

    Who knew my life would take a turn for the worst, and yet become the best thing that has ever happened to me. I missed the best years of my youth, blind folded in the dark, crossing each emotional whirlwind holding my heart in my hand. The day I started The Butterfly Project was the day I unknowingly walk towards that great despair, only to discover the strength I have to face the unknown. Did I regret throwing that pebble into the pond that ripples into the future? I asked myself repeatedly in August.

    Collection LookBook Fashion & Make Up Contest


    the Collection LookBook Contest

    Following my recent post on the Collection Campus Roadshows where anyone including the staffs and students of each campuses as well as their friends and public can get free makeovers and join in the fun activities (except for UiTM campus which is only for staffs & students). My update today is about Collection's LookBook Fashion & Make Up Contest where fashionistas and make up queens can submit their LOTD (Look of the Day), OOTD (Outfit of the Day) and FOTD (Face of the Day) to help Nelydia Senrose, Collection's brand ambassadress on what fashion mix & match to wear with 4 spanking new makeup looks set for each contest week. 

    Now if you don't know what Collection is, let me tell you it is the most trendy, fun and colorful make up brand from the UK with 25 years of expertise that is now available in Malaysia. It's an affordable quality make up brand that's all about working the colors and creating looks that's uniquely you.

    the weekly theme guide for my readers hehe

    If you love cosmetics and dressing up, why not have fun experimenting all the range of looks that will make your friends go OH, WOW and VAVAVOM on your instagram and facebook. There's no rules, it's your own interpretation of each weekly theme set!. The contest started on 24th Sept, 2014, here's a guide on what themes are coming up, this week is Week 2: Gorgeously Sweet.
    1. Candy Crush, 24 September – 1 October 2014
    2. Gorgeously Sweet, 1 October – 8 October 2014
    3. TO BE ANNOUNCED! (think glam!), 8 October – 15 October 2014
    4. TO BE ANNOUNCED! (something rocking!), 15 – 22 October 2014

    check out Week 1 & Week 2 submissions on FB

    What is Gorgeously Sweet? This pretty style is suitable for Sunday Tea Parties as well as a Sweet 16 Birthday Bash. It's a look that's all about pretty pastels to bring out that girlish charm! Use this COLLECTION range to help you get the Gorgeously Sweet, everyday look. 

    How To Join?
    Submit your entry at COLLECTION’s LookBook Facebook app or your own Instagram:

    A: Submission via COLLECTION’s LookBook Facebook:
    • LIKE Collection Cosmetics MY Facebook page www.facebook.com/CollectionCosmeticsMY
    • Snap a photo of your outfit based on the weekly makeup theme; it will be great if you can wear the makeup look as well!
    • Submit your phot via the Collection LookBook app
    B: Submission via your own Instagram
    • Snap a photo of your outfit based on the weekly makeup theme; it will be great if you can wear the makeup look as well!
    • Upload your photo to Instagram and hashtag it to CollectionLookBook and the theme of the week as follows: 
      Candy Crush: #candycrushcollection 
      Gorgeously Sweet: #gorgeouslysweetcollection
    • ONE weekly winner will be selected and announced by mid of the following week at Collection Malaysia Facebook

    makeover party, photoshoot with Nelydia, Xiaomi M3 smartphone,
    RM800 worth of makeup products & F Block Boutique wardrobe

    What Can I Win?:
    • 4 weekly winners will each take home a total of RM800 worth of COLLECTION Cosmetics makeup and F Block Boutique Stores fashion products
    • ONE Xiaomi Mi3 smartphone worth RM800
    • Photo shoot with COLLECTION’s brand ambassador, Nelydia Senrose to be featured in the COLLECTION Lookbook
    • Top-to-Toe Makeover Party with COLLECTION’s brand ambassador, Nelydia Senrose
    Tips to win: Start submitting today, increase your odds of winning by joining every week to win these great prizes.

    COLLECTION’s LookBook Roadshows & Contest


    (check roadshow dates)

    Hello readers! I have something exciting to share today with everyone *happy smiles*. You know COLLECTION cosmetics? They're coming your way to your Universities (UPM, UM, UiTM) for a makeover roadshow to give makeovers to everyone! (except UiTM, its only for students and staffs). In conjunction with their very awesome Collection LookBook contest where every week there's a LookBook theme to follow (e.g this week it's Candy Crush) college girls will be able to have fun playing, testing and getting makeovers from makeup artists using colorful make up!.

    Roadshow Dates 10am - 4pm
    (all open for public, except for UiTM)
    • 1st OCT 2014 (WED) UPM
    • 9th OCT 2014 (WED) UM
    • 15th OCT 2014 (WED) UiTM*
      *only for UiTM students & staffs

    What's fun at the Roadshow?
    • Makeup artists to do makeover for roadshow participants according to the Look of the Week
    • Tester bar for participants to try out and play with Collection products
    • Consultation with makeup artists on makeup colours and looks suitable for different skin tones and features
    • 2 tablets and 1 laptop available for those who want to submit entries on the spot
    • PLUS goodie bags for those who submit on the spot*
      *While stock last

    Get Your Looks at the Roadshow & Join the Contest!

    OOTD, FOTD, LOTD? Show off your inner fashionista & make up skills by joining the COLLECTION LOOK BOOK CONTEST!. Check out the links below for more information on the contest where fabulous prizes awaits you!. The roadshow is a great way to get your look of the week ready to just instagram / facebook away your entries to win prizes such as RM800 worth of Collection Makeup and wardrobe by F Block, Top-To-Toe Makeover Party with Nelydia & a Xiaomi MI3 gadget plus Photoshoot with Nelydia (that'll make you famous!).
    Facebook :

    Website :

    Instagram :
    #CollectionLookBook #CollectionMY

    App Look Book :
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