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My Life in Melbourne at 22

when I was 22 years old in Melbourne, Australia

Blogging has always been an outlet where I pour my heart and soul into writing. I have always wanted to be a writer for a magazine or a publish my own book about my life. I applied for internship during my final semester to Cleo Magazine but my application never got through. My lecturer at that time in Limkokwing apologized for the mishap and said I could graduate without going through practical training. I wonder if that's even legit haha.

I went on to work in my Uncle's development company, dabble in design, preparation of housing documents, data entry, what not. It was fun, I made friends and my mentor was a really cool guy who plays music by night. I seriously can't remembered his name anymore.

After working two months there, I graduated from Limkokwing. It was a grand event held at Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Kuala Lumpur. At that time, my parents (divorced) did not attend. I guessed it was because neither of them wants to see each other at my graduation. My brother and my x-fiance was there. I wasn't happy at all, because...

in a couple of weeks, I would be shipped off to Australia to study by order of my mom. She came back from Australia and decided we would migrate there. I had no say about this. Depression set in as I am to leave this beautiful country for Melbourne. I could not speak and my tears kept rolling down my cheeks when I boarded the plane. My life in Australia was miserable, I tried to adapt to my new life. I made friends, stayed in a nice big house just opposite Chadstone Shopping Mall (my second home).

Su Jin, Mongolian (Australian resident), me & Ken's new gf

It was fun walking at night during Autumn and Winter season. The cold wind blowing my hair, the 5 layers of clothing I have to wear to keep warm. My housemates were a Korean guy, Japanese guy (NB), a Mongolian girl and a Hong Kong guy (Wallace). My best guy friend Ken at that time flew from Malaysia to stay and study English. If it wasn't for him, I would have been miserable. He made things fun. I became close friends with a Korean housemate name Su Jin, she was a few years older. She drinks day and night, something I would never forget. She also smokes, well practically all of them in this house smoke.

I had a Korean boyfriend (Jay), even though short lived as I didn't want to take things further, was an interesting experience nonetheless. He said he fell for my smile, the moment we met. These Korean people can really hang out every night to drink and be merry. I learnt Korean this way but don't ask me about it now, I don't remember anymore except annyeonghaseyo (안녕하세요) how are you / greeting, kamsahhamniida (감사합니다) thank you and Saranghaeyo (사랑해요) which means I love you. After this,  I dated a Hong Kong guy (can't remember his name) who studied business. He couldn't talk as he was nervous all the time. 

My best Uni mate was Kumbi, an African girl from the U.K, Rebecca an Australian Chinese, Oliver a Catholic Brother and Rui from China. I still remember the chicken mushroom soup she cooked for me. I was pretty popular among the Asians because they wanted me to help them with their assignments (English). I think most of the time I proof read and corrected their writings. I became fond of another Chinese girl, going through a break up. We would have our usual Vietnamese fried rice with lotus soup nearby her college. I spent a lot time at this place instead of my Uni because my housemates are all studying English here.

P.S: I had a hard time understanding Mandarin with my Chinese friends but developed an intuition on what they're trying to say. I spoke English back to them lol.

I wish I know where they are now so I could say hello again to my friends who made my life colorful during my time in Melbourne.

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  1. You got thru all this and made up butterfly :) wow, but I get jelly bcz u used to date Korean and HK guy xD

  2. even though it started with sadness and depression, it seems like your life in Australia had some happy memories for you to cherish :) i wish and pray for the best in whatever you are doing now Tammy, know that my love and support is always with you ^_^ *hugs*

  3. Babe, i enjoy the story. Write more like this please.

  4. Babe, i enjoy the story. Write more like this please.

  5. agree with kak ella. since this is throwbacl memory! so i love to read about it. i want to know u more!

  6. a very nice, short and simple write should write more.. its like a walk to remember those memories you have and you have come out from a very hard shell and done a really good job...:)
    p.s: i still have your card, you send me when your in Australia... :D :D :D

  7. Hello, re u still in chadstone area? I am in melb, just across the road from chadstone too! Hope we can meet up. I have been a silent reader of ur blog all this while. Always excited to read a beauty blog from my country malaysia! Take care!

  8. Every human in the world must have probably dreamed of visiting the most beautiful places, especially in our world today where we have buildings all around us.


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