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The Walkers Are Back!

 got to watch the premier of Walking Dead Season 5 before anyone else!

I'm a big fan of horror, gore,  dark and physiological. This includes manga, movies, book and tv shows!. One of my favorite to name is Walking Dead. It has been one suspense after another following this series and I'm so happy that the Season 5 has premiered on Monday. I thought it would take ages (next year?) for S5 to start showing. Thanks to Fox International Channels, I was ivited to the media screening of Walking Dead's Fifth Season at Publika where they turn Black Box into a screening hall and the medias got to watch it a few days before it premiers live to the public on FOX (Astro Channel 710).

Excited like mad I tell you!

my very own "samurai sword" thanks to Fox International Channels

I took pictures with walkers and even got a samurai sword replika (umbrella actually) which I can start scarring people off in Publika right after the show.

Watching episode 1 of Season 5 in my seat, I was beaming with joy. The finale of Season 4 left us hanging at the Terminus, a sanctuary with a deep ugly motive. Episode 1 brings us back to Terminus and how our favorite characters almost become human pork chop for the Terminus residents. If you have watched episode 1, you will know the sad reality that turned this sanctuary into a human food trap. The touching reunion of father (Rick) and his baby girl was and the shocking revelation of the people who tortured the Terminus residents.

I won't give any spoilers here, you just need to watch Season 5 yourself.

check out "Terminus" at Publika

and run for your lives if you see walkers!

After the screening, we were given a tour to the "Termius, A Sanctuary No More" right in the heart of Publika Shopping Centre. It's an augmented reality simulation of a container akin to the Terminus, a central storyline of The Walking Dead Season 5 first episode. Guests looked through several peepholes on the container as ‘zombies’ crept up on them. Additionally, “real walkers” were also present in creating a gripping atmosphere.

Thanks Fox for the season premiere!.


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  2. Omg I love the Walking Dead!! Lucky you to be invited! Are the Michonne katanas free too?! Dang! ♥ Don't kill Daryl plz


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