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My name is Tammy Lim and I am an award winning blogger from Top 10 Malaysia Magazine and Cleo Malaysia Magazine. I have been blogging since 2008 and I am also the founder of a local Malaysian beauty & lifestyle community called The Butterfly Project. People often tell me that I'm a wonder woman, but in reality - if it's something you love, you can do wonders.

When I'm not wondering, I'll be on my computer searching for the next fountain of youth or hunting down a fantastic deal. I'm also a shopaholic, wanderluster, spa enthusiast and proud hipster who loves planning special occasions and surprises for her loved ones.
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    RECLAIM OUR STREETS - Marie Claire Malaysia Anti-Snatch Theft Campaign


    Marie Claire Malaysia (May) Issue speaks for us!
    reclaim our streets back!

    I can't say how much I hate them snatch thieves, still walking around among us, riding their bikes as if they owned the streets. They come out and hunt either alone or in packs, watching, lurking for the next victim. They don't care what happens to us, if we are hurt or if we die from their actions. Google "snatch thieves" and you can see countless of stories from people who had the unfortunate encounter with one. Our streets use to be safe, I use to run around, playing under the rain or fishing along the drains. Now it's not safe anymore because of the evil that lurks around. No matter how young or how old you are, whether you are a female or male, they don't care as long they get something.

    the rising crime of snatch thieves is no joke
    my snatch thief story on Marie Claire Msia (May)

    I hate them and I want our goverment to do something about these bastards. I want to be able to walk around my own neighbourhood without being hurt.  I WANT OUR STREETS BACK SAFE so I signed the Marie Claire Anti-Snatch Theft Campaign so that someone up there will hear us. Please help spread the news and get more people to sign so we can have a greater voice together.

    Thank you Marie Claire and writer Renyi for sharing my snatch-theft story on Marie Claire Magazine. For my readers please becareful when you walk around outside. I used to think it won't happen to me but it did and it was quick and painful. I was fortunate that I did not break my skull/face on the tar road.
    In fact, God has protected my face from harm. It is a miracle.

    Read about my snatch thief story on Marie Claire Malaysia (May issue) or my previous blog post here.

    Ever wonder what goes on behind a plus size swimwear shoot?


    plus size models in swimwear shoot

    Evans email me an exclusive behind the scenes footage of their latest swimwear shoot in Barbados.  Plus size models Marquita Pring, Heather Hazzan and Kai Morae look amazingly confident and sexy showing off their curves.

    RM1,000 in cash & X-Men: First Class premiums up for grabs!

    Have you ever felt that you and your BFF, guy / girl friend, or siblings are somehow psychic-ly connected with each other, that you guys always tend to say or do the same thing at the same time?

    If this is true, you will have to participate in our “X-Men Psychic Challenge” where you will get the chance to win a total of  RM1,000 in cash and exclusive X-Men: First Class movie premiums!

    Details of the “X-Men Psychic Challenge”

    Date : June 5, 2011 (Sunday)
    Venue : Ground Floor, Farenheits88, Kuala Lumpur
    Time : 3:30pm - 4:30pm

    What will the ‘X-Men Psychic Challenge” be like?

    There will be 2 persons in each team, and everyone will be taught 5 unique X-Men moves. IF you and your teammate are able to make the same moves at the same time for the most number of times within the given time, then you guys will stand the chance to win the following prizes:

    Grand Prize : RM 500 + X-Men: First Class Backpack + double movie passes + Limited Edition Poster
    2nd Prize : RM 300 + X-Men: First Class Watch + T-Shirt + double movie passes
    3rd Prize : RM200 + X-Men: First Class USB Pen & Card Reader + Metallic Notepad + double movie passes
    2 x Consolations Prize X-Men: First Class Stationery Set + double movie passes


    The Search for Beautiful Soft Look


    Johnson’s® Body Care joins hands with beauty and fashion industry
    professionals to discover the woman with beautiful soft ‘look’
    Johnson’s® Body Care is on a mission to discover one Malaysian woman who possesses the combination of captivating skin beauty and friendly girl-next-door personality in its 2011 Beautiful Soft Look Search.

    The top 10 finalists in the search will be styled by award-winning fashion designer duo, Azalea and Yasmin Putri Ramli of fashion label PU3; and hairstyling guru and founder of A Cut Above academy and chain of salons, Winnie Loo.

    The ultimate winner of this search will walk home with RM5,000 cash, a custom made designer gown by PU3 and be featured in Malaysia’s top fashion and beauty magazines. The first and second runner up will each receive RM3,000 and RM1,000 respectively.  Each finalist will bring home one year’s supply of Johnson’s Body Care Lotion as well.

    How to Join?
    The search is open to Malaysian women 18 years and above. All she has to do is to purchase any Johnson’s® Body Care lotion, scan or take a photograph of the receipt as a proof of purchase, go to www.facebook.com/jbc, fill up the application form and submit the entry with images of herself. Entry submission is opened on 1st May and closes on 30th June 2011.

    All entries will be uploaded and open for voting on Johnson’s® Body Care Facebook; the top 30 most voted entries or photographs will be shortlisted as semi-finalists to undergo a face-to- face interview with the search panel of judges, including Azalea and Yasmin Putri Ramli and Winnie Loo.

    A Bubbly Lobster-licious Affair at Cristallo di Luna


    fell in love with Bollinger champagne

    Champagne and Lobster, my two favourite things. What could be more luxurious than sipping Champagne and having a yummy lobster meal at a fine looking restaurant with a magnificent view of KL? Mei Yee from IamAWitch.Com, thank you for inviting me to be your honored guest and also for the photos! Also thanks to the people that made this happened - Sunrise Wine Sdn Bhd & Cristallo di Luna, it was a meal that I will definitely come back again for!

     a James Bond bubbly affair

    The theme of the night? James Bond! oh how creative they are in making the entire evening so blockbuster-ish. The menu has dishes named after James Bond movie titles, e.g "Tomorrow Never Dies" salad. The lobsters for the night were served in two styles - lobster thermidor and the other stir fried with thai basil. They were delicious! I loved the later one which is creamy and juicy.

     the live lobster exclusively flown from Boston

    Those are not the only styles for the lobster,  there's a total of 6 styles for you to choose from- grilled, baked, steamed and lobster bisque. The best sellers are Lobster Thermidor - sauteed lobster, gratinated with cheese and bechamel with a side of garden vegetables and potatoes.

     Lobster Thermidor
     stir fried lobster with thai basil

    Of course let's talk about the star of the night - Bollinger Special Cuvee NV, a special multi vintage blends of Grands and Premier Crus grapes which has a unique combination of power and finesse, establishing the difference and shows its commitment to quality. Bollinger is also famed for being the signature Champagne under the label of James Bond 007 (hence the theme of the night). I love the bubbly champagne, it was not overpowering or bitter. I wanted more and more of it after my first sip! I am not normally the wine type of girl, but I learn that good champagne will make anyone fall in love with wine. The fine bubbles and golden hue played with my feelings while the aromas of pear, brioche and spices left me satisfied after my Lobster meal. It was a good pairing and I loved every bit of it.

    taken with my iphone 3gs "the night"
    A very nice place to enjoy Champagne and Lobster, Cristallo is a non-smoking area. My bf will definitely like this place. I am so bringing him here to enjoy this meal again under the stars. The KL view brings a sense of romance too. Thankfully this Lobster-licious event is not over and done with because it's a running promotion from now until end of June, 2011 (hooraaah!!!).

    Cristallo di Luna

    The Lobster-licious promotion runs from now until 30th June, 2011 and is available for Lunch at Soi23 and Dinner at both venues (Cristallo di Luna and Soi23). It's priced at RM128++ for one whole lobster! made to perfection to your liking. This is a pretty darn good deal imho coz I have lobster dinners in PJ and it costs me RM200++ for one whole lobster! Not to mention the lobsters u see in the photos are the lobsters served in this promotion so I'm definitely going to treat my bf to a nice big lobster!

    To complement your meal, a bottle of white wine at additional RM90++ per bottle or the Bollinger Special Cuvee NV at only RM250++ during happy hours (5pm-9pm). After this the price of a Bollinger bubly is priced at RM300++ exclusively available at Luna Chill Out Bar.

    For reservations:

    Cristallo di Luna
    Pacific Regency Hotel Suites
    Menara Panglobal,
    Jalan Punchak,
    Off Jalan P. Ramlee,
    50250 Kuala Lumpur,
    Tel No.: +603-2332 7777 (ext 6804)
    Email: fnbadmin@pacific-regency.com
    Website: www.pacific-regency.com

    View Larger Map

    photo credits to Mei Yee of Iamthewitch.com! :)

    Cat Ear Headbands aka Necomimi??


    brain wave Cat Ears Head Band???

    OMG I know cat ears are so dam cute things to wear and I have been thinking about getting one but I can't find really cute n good ones in Malaysia besides the el-cheapo ones where u wear on Halloween Parties. Surfing online, I see this brain wave electronic cat ear headband which not only look super cute n not el-cheapo like, it also MOVES following your brainwaves! serious! check out the video below from youtube:


    when you're in focus, the ears stand up!
    (and when u look at cute guys it stands up too.. darn)

    I wonder how much is this!!! so want one. Imagining wearing it to work and while you're focusing on work it stands up. Your boss will come scold u for wearing a stupid thing to work but when u explain to him that it's good for staffs to wear coz he can see who's "concentrating" at work and who's slacking off (ears droops down). LOL..so much... for getting him buy it for everyone if he does.

    Second Trip Down The Cres Wellness Lane

    do you know what's at the Cocoon?

    The Cres Wellness centre that I have been going is at a floor called the Cocoon. Sounds weird and cool at the same time. This area is on the top floor of Gardens where The Gardens Club is located. It's a fancy area totally different from the rest of the floors. When you first take the escalator up, you'll be immediately vowed by the calming scent of aromatherapy being used on this floor welcoming you to the pamper zone.

    second trip to wellness lane
    This is my second trip to Cres Wellness for my facial, it's been nearly a month since I did my first facial here. I have been told that you need to do facial at least once a month to maintain your skin but those with problems would need to at least come after 3 weeks. I wanted to try something different for my second facial, something I never done before. My therapist recommended I do the Hydro Cell Rejuvenating Micro Channel Therapy. Really long name for a facial treatment right?

    the difference between the facial and body treatment rooms

    The Hydro Cell Rejuvenating Micro Channel Therapy (worth RM350 for 2 hours) is a facial treatment that stimulates the renewal of the skin cells and enhances collagen and elastin production in the skin naturally. With the help of Cellinique products and the use of a roller with tiny tiny spiky thingies on it called the "Micro Channel Roller" , the treatment products is penetrated deep within our skin so that our skin is awaken and cells will regenerate. This facial is great if you want a younger, scar free, firmer and more elastic results.

    I was really happy that my therapist recommended this treatment to me coz I have some scars left from my previous accident with a snatch thief. I just wonder if they have this treatment for body so I can regenerate the skin around my hands and improve my scar healing process.

    Cres Wellness has lockers for you to keep your things
    (and u wear the pearl bracelet key around)

    As usual I was given a scalp massage to relax and improve my blood circulation (relaxnya). Then my facial begin like any other facial (cleansing, scrubbing, extraction). Speaking about extraction, my therapist did something different to my face this round. She used a COLD STEAMER instead of a hot steamer on me! I never tried a cold steamer before to soften my pores before an extraction is done! I asked her why and she said my face is sensitive so it's much better to use a cold steamer instead of a hot steamer. It soothes but also softens my pores so that extraction would be less painful.

    weird and thorny object used on my face!

    Then comes the part of that spiky spiky hand roller object u see in the photo above. It's called the Micro Channel Roller. Again this is something new to me! This spiky roller was used along with ampules on my face, instead of feeling a slippery object rubbing through my face I felt prickly pain and excitement through the process. I come to love the feeling though (omg). My therapist says this is used to reduce wrinkles, scars and depressions of the skin. The roller has very fine needles to pierce the epidermis thereby stimulating collagen formation and resulting in "micro-channel effect" (hence the long facial name). This helps to infuse vitamin creams, serums and other topical applications to increase effectiveness of the skincare products.

    70% discount for any Facial Therapy
     + FREE steam bath + 2pcs of RM20 Product Voucher.

    Sounds scary and interestingly new to try? Then u should try it like me! (adventurous haha). For the sake of beautiful, younger looking skin and to improve scars, you can try this facial or any other facial (but not worth rm400 above facial treatments) at 70% discount for 1st trial facial!

    To get the "70% discount for 1st trial facial + FREE Steam Bath and 2 pcs of product voucher"  just shout out your name and email at this comment link made by me to get it (Cres Wellness Facebook Wall - under my name). Those who previously participated cannot get the same promotion again but u can recommend it to your friends or family to try.

    Results of The Hydro Cell Rejuvenating Micro Channel Therapy

    The results weren't that visible right after my facial treatment was done, though you can see that I'm probably more glow than before and cheeks plumper. My therapist told me I would see the improvement after a few days, earliest a day or two after this facial. She says this facial is good for pigmentation too. After listening to that I monitor my face condition for a week. True enough I have really nice plumper and soft skin for days! I wonder what happens if I continue with this facial? will I look 10 years younger? I didn't see my pigmentation lighten though but the young plump skin yes!
    My next facial, I'm going to try something different again and I heard it uses crystals! stay tune!

    (don't forget to like the fan page first!)

    So this is a step by step how to do it :)

    1. Click here to like Cres facebook.
    2. Leave a comment on my post only. You can comment anything about this, say you want to try it etc! leave your e-mail for Cres to contact you!
    3. Wait to be contacted.
    4. You get your e-voucher by e-mail.
    5. Making your first trial facial appointment at Cres :)

    Terms & Conditions for the e-voucher:
    ·   Limited to new customers only. This promotion is not valid for facial treatment worth RM400 & above.
    ·   The voucher is valid for aged 21 years old and above.
    ·   The voucher is valid for 2 months from the date of issue.
    ·   No replacement will be given to expired e-Vouchers
    ·   Only one (1) redemption per customer is allowed.
    ·   The voucher is transferable
    ·   The voucher is non-refundable and non-redeemable for cash or other products/services/promotions
    ·   Prior appointment is required, Please contact CRES outlets for your appointment.
    ·   Customer must show their e-voucher upon redemption.
    ·   The voucher is applicable for treatment in all CRES outlets.
    ·   Redemption Days: Monday to Sunday, 10a.m to 8p.m.
    ·   CRES Wellness Sdn Bhd reserves the right to omit, amend and change the above terms & conditions without prior notice.

    My Mother Nourishes My Life….With LOVE!


    Happy Mother's Day Mommy!!!

    It's Mother's Day today Mommy! I'm so sorry I couldn't greet you in time. I have been working non-stop since I went to the new company. I'm sorry I couldn't eat dinner with you tonight too but I will make it up to you! Mother's Day may be officially today but in my heart, it's always Mother's Day all year round.  How could I forget my dear mom who had went through 9 months of labour (she won't let us forget this) and gave us all the nourishment we needed to grow up strong and healthy. I love my mother so much, I always buy her something nice for Mother's Day!  

    my mother & me

    I have so much beauty stash and when I wonder what I should buy for her, it always comes down to something that could repair and renew her skin off the many years of hardship taking care of her three lil kiddies. SO This year it will be something different thanks to Garnier Body Nutri Repair! I'm going to give her this and a lil surprise this month! Will tell you all what it is! for now if u want to give your Mom the same thing I'm giving mine, enter this special giveaway now! 15 bottles of 250ml Garnier Body Nutri Repair will be given to the first 15 of my fans!

    Rough and dry skin? Body lotions that don’t give you the long-lasting results you want? 
    Not anymore with Garnier Body NutriRepair Repairing Milk Lotion!

    I want one for my Mother too! how do I join this?

    1. Upload a picture of you & your mom & caption on `My Mother Nourishes My Life….With LOVE!’ on either facebook or your blog.

    2. Leave the facebook link to your photo or your blog post link here as comment with the following details (to contact u if u win):

    follower id: (must be a valid follower to join)
    blog post/facebook photo link: (PLS Don't forget to TAG me & Garnier on Facebook! For Blogs Don't 4Get 2 Mention My Blog!)

    Garnier Facebook Click Here

    If you can't wait to get your hands on the Garnier Body Nutri Repair, repairing milk lotion then this 30% discount voucher is for you! Only redeemable at Watsons. Garnier Body NutriRepair Repairing Milk Lotion is available January 2011 at all major hypermarkets, pharmacies and retail outlets for only RM9.90, RM16.90 and RM21.90 for 120ml, 250ml and 400ml respectively. Get your bottle today to start caring for your skin.

    print out to use only at Watsons

    Esmeria Organics Winners!


    What Do U Think Of Organic Skincare?
    Esmeria Organics & Plusizekitten had a giveaway few weeks ago and guess what? Everyone's answer was so good I was really O_O *bangs head* at choosing the three winners so I asked Esmeria Organics to picked the winners and the results are here in my hand! The three winners is soooo going to be darn happy to win the Esmeria Set worth RM139! I myself love love love the Esmeria products (certified organic, smells fresh, not sticky, easily absorb being one of the few reasons). Congratulations to the three winners and to the ten Esmeria Facebook winners who won starter kits to use!

    *drum rolls*

    WE ASKED: What do you think of Certified Organic Skincare?

    "To me, Certified organic skincare must be 100%-ly FREE From paraben, mineral oil/petroleum jelly, Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS), chemical forming agent,any artificial fragrance and color and any other harsh chemical. Besides that, their packaging also must be 100% recyclable. and the whole process of making/producing the products should be done handmade-ly and most importantly, they must be certified! :) "  - Ai Wei

    "A skincare range that not only thinks bout YOU (i.e. pure, natural & organic product for your delicate skin), but because it is organic, it thinks also about the FUTURE GENERATION. Afterall we have not inherited the Earth from our fathers, we are borrowing it from our children! For the love of our skin, love of beauty & nature, love our Earth - choose Esmeria!" - Kathlynn

    "No harmful ingredients! when i use a skin care products, i always intend to use for long term, so i would i not sacrifice my health just because a product is suitable only to my face ^^" - withluvelle

    Congratulations girls! I need your name, contact and mailing details to be e-mailed to me at tammylci@gmail.com so Esmeria Organics can send you your prizes! *jealous* Give me a comment down here to say u heard me!

    Magic Colour Blogger's Review Party!


    MagicColour is the leading distributor of Korea contact lenses

    Hola girls! Do you like colour contact lens? I bet most of you do! it's the sure fire way to make your eyes bigger, look dollier (or crazier!) and get that man of yours look at you (a few times) before it finally hits him that you're GORGEOUS! That's the magic of colour contact lens and thanks to Lee creator of Chic&Sleek Canvas Tote Bags she has come up with a whole load of colour contact lens to vow everyone! Presenting... *drumrolls*

    Leen approached me to organized a pretty party for beauty bloggers (or bloggers who loves colour contact lenses). A few name pop out my mind! and bam, we got ourselves a group of 10 bloggers ready to rock and roll! The venue? a pretty lil place that I suggested to Leen - Delectable by Su's at Garden's Mid Valley. Delectable by Su is a artisan patisserie that offers cakes, desserts, cookies and cupcakes! The girls went wild at Delectable, a table of goodies were set up and pot of teas were served. We had bowls and bowls of yummy popcorn too! You'd think this is a food tasting session right?

    NO! because right after everyone is done on sugar, Leen had a make up artist and hair styling crew set up to get the girls rolling! it's a MAGIC MAKEOVER PARTY! Koon Liang from ILikeShooting was the photographer of the day and in fact all the photos used in this post is taken by him for Leen, our fairy godmother of the day =)

    you have been warned! this is a photo-logue of the Cinderella event :)

    the pretty spread of savoury food, desserts and TWG tea!

    Cinderellas at the Makeover Party
    fun . laughter . colour contacts. photos. makeovers

    this is me after my makeover *omg*

    This was Monday (the replacement holiday for Labour Day) unfortunately you can see my before photo I was really tired and exhausted. I worked on Labour Day can you believe it? and actually I was working on this day as well because of a work emergency. Thankfully the transformation of make up and the use of pretty pattern colour contact lenses made me look so alive and pretty now! Check out how the other pretty ladies that day look after their makeovers too! Their eyes are big and gorgeous! (ps they're wearing different colours n types, but I don't know which one! hehe).

    I'm wearing Blushy Grey RM40.00 for a pair

    Are you impressed yet with the magical powers of colour & design contact lenses? They're affordable and fun. There's a lot of colors and designs to choose from Magic Colour's website from Blushy collection to Diamond Collection. Click here to see them!

    promotion for readers- buy 3 free 1!
    (promo period 16 May - 30 June, 2011)

    About Magic Colour

    MagicColour is the leading distributor of Korea contact lenses, offering wide palettes of tri-colour contact lenses collection design to end users. We provide only the best quality and trendy contact lenses, using the Diamond Cutting technology. With our factory in Korea that uses the new Diamond Cutting technology, we guarantee that our products are on maximum accuracy and exceptionally fine quality surface. Every steps & process are handled with care from our experienced cutter that results in high quality and more durable lens.

    Our contact lenses have the highest water content of 55%. Wearers will be having longer moisture with our lenses, compared to others that has only 35% water content. Our lenses are with 16.0mm diameter, one of the largest size available in the market. Choose from our 11 collections to suit your daily lifestyle!

    Smile thru your eyes…with MagicColour!

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