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  • Second Trip Down The Cres Wellness Lane


    do you know what's at the Cocoon?

    The Cres Wellness centre that I have been going is at a floor called the Cocoon. Sounds weird and cool at the same time. This area is on the top floor of Gardens where The Gardens Club is located. It's a fancy area totally different from the rest of the floors. When you first take the escalator up, you'll be immediately vowed by the calming scent of aromatherapy being used on this floor welcoming you to the pamper zone.

    second trip to wellness lane
    This is my second trip to Cres Wellness for my facial, it's been nearly a month since I did my first facial here. I have been told that you need to do facial at least once a month to maintain your skin but those with problems would need to at least come after 3 weeks. I wanted to try something different for my second facial, something I never done before. My therapist recommended I do the Hydro Cell Rejuvenating Micro Channel Therapy. Really long name for a facial treatment right?

    the difference between the facial and body treatment rooms

    The Hydro Cell Rejuvenating Micro Channel Therapy (worth RM350 for 2 hours) is a facial treatment that stimulates the renewal of the skin cells and enhances collagen and elastin production in the skin naturally. With the help of Cellinique products and the use of a roller with tiny tiny spiky thingies on it called the "Micro Channel Roller" , the treatment products is penetrated deep within our skin so that our skin is awaken and cells will regenerate. This facial is great if you want a younger, scar free, firmer and more elastic results.

    I was really happy that my therapist recommended this treatment to me coz I have some scars left from my previous accident with a snatch thief. I just wonder if they have this treatment for body so I can regenerate the skin around my hands and improve my scar healing process.

    Cres Wellness has lockers for you to keep your things
    (and u wear the pearl bracelet key around)

    As usual I was given a scalp massage to relax and improve my blood circulation (relaxnya). Then my facial begin like any other facial (cleansing, scrubbing, extraction). Speaking about extraction, my therapist did something different to my face this round. She used a COLD STEAMER instead of a hot steamer on me! I never tried a cold steamer before to soften my pores before an extraction is done! I asked her why and she said my face is sensitive so it's much better to use a cold steamer instead of a hot steamer. It soothes but also softens my pores so that extraction would be less painful.

    weird and thorny object used on my face!

    Then comes the part of that spiky spiky hand roller object u see in the photo above. It's called the Micro Channel Roller. Again this is something new to me! This spiky roller was used along with ampules on my face, instead of feeling a slippery object rubbing through my face I felt prickly pain and excitement through the process. I come to love the feeling though (omg). My therapist says this is used to reduce wrinkles, scars and depressions of the skin. The roller has very fine needles to pierce the epidermis thereby stimulating collagen formation and resulting in "micro-channel effect" (hence the long facial name). This helps to infuse vitamin creams, serums and other topical applications to increase effectiveness of the skincare products.

    70% discount for any Facial Therapy
     + FREE steam bath + 2pcs of RM20 Product Voucher.

    Sounds scary and interestingly new to try? Then u should try it like me! (adventurous haha). For the sake of beautiful, younger looking skin and to improve scars, you can try this facial or any other facial (but not worth rm400 above facial treatments) at 70% discount for 1st trial facial!

    To get the "70% discount for 1st trial facial + FREE Steam Bath and 2 pcs of product voucher"  just shout out your name and email at this comment link made by me to get it (Cres Wellness Facebook Wall - under my name). Those who previously participated cannot get the same promotion again but u can recommend it to your friends or family to try.

    Results of The Hydro Cell Rejuvenating Micro Channel Therapy

    The results weren't that visible right after my facial treatment was done, though you can see that I'm probably more glow than before and cheeks plumper. My therapist told me I would see the improvement after a few days, earliest a day or two after this facial. She says this facial is good for pigmentation too. After listening to that I monitor my face condition for a week. True enough I have really nice plumper and soft skin for days! I wonder what happens if I continue with this facial? will I look 10 years younger? I didn't see my pigmentation lighten though but the young plump skin yes!
    My next facial, I'm going to try something different again and I heard it uses crystals! stay tune!

    (don't forget to like the fan page first!)

    So this is a step by step how to do it :)

    1. Click here to like Cres facebook.
    2. Leave a comment on my post only. You can comment anything about this, say you want to try it etc! leave your e-mail for Cres to contact you!
    3. Wait to be contacted.
    4. You get your e-voucher by e-mail.
    5. Making your first trial facial appointment at Cres :)

    Terms & Conditions for the e-voucher:
    ·   Limited to new customers only. This promotion is not valid for facial treatment worth RM400 & above.
    ·   The voucher is valid for aged 21 years old and above.
    ·   The voucher is valid for 2 months from the date of issue.
    ·   No replacement will be given to expired e-Vouchers
    ·   Only one (1) redemption per customer is allowed.
    ·   The voucher is transferable
    ·   The voucher is non-refundable and non-redeemable for cash or other products/services/promotions
    ·   Prior appointment is required, Please contact CRES outlets for your appointment.
    ·   Customer must show their e-voucher upon redemption.
    ·   The voucher is applicable for treatment in all CRES outlets.
    ·   Redemption Days: Monday to Sunday, 10a.m to 8p.m.
    ·   CRES Wellness Sdn Bhd reserves the right to omit, amend and change the above terms & conditions without prior notice.


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