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My name is Tammy Lim and I am an award winning blogger from Top 10 Malaysia Magazine and Cleo Malaysia Magazine. I have been blogging since 2008 and I am also the founder of a local Malaysian beauty & lifestyle community called The Butterfly Project. People often tell me that I'm a wonder woman, but in reality - if it's something you love, you can do wonders.

When I'm not wondering, I'll be on my computer searching for the next fountain of youth or hunting down a fantastic deal. I'm also a shopaholic, wanderluster, spa enthusiast and proud hipster who loves planning special occasions and surprises for her loved ones.
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  • Starbucks Merdeka Treat Buy 1 Free 1 (Malay Mail)


    Yea my favorite tabloid paper has a promotion tomorrow! Buy 1 Free ! Merdeka Treat on Lemon Greet tean and Lemon Hibiscus beverage only! Complimentary second promotional beverage of equal or lesser value, redeemable at all Starbucks Coffee stores in Malaysia! Get the voucher from Malay Mail tomorrow! Valid until 15th September! I sooo sooo want to try these drinks!!!!!!!!!! who wanna share with me hahaha. Buy 1 Free 1! can't drink both!

    Wash And Color Your Hair At The Same Time

    what? can wash and color at the same time? 
    (these babes dun believe me)

    There's a new product from Toni & Guy Malaysia coming soon! The gossip is that with this product you can wash and color your hair at the same time. DYE-BOLICAL I SAY! Can you guess what kinda products Toni & Guy Malaysia is launching in a couple of days? hair color? bubble hair dye? hair paint? hair comb that colors? shower cap that's infused with color r or maybe water colored tanks? Psst, more clues at my secret spy base here Toni and Guy Malaysia facebook. It's where I found out about this (runs).

    see my hair color? muahha after 1 wash!

    I shall let the cat out of the bag soon in a couple of days. Tonight will wash and color my hair again to see more results! ahem.. wish can color pink in the future!!! that'll soooooo cool!

    Sea Monkey Adventures with Miu

    fully grown sea monkey, eating stuffs on the tank bottom
    (when it was a baby it had 3 eyes)

    Many of you might be asking this question "what happened to Miu's sea monkeys?". Well yeah I think it's about time I update everyone what has been going on with my sea monkeys and the sad sad stories too. All in all I experimented with 3 tanks of sea monkeys but right now I only have one last sea monkey standing (swimming) in one tank. The rest has died!!! arghh... *cries* yes they have passed on and gone to Sea Monkey Heaven. The last standing sea monkey, I havent name her/him yet. I thought it was a HE (coz he had big spincers) and then HE became PREGNANT (I read that sea monkeys male/female can also be pregnant depending on circumstances). During my 3 tank experiments, I learn a few lesson on how to care for my sea monkeys, one of them is very interesting that PLASMA sachet (containing minerals and salt?) is good for baby or growing sea monkey but it's not so good for adult sea monkeys if u put too much! (my babies grew big fast n started getting pregnant but soon after they started dying off ). Another thing is I probably didn't aerate my tank much, I find that quite annoying to keep aerating their tanks. Anyway I am not stopping my sea monkey adventures just because they only survive up till being knocked up (probably a case of pregnancy blues). Will see how long this last sea monkey survive for now. The one at QBox One Utama seems to be big and healthy, I wonder if having a small tank is the problem? not enough oxygen for too many sea monkeys? Will try bigger tank next time.

    bad news no.2 - no blogging for about 1-2 weeks!

    Also, just an update on what's going on. I have finally muster the courage to bring my Macbook to MBytes at Tropics Shopping Centre for service. What happened was yes after using my Macbook for a couple of months the screen broke! yeah.. from tiny dot that grew until 1/2 the screen now is unusable. The latest Macbook White screen is made of glass you see and very fragile. I didn't know it would be SO FRAGILE until crack? slight movement the cracks becomes longer. SAD I KNOW. What a bad timing to send in for repairs as well coz it's a holiday tomorrow and Raya is around the corner too.  I do hope they check my  macbook out and tell me if it can be saved? If it can't and i have to pay for replacing the glass screen, then by Thunder, you girls will be so happy to see more garage sales coming out. What a bummer bought the Mac and then a couple of months later broken. I MUST BE PUNISHED!

    a lot of reviews will be on hold till I get back my macbook coz photos and stuffs are in there! *cries*

    Avene Sensitive White Day 10 Review


    hello babies, come to momma!

    Yes this marks day 10th of my Avene Sensitive White Campaign thanks to OnlyBeauty who selected me as one of the participants to review the latest Avene's skincare range for whitening. You cannot described the joy I have when I received the products and spoke to the handsome guy from OnlyBeauty named Gin. Not only that, I love the fact that Avene products are catered for those with sensitive skin (hands up me!) and what more it's for whitening! snow white skin I love you!

    skincare application methods & steps

    Ahem, as Phua Chu Kang like to say "Don't Play Play"! I seriously do have sensitive skin. The latest skin consultation with Aster Spring, KLCC using their newest machine flown from overseas gave me a sensitivity reading of 6 over 10. Not too bad but still, I gotta be a good girl and not play around with harsh products. Anyway the Avene Sensitive White skincare don't mean it's just for sensitive people lah, anyone can use them as they're gentle and less prone to give you skin reactions (redness/inflame, itchy etc u name it). Dream come true for me, I need to use these skincare for at least more than a month to see any results. Well it's Day 10th and here's what I do with the products while referring to the application instructions.

    Whitening Lotion to prepare you skin for better penetration

    can use on cotton or palm

    I prefer cotton start from cheeks, chin & forehead

    After cleansing (I'm using IDI Italy 1858 Cleansing Milk for sensitive skin) I move on to prepare my face for the absorption of the essence and moisturizer by using the Avene Sensitive White Whitening Lotion (toner). It's important to use a lotion/toner before your skincare products as this will prepare your face after cleansing for better penetration of the products (besides getting rid of whatever residues that's left from your cleansing step). It's like roasting the chicken after cleaning it, without marinating then just straight away throw spices n herbs on it (I know still yummy but won't be as yummy as marinating it). The Whitening Lotion is watery and pleasant and soft to apply. My skin did not feel any sting or sensations from using this. It left my face fresh and supple. Pretty happy about this.

     light non oily Whitening Essence 50ml

    I like to put more essence on my cheeks
    (brown spot infested area)

    Next on my steps is to use the Whitening Essence (serum?). Apply 2 pumps on my fingertips to the entire face and neck, and massage gently. This lightweight, non-greasy essence is highly concentrated  to combat brown spots and brighten your face. Again I don't feel any sting from this (good sign) but 10 days of using, I could not see any changes in my brown spots. I hope with the continuous use of this essence I would be able to see results in 2-3 weeks time. 

    I live the pump applicator! prevents exposure to air and germs
    to get into my essence and moisturizer 

    Whitening Fluid 50ml has sebo-regulating capsules
    to absorb excess oil for a shine free finish

    my cheeks first, coz that's the dessert of my face

    I do the same steps for applying the Whitening Fluid, 2 pumps again and dab dab (from inner to outer face) and slowly massage gently for absorption. The texture is lightweight, milky and moisturizing. My skin is soft and supple after application. The description says that it's rapidly absorbed and leave a non-sticky and non-greasy finish with sebo-regulating micro capsules. That's to absorb excess oil for a shine free finish face. The trick to not having overly-moisturized skin is to at least let the whitening essence to be fully absorb first before applying your moisturizer. Let the butter melt onto the bread before putting on your jam please.

    with great power comes great responsibility

    PLEASE AH! if anyone is considering of using whitening products Please Please Please use SUN PROTECTION! If not what's the point of investing in whitening skincare to brighten n lighten and then go out prancing under the sun doing bollywood shows without sunscreen/block/protection. It is a must nowadays to use sun protection! and even more so disciplined if you're using whitening products. I'm using Avene's Very High Protection Emulsion SPF50+ for normal to combination skin after my Sensitive White skincare. It's creamy and I feel it's sticky for me. I prefer ultra light sun screens or water based sunscreens. 

    yeap here's my face after using the products for 10days 

    The good thing about Avene Sensitive White products is that they're paraben free, fragrance free and alcohol free (which is non-drying to your skin). During my 10 days of using the skincare, I did not experience any tingling or inflammation from the products. My face did not react to it so it was truly a myth worth busting! Avene's Sensitive White products for whitening is not going to break my  face off! but my brown spots are still around so I'm not saying it's a goner coz Whitening products don't work overnight. 

    It requires discipline and effort for a long term investment on your skin. Brown spots may vary from one to another too, maybe my brown spots is like cemented to my face and need more time to nudge it away. If everyone's face can lighten and whiten in less than 2 weeks, I wonder what happens after 1 month? go for Twilight casting and smooch with Edward the fair and radiant Snow White.

    Anyway If you would like to join review programs like me, do register at Only Beauty website so u can try and test products and review them to share in your blog or at their forum.

    Dish Deli Promotion 62% Off by Everyday Coupons

    OnlyBeauty Contest Every Tuesday & Thursday!


    get samples without leaving your home!

    so many prizes so many samples don't miss it!

    I discovered this website called OnlyBeauty.Com.My sometime ago where you can request for samples to try and then give reviews back on their forum. It's most interesting to know that we as consumers don't have to step out of our house to try products nowadays! With just a click of a button and yeah well enter your details and all that (after registering to become a member) you can choose samples to try! yeap! and on top of that Only Beauty also gives out prizes for their members to win almost every other day! well okie on Tuesday and Thursdays you can answer Beauty Q&A to win. On Friday you can Catch Me If you Can contest to find the products. Cinderella's missing shoe (a contest that I have not tried seems interesting!) and well when you review products you might also be rewarded! Today's Beauty Q & A contest will end at 11pm so get your fingers ready to type! you might win this Rene Furterer's MYRRHEA ANTI-FRIZZ Range Discovery Kit X 2!

    I am leeming for Laneige Snow BB Cream


    I want the Laneige Snow BB Cream! 
    (latest product from Laneige)

    Arghh I missed the KLCC pre-launch promotion where the latest Laneige Snow BB Cream is set to hit Malaysia on 25th August, 2010 tomorrow and they have this pre-launching promotion going from 18th-24th August at Isetan KLCC. I read the Singaporean blogger's review on it and seems this BB Cream is argh in my head now. My current BB Cream is also running dry, I would like to try the sample out and see if it's as good as the bloggers say it is. Wonder would it suit all shades/skintypes/tones? Some of the Snow BB Cream benefits:-

    • Moisture protective seal, Liquid Crystal Essence
    • An essence type BB cream that fully delivers fresh moist and nourishing sensation to the skin right after application.
    • Liquid Crystal Essence ingredient that has the similar struc-ture to the skin surface lipid which works as a natural skin barrier creates a skin moisturizing seal on the skin, keeping moisture locked in and staying long on the skin.
    • Smart and Advanced BB Cream
    • Triple function of whitening, anti-wrinkle, and UV protection (SPF41, PA++), protecting skin from harmful environmental
    main ingredients for this bb cream

    Tempting enough? spf, whitening, anti-wrinkle etc! argh.. going to head over to try it at the counter to see how nice! My main counter is in KLCC which is too far for me to go :( looks like I missed this promotion. Whoever is near, if you're going to check this out, today is the last day!

    Congratulations My Brother!

    Hari Ini di Malaysia (Today in Malaysia)

    My daily ritual begins with FACEBOOK, okie fine I have been neglecting my blog for facebook. I mean why not all my friends are in there and people actually leaves comment in FACEBOOK but not in BLOG! (argh). Perhaps the immediate interaction is faster in Facebook? but actually I do read comments in my blog and reply them if I can! boo sob sob sob. Anyway coming back to FACEBOOK, out of nowhere I see Origins Malaysia's status update announcing the 20 winners of the Origins Malaysia's latest skincare range called the Zero Oil Skincare with Saw Palmetto (made for those with SHINY & Oily Face) on their wall! Just by glancing through the summary, I saw guess who? My brother's name! (see pink circle with crown on top). Congratulations BRO! and Congratulations to the rest of the 19 winners!

    Fresh.Clean. Zero Oil. Origins.

    Why am I so excited? well because social media has taken a big step in Facebook and there's like so many contests and promotions going in there. So many that I was tempted to "force" my brother to join the Origins Malaysia Facebook contest in which I did. I interviewed him over lunch one fine day going "So Cun, what's your worst shine moment?" (this is actually the slogan question for the contest). Bewildered by my question, my bro asked me what's shine moment? It's not star shine of coz. I explained to him what shine in beauty dictionary meant, which is ppl with reflective face due to their oily skin (something like that). He understood! well because he suffers from oily and blemish skin you see. 
    My Bro won the Zero Oil collection worth RM316!
    (for his daily regime!)

    After sharing with me what he thought was his worst shine moment, I pestered him to enter the contest. He said I "memalukan him" (embarrassed him) by asking him to enter the contest. Can't understand these oily skin ppl, they can win a skincare set by sharing their worst experience and yet they rather not share it and think it's embarrassing. I guess that is why HE WON TODAY!  This is his contest slogan:
    T.Dennis Lim Wei Chun: The worst moment of shine on my face was when I was barbecuing at a party and the heat n smoke made my oily skin more oily and I was shining in every pic that my friend took. Then the best part was the oil on my skin actually drop on the bbq pit and cause a sizzle. Everyone stare at me.
    me, my baby sister & bro (I bully him always)

    after 20 years (becomes so handsome?! how can?!)

    I am so happy for him. Finally he won something that he could use for his skincare regime. Coming from a poor background, we grew up like Rebecca Bloomwood of "Confessions of a Shopaholic". The minute we started working, our pay cheques goes to shopping! My brother is a compulsive shopper. He loves FASHION and Accessories, Hair Styling etc while neglecting skincare! While me? I obsessed about beauty products (skincare, cosmetics, body care, hair care) and neglect Fashion (which shows why I am like the Ah Moi next door with smooth face). SO winning this skincare set is a huge deal to us! Finally he can say goodbye to his oily-skin days and use proper skincare! not just wash face with soap and water and dress like a Korean Pop Star. Korean Pop Stars take care of their face too u know bro? Congrats again and thanks to Origins Malaysia FaceBook for realizing my brother's dream to have "non reflective solar face" that can sizzle BBQ Pit.

    Hammam Spas Bangsar Review

    finally I am going to Hammam!

    Finally! I visited the spa place that I have been talking about ever since my friend Xana spoke to their manager 2 years back. What kinda spa is this?! that would occupied my thoughts whenever I think of a unique spa place to go if I have the $$? It's none other than Hammam at Bangsar Village 2 Shopping Centre. What's Hammam you say? read my first post on it here! Hammam is the first traditional Moroccan version of the Turkish Bath in Asia. Hammam also means the spreader of warmth in Arabic and has it's roots in Ancient Greek bathroom culture.

    my unique spa experience awaits behind these doors

    the receptionist & waiting area

    I have already researched on what I'd like to try at Hammam which is their signature Hammam, Gommage & Moorish Body Polish to complete my Hammam experienceThe menu is filled with cool "exotic" treatment names e.g Sultana's Daughter's Wedding Hammam, Imilchil Bride Radiance Recipe, Princess/Prince Hammam, and Sultana Hammam. I was really thrilled when the lady said I should try the "My Favorite Concubine Hammam" treatment. It's a two hour long pampering session with 4 treatments in it! That's Hammam, Gommage, Moorish Body Polish and lastly a 45mins aromatic body massage to sweeten the deal. 

    different types of oil for different needs

    Signing up for My Favorite Concubine Hammam (I am no concubine but I am embracing the idea now since this is a luxurious spa session that I'm going for!) I was brought to the waiting room where the lady explains to me the different types of essential oils that I can choose for my treatment. I was delirious! choosing my own essential oils for my massage! 

    I choose the most luxurious oil ever! huile sacre

    Huile Sacre (oo-eel sak- ghei) or literally, sacred oil, the most expensive oil in this Hammam and which I have chosen for my aromatherapy massage. It's a blend of argan oil (the richest source of Vitamin E) and precious frankincense, myrh and sandalwood. The GM of Hammam, Adam Demnati said this oil will "warm your heart, lift the spirit, bless you with love and affection and shower you with prosperity".

    this will be use in the Gommage session (scrub)

    A Moroccan scrubbing mitt called a gome - this course mitt will effectively remove all your dead skin cells, and increase the circulation in your arms and legs, helping to reduce cellulite. A very handy glove!

    Beldi Black Soap! smells medicinal/herbish

    This is Beldi Black Soap! serious! use in your first session called Hammam (bath session) this soap is made from the kernel of the olive nut and has wonderful exfoliating properties. At this spa you can add Alum Crystals or Henna for an additional RM20 (to be use with black soap) for extra benefits.

    Beldi Black Soap - a combo of olives, eucalyptus and henna, to remove dead skin cells and relax the muscles, is lathered onto your body in a warm traditional Turkish bath.

    Alum Crystals - firm and youthful skin.

    Henna - apparently for brides to be..? and i think she mention it's for brightening? hmm..weird..really? or i heard wrong.

    omg this is beautiful

    When I finally went in the Hammam Spa, I was blown out of my mind by the interior and dimly lit warm cosy area of this place. Behold tell me you're not impressed? I have never seen anything like this. This is the resting area of the Hammam, in between treatments guests are seated here to relax. They are given Moroccan rose tea to sip or warm water. Beautiful place, as I write again I am tempted to go back to Hammam to sit here and sip tea again.

    i map out the place for you! 

    the changing room is small

    but high tech and you have a locker

    Before I can start my treatment, I need to change into paper bra and panties provided by Hammam. They come together with the bath robe and paper slippers ready in the locker waiting. Using a magnetic waterproof wrist locker, guests just touch and open their locker with it. At this juncture, I am unable to snap any more photos as privacy is a big thing in (other guests will get angry if you snap their photo!) Hammam. I manage to capture a few photos because it is a special day with just me alone in this spa. 

    the Moroccan inspired bathroom

    1st treatment - Hammam (bath)

    Well since i can't bring my camera into the hammam or gommage area, i shall now draw a stickman cartoon to show what's there ok? Hammam bath room is a small room with colorful tiles. In the middle is a nice pattern water bath pipe/tub. This place is like a steam room. The walls n tiled slabs is heated. You sit on it while the Moroccan lady rubs black soaps all over you (sometimes stand). My lady was named Zohor and she's really from Morocco! She'll ask if you want your boobs to be soaped as well (u paid good money for this..go ahead n soap your bits!). After, she'll ask u to lay down for 6 mins and she'll be back to bath you (everywhere). 

    Caution: U cannot be shy/embarrassed in a Hammam. It's not a private area, so you might be sharing this bath room with other ladies. I estimate it can fit 4-5 only.

    2nd treatment - Gommage (Body Scrub)

    After Hammam, you'll be doing Gommage. I will now draw this to show how the gommage (scrubbing room is like). It's a tiny room area that's hot, warm, moist all at one go. There's two marble/cemented slabs in the room. It's where customers lie down there (see photo of me) & the Morrocan lady will come in to scrub u silly. You'll see a lot of your dead skins here! *shock*

    p.s the "slabs" or mable bed is warm, and this place is kinda wet too.

    This process takes about 15-20mins depending on how much dead skin u have. She'll scrub and scrub till you're smooth like a baby. You'll need to turn once one side is done. Also she'll scrub your boob area/back too.

    FINE! this is how the bath area looks like okay? (hammam here!)

    After Gommage you'll be back here to bath, so if you have Moorish Body Polish in your package, she'll start smoldering your body with Rhassoul (wonder clay, mined from deep within the Atlas Mountains, has a list of benefits as long as your arm) also known as volcanic clay. Very beneficiary unless u don't want rhassoul (u need to choose at the guest area outside the powders remember?). Ok she'll also smolder your boobs with it. Again 6mins lie down here & she'll be back again to splash water at you and also shampoo & condition your hair. This is really a Come Let Me Bath You spa.

    my last treatment aromatic body massage (couple's room)

    It really is my lucky day because I was escorted to the couple's massage room instead of the single ones. I smile sheepishly coz the couple's room is really really really beautiful! Take a look at the private bath place, the resting bed (where couple's can sip tea n rest here). The dimly but flowery lit lights above makes the place even more romantic. I slept like a baby, enjoying my massage here. You can choose either the relaxing massage type (Swedish type for relaxing) or the traditional type massage. The masseuse is local btw. She will use the essential oil that you select earlier in the waiting room here.

    resting after my massage (sipping Moroccan Rose Tea!)

    I highly recommend this place if you're looking to pamper yourself silly with Moroccan ladies bathing, scrubbing and smoldering you with volcanic mud (glowy skin for days!). It's a unique spa experience, one of its kind in Malaysia. Couples getting married will come for a one time session to get that baby smooth glow and relax before their big day. At least try it for one time like me if you can. However it's not for the shy ones as you might get your bits wash or expose. I give this place a thumbs up and I will come again if I can!

    the treatment menu & prices

    The prices! dont be shock, it's the only unique spa in KL (and Asia i think!) that's inspired like this. Well if u compare to luxury spas (in hotels n such) the prices are almost the same. For beginners, I have research already. It would be advisable to gather 5 friends/ppl to buy the My Favorite Concubine Hammam (2hrs) Package (RM1250). This treatment is recommended to newbies coz it has 4 treatments in it, 3 of them is the specialty of this place. When you buy the package instead of a one time session, the aromatic body massage which is 45mins will be upgraded to 60mins! Getting your friends to share with you, you'll be only paying RM250 for one session of an sensuous Hammam experience compare to paying a one time session of RM315 (saving RM65).

    pretty pretty lights, bring me to Turkey please

    P.S: I'm looking to buy a 2nd package (bought 1 earlier and friends filled up the slots). Anyone wants to share the 2nd package? I have 3 slots available! :) will be RM250 each slot per person. The treatments in this session/package would be:

    Sorry two packages bought and already filled up! do inquire with Hammams as they have seasonal promotions like these (e.g Valentine's Special or Xmas Special for one time usage only).

    1. Hammam (Bath)
    2. Gommage (Body Scrub)
    3. Moorish Body Polish (Volcanic mud body polish)
    4. Aromatic Body Massage 45mins 60mins upgraded*

    E-mail me tammylci@gmail.com if you're interested. Their packages are valid for a year btw!

    Hammam Baths (www.hammambaths.com)
    Lot 3F-7 & 3F-8, Bangsar Village II.
    Tel: 03-22822180

    Seventeen Magazine Origins Zero Oil Workshop!


    Make Yourself Over!

    Check out the latest issue of Seventeen Magazine (September)! There's a Origin's Zero Oil workshop for Seventeen readers of the age of 26 and below only! How cool is this? I really like Seventeen Magazine parties n workshops! too bad that I am not seventeen anymore T_T but I have always been a big die hard fan of the magazine when I was young till now! 

    Origins Zero Oil Workshop! 
    Date: 25th September, 2010 (Sat)
    Time: 10.30am-3.30pm
    Venue: Ecoba PJ Trade Centre
    Total attendees: 30pax
    Fee: RM60

    What to expect from this workshop: Get pretty with MAC Cosmetics, Fix a manicure with Essie! Style your own hair with Schwarzkopf! Learn how to handle any situation with celebrity Aziah Jasmin Azizul Hassan, Image Consultant of Star Studio Image Consultancy. Join Now! Email: 17@bluinc.com.my or call 03-79527033 (1am-5pm Mon-Fri) to RSVP your details and make payment. Remember to leave your name, age and contact details. Closing date 17/9/10. Terms and Conditions apply.

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