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Sea Monkey Adventures with Miu

fully grown sea monkey, eating stuffs on the tank bottom
(when it was a baby it had 3 eyes)

Many of you might be asking this question "what happened to Miu's sea monkeys?". Well yeah I think it's about time I update everyone what has been going on with my sea monkeys and the sad sad stories too. All in all I experimented with 3 tanks of sea monkeys but right now I only have one last sea monkey standing (swimming) in one tank. The rest has died!!! arghh... *cries* yes they have passed on and gone to Sea Monkey Heaven. The last standing sea monkey, I havent name her/him yet. I thought it was a HE (coz he had big spincers) and then HE became PREGNANT (I read that sea monkeys male/female can also be pregnant depending on circumstances). During my 3 tank experiments, I learn a few lesson on how to care for my sea monkeys, one of them is very interesting that PLASMA sachet (containing minerals and salt?) is good for baby or growing sea monkey but it's not so good for adult sea monkeys if u put too much! (my babies grew big fast n started getting pregnant but soon after they started dying off ). Another thing is I probably didn't aerate my tank much, I find that quite annoying to keep aerating their tanks. Anyway I am not stopping my sea monkey adventures just because they only survive up till being knocked up (probably a case of pregnancy blues). Will see how long this last sea monkey survive for now. The one at QBox One Utama seems to be big and healthy, I wonder if having a small tank is the problem? not enough oxygen for too many sea monkeys? Will try bigger tank next time.

bad news no.2 - no blogging for about 1-2 weeks!

Also, just an update on what's going on. I have finally muster the courage to bring my Macbook to MBytes at Tropics Shopping Centre for service. What happened was yes after using my Macbook for a couple of months the screen broke! yeah.. from tiny dot that grew until 1/2 the screen now is unusable. The latest Macbook White screen is made of glass you see and very fragile. I didn't know it would be SO FRAGILE until crack? slight movement the cracks becomes longer. SAD I KNOW. What a bad timing to send in for repairs as well coz it's a holiday tomorrow and Raya is around the corner too.  I do hope they check my  macbook out and tell me if it can be saved? If it can't and i have to pay for replacing the glass screen, then by Thunder, you girls will be so happy to see more garage sales coming out. What a bummer bought the Mac and then a couple of months later broken. I MUST BE PUNISHED!

a lot of reviews will be on hold till I get back my macbook coz photos and stuffs are in there! *cries*


  1. I must admit that them sea-monkeys don't endear themselves to me; creepy :-(

  2. hehe... one men's treasure is another's trash!

  3. that screams for garage sale!!!!! ngeh ngeh...

  4. i love the idea of sea monkeys though i've never actually bought any. Can't seem to find it in inabox 1 u.. anyways good luck! Hope the sole survivor delivers lots of healthy babies.

  5. I had the same problem with our macbook! we bought a new screen on ebay and paid a small fee for installation.. hopefully yours still under warranty?

  6. hey u bought your screen from ebay?! where did u go for installation? n how much :( mine is under warranty but i doubt it will be covered..


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