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  • Avene Sensitive White Day 10 Review


    hello babies, come to momma!

    Yes this marks day 10th of my Avene Sensitive White Campaign thanks to OnlyBeauty who selected me as one of the participants to review the latest Avene's skincare range for whitening. You cannot described the joy I have when I received the products and spoke to the handsome guy from OnlyBeauty named Gin. Not only that, I love the fact that Avene products are catered for those with sensitive skin (hands up me!) and what more it's for whitening! snow white skin I love you!

    skincare application methods & steps

    Ahem, as Phua Chu Kang like to say "Don't Play Play"! I seriously do have sensitive skin. The latest skin consultation with Aster Spring, KLCC using their newest machine flown from overseas gave me a sensitivity reading of 6 over 10. Not too bad but still, I gotta be a good girl and not play around with harsh products. Anyway the Avene Sensitive White skincare don't mean it's just for sensitive people lah, anyone can use them as they're gentle and less prone to give you skin reactions (redness/inflame, itchy etc u name it). Dream come true for me, I need to use these skincare for at least more than a month to see any results. Well it's Day 10th and here's what I do with the products while referring to the application instructions.

    Whitening Lotion to prepare you skin for better penetration

    can use on cotton or palm

    I prefer cotton start from cheeks, chin & forehead

    After cleansing (I'm using IDI Italy 1858 Cleansing Milk for sensitive skin) I move on to prepare my face for the absorption of the essence and moisturizer by using the Avene Sensitive White Whitening Lotion (toner). It's important to use a lotion/toner before your skincare products as this will prepare your face after cleansing for better penetration of the products (besides getting rid of whatever residues that's left from your cleansing step). It's like roasting the chicken after cleaning it, without marinating then just straight away throw spices n herbs on it (I know still yummy but won't be as yummy as marinating it). The Whitening Lotion is watery and pleasant and soft to apply. My skin did not feel any sting or sensations from using this. It left my face fresh and supple. Pretty happy about this.

     light non oily Whitening Essence 50ml

    I like to put more essence on my cheeks
    (brown spot infested area)

    Next on my steps is to use the Whitening Essence (serum?). Apply 2 pumps on my fingertips to the entire face and neck, and massage gently. This lightweight, non-greasy essence is highly concentrated  to combat brown spots and brighten your face. Again I don't feel any sting from this (good sign) but 10 days of using, I could not see any changes in my brown spots. I hope with the continuous use of this essence I would be able to see results in 2-3 weeks time. 

    I live the pump applicator! prevents exposure to air and germs
    to get into my essence and moisturizer 

    Whitening Fluid 50ml has sebo-regulating capsules
    to absorb excess oil for a shine free finish

    my cheeks first, coz that's the dessert of my face

    I do the same steps for applying the Whitening Fluid, 2 pumps again and dab dab (from inner to outer face) and slowly massage gently for absorption. The texture is lightweight, milky and moisturizing. My skin is soft and supple after application. The description says that it's rapidly absorbed and leave a non-sticky and non-greasy finish with sebo-regulating micro capsules. That's to absorb excess oil for a shine free finish face. The trick to not having overly-moisturized skin is to at least let the whitening essence to be fully absorb first before applying your moisturizer. Let the butter melt onto the bread before putting on your jam please.

    with great power comes great responsibility

    PLEASE AH! if anyone is considering of using whitening products Please Please Please use SUN PROTECTION! If not what's the point of investing in whitening skincare to brighten n lighten and then go out prancing under the sun doing bollywood shows without sunscreen/block/protection. It is a must nowadays to use sun protection! and even more so disciplined if you're using whitening products. I'm using Avene's Very High Protection Emulsion SPF50+ for normal to combination skin after my Sensitive White skincare. It's creamy and I feel it's sticky for me. I prefer ultra light sun screens or water based sunscreens. 

    yeap here's my face after using the products for 10days 

    The good thing about Avene Sensitive White products is that they're paraben free, fragrance free and alcohol free (which is non-drying to your skin). During my 10 days of using the skincare, I did not experience any tingling or inflammation from the products. My face did not react to it so it was truly a myth worth busting! Avene's Sensitive White products for whitening is not going to break my  face off! but my brown spots are still around so I'm not saying it's a goner coz Whitening products don't work overnight. 

    It requires discipline and effort for a long term investment on your skin. Brown spots may vary from one to another too, maybe my brown spots is like cemented to my face and need more time to nudge it away. If everyone's face can lighten and whiten in less than 2 weeks, I wonder what happens after 1 month? go for Twilight casting and smooch with Edward the fair and radiant Snow White.

    Anyway If you would like to join review programs like me, do register at Only Beauty website so u can try and test products and review them to share in your blog or at their forum.


    1. I signed up at OnlyBeauty but I'm unable to load alot of the pics =( Like at the contest page, I think there are 4 big banners/links there, I can only see the top one which is about writing reviews

    2. Isabel: let me see what's wrong with the site :( i haven't tried to upload any pics yet but the other day i tried to post a new topic, kept error msg.

    3. Oh not upload pics but viewing the pictures / animations on the website itself. So I can't join the contests =(

    4. Oh. You won't believe this buy the moment I commented, can see edi! Your blog is awesome! xD

    5. OMG thank you for sharing that I'm such a big fan of Avene products!!! and now they have whitening!!!! I'm so excited I hope they'll bring it into Australia soon... otherwise i"ll have to get some when i go to Malaysia :)

    6. hi..i wanna to know how good the Avene sensitive white has got to your face,an latest review?

    7. Hi Food Journal,

      my 1 month review on using this product will be out soon :D pls stay tune!

    8. Hi,
      How do you find the fluid? I mean does it leave shiny on face? I'm looking for something to apply for 'daytime'

    9. Hi Simone,

      It's shine free :) the fluid.


    10. Hi,

      Did the products make any difference to your skin, I mean did you notice a more even and brighter skin tone? thanks


    11. Hey babe...ive been using Avene for the past 2 years plus now and i bought the whitening lotion yesterday. I loveeeeee my skin after using this because i have a superrrr sensitive skin where i cant simply wear any product on my face. So i just tried this and voila my friends keep on askin what do i use..i cant see much difference on my face myself but my friends noticed soke changes. Mmmm..


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