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My name is Tammy Lim and I am an award winning blogger from Top 10 Malaysia Magazine and Cleo Malaysia Magazine. I have been blogging since 2008 and I am also the founder of a local Malaysian beauty & lifestyle community called The Butterfly Project. People often tell me that I'm a wonder woman, but in reality - if it's something you love, you can do wonders.

When I'm not wondering, I'll be on my computer searching for the next fountain of youth or hunting down a fantastic deal. I'm also a shopaholic, wanderluster, spa enthusiast and proud hipster who loves planning special occasions and surprises for her loved ones.
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    Hari Ini di Malaysia (Today in Malaysia)

    My daily ritual begins with FACEBOOK, okie fine I have been neglecting my blog for facebook. I mean why not all my friends are in there and people actually leaves comment in FACEBOOK but not in BLOG! (argh). Perhaps the immediate interaction is faster in Facebook? but actually I do read comments in my blog and reply them if I can! boo sob sob sob. Anyway coming back to FACEBOOK, out of nowhere I see Origins Malaysia's status update announcing the 20 winners of the Origins Malaysia's latest skincare range called the Zero Oil Skincare with Saw Palmetto (made for those with SHINY & Oily Face) on their wall! Just by glancing through the summary, I saw guess who? My brother's name! (see pink circle with crown on top). Congratulations BRO! and Congratulations to the rest of the 19 winners!

    Fresh.Clean. Zero Oil. Origins.

    Why am I so excited? well because social media has taken a big step in Facebook and there's like so many contests and promotions going in there. So many that I was tempted to "force" my brother to join the Origins Malaysia Facebook contest in which I did. I interviewed him over lunch one fine day going "So Cun, what's your worst shine moment?" (this is actually the slogan question for the contest). Bewildered by my question, my bro asked me what's shine moment? It's not star shine of coz. I explained to him what shine in beauty dictionary meant, which is ppl with reflective face due to their oily skin (something like that). He understood! well because he suffers from oily and blemish skin you see. 
    My Bro won the Zero Oil collection worth RM316!
    (for his daily regime!)

    After sharing with me what he thought was his worst shine moment, I pestered him to enter the contest. He said I "memalukan him" (embarrassed him) by asking him to enter the contest. Can't understand these oily skin ppl, they can win a skincare set by sharing their worst experience and yet they rather not share it and think it's embarrassing. I guess that is why HE WON TODAY!  This is his contest slogan:
    T.Dennis Lim Wei Chun: The worst moment of shine on my face was when I was barbecuing at a party and the heat n smoke made my oily skin more oily and I was shining in every pic that my friend took. Then the best part was the oil on my skin actually drop on the bbq pit and cause a sizzle. Everyone stare at me.
    me, my baby sister & bro (I bully him always)

    after 20 years (becomes so handsome?! how can?!)

    I am so happy for him. Finally he won something that he could use for his skincare regime. Coming from a poor background, we grew up like Rebecca Bloomwood of "Confessions of a Shopaholic". The minute we started working, our pay cheques goes to shopping! My brother is a compulsive shopper. He loves FASHION and Accessories, Hair Styling etc while neglecting skincare! While me? I obsessed about beauty products (skincare, cosmetics, body care, hair care) and neglect Fashion (which shows why I am like the Ah Moi next door with smooth face). SO winning this skincare set is a huge deal to us! Finally he can say goodbye to his oily-skin days and use proper skincare! not just wash face with soap and water and dress like a Korean Pop Star. Korean Pop Stars take care of their face too u know bro? Congrats again and thanks to Origins Malaysia FaceBook for realizing my brother's dream to have "non reflective solar face" that can sizzle BBQ Pit.


    1. congrats to dennis wor !!! actually both of u (plus carol) all look alike leh & i do agree that dennis really looks like a korean pop star :):)

    2. sexymummy: hah!! look same meh T_T but slimmer version of me? if i slim down will look like korean pop princess or not..sob sob

    3. wahlau... thank god im not ur sis wei... if not u post up the ugly photo. hahaha..

    4. wei wei.. fiona!!! u say my bro ugly ah >_< u not ugly also..if i post sure a lot email asking ur contact number

    5. Wahhh ur brother so hensem worrr. Hehe. Congrats to him!

    6. Reena: yeah T_T lelong lelong who wanna rent him?

    7. miu: you've said it oledi !! but hv to operate ur eyes make them look bigger when u slim down eh .... like most korean star did :p

    8. hahaha! With a slogan like that, how could he lose? xD Btw, I agree with sexymummy up there. Looks Korean

    9. Waaa handsome brother! I'm one of the winner too, so happy ^^

    10. lol. didnt your bro go to the christmas party last year?

    11. dunno u have a handsome brother! really look like Korean pop star!

    12. fuiyoh, handsomenya ! I'll take up your offer Miu, rent him for the day to entertain my toddler girl. Sure she damn syiok haha.

      Miu, I love your fantastic sense of humour. You make me look stupid grinning alone at the computer screen. ( in a good way ). hehe !


    13. im not saying he's ugly lar.. but me mar!! my childhood photo is a nitemare!! hahahaha....

    14. miu: dennis had me at hello !!!! hahaha.... i like the way he talked to me when i went to your christmas party last year. there's something abt dennis!! hahaha... he's a very sweet guy but u dun worry hor, at my age, i wont be going after him :) :) hope he'll find a nice gf soon ! ladies, send in ur applications !

    15. tammy!!!!!your bro is so handsome..haha!you should tell me earlier,ask him to c my makeover! he looks like japanese la..1 2 rent,can hv his hp no.? *shy*
      dennis, congrats...can we go 4 a date? ;)
      (pengsan myself, tak pernah malu macam itu)

    16. The comments are so funnie...
      Anyway, Tammy, ur bro do look a bit like Korean star. :)

    17. not only goodlooking but very nice guy!

    18. somehow, after reading this entry.. I feel like Miu is trying to "sell" her brother.. lol


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