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My name is Tammy Lim and I am an award winning blogger from Top 10 Malaysia Magazine and Cleo Malaysia Magazine. I have been blogging since 2008 and I am also the founder of a local Malaysian beauty & lifestyle community called The Butterfly Project. People often tell me that I'm a wonder woman, but in reality - if it's something you love, you can do wonders.

When I'm not wondering, I'll be on my computer searching for the next fountain of youth or hunting down a fantastic deal. I'm also a shopaholic, wanderluster, spa enthusiast and proud hipster who loves planning special occasions and surprises for her loved ones.
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  • Pink Polka Dots


    Almost forgot to tell you girls about my Kotex hauled this month. I bought this limited edition Kotex overnight long wings set that comes with a cute pink and black polka dots box that has 16 Kotex pads inside. It's RM10++ at your nearest Guardian shops! I am so tempted to use the box to store other stuffs (besides pads). It's so cute right??? bravo Kotex! Can't believe I need to tell u all about some pad =_= stuff the night before I fly off to Perth.

    Snap Snap


    I was walking around Curve today & thought maybe it's time for a hair cut (trim) before I fly to Perth and be baked under the summer sun. I remembered Jeanyip Hair Saloon has a promotion going on for all hair length (my hair is so long, hair saloons love charging me more even if it's just a trim). I hop over to the top floor and finally found the shop. Promotion below:

    click on image for large view

    The hairstylist really paid a lot of attention to my hair which normally other stylist would just "snip snip" and in a few minutes tell me to pay up. I paid RM98 for a hair wash, hair treatment & a complete hair cut! it was about almost 2 hours. I love the end results, I still get to keep my long hair but now it's more textured and light. Being plus size, my hair now compliments & shapes my face! I'm so happy haha. The hairstylist don't know I'm a blogger neither did he pay me to talk about him! I'm just happy that my hairs all nice & making me not looked like a Meatball face when I go to Perth.

    On a side note, Seventeen Magazine, Women's Weekly & Female is out since last weekend. I'm waiting for Cleo by post since I'm a subscriber but I hate how slow it is compare to the newsstand. I like to check out all the contest, freebies, events, workshops and new products and features when a magazine comes out. Basically I buy a lot of magazines either girly ones or entertainments ones. This is how I get into contests,w orkshops and find out about stuffs.

    Before I sleep, I was admiring this Chanel invitation to their 'Les Roses De Chanel 2009' workshop which I got from the post as a Parkson Elite member. I will be missing out on this workshop as I'm going to Perth from 25th - 30th March, 2009. This workshop is from 26th - 1st April 2009 at Chanel Parkson Pavilion. You'll have to purchase a RM300 voucher that entitles you to:
    • A step-by-step personalised makeup consultation by Chanel Makeup Artist from HK/Korea or Msia (subject to appointment).
    • A complimentary 20 min hair makeover by A Cut Above.
    • An A4 or 2 x 5R digital photo & 2 x 2R photo of one selected shot.
    • Redemption of Chanel products worth RM280.
    -An appreciation gift awaits you with purchases of RM350 & above*
    -The first 100 Parkson Elite cardholders will receive Levres Scintillantes minuature* with any purchase.
    -Please call your Beauty Advisor today to make appointment as seast are limited.
    *Limited to one sample/gift per customer, terms & condition apply.

    Update: found the flyer for it from parkson website, u can click on the image for a larger view. I think even if you're not a Parkson Elite Member, you can still register for this workshop (pay RM300 for the voucher). Try calling them up and inquire? you may never know :)

    Branded Fragrance & Cosmetics Warehouse Sales


    I got this flyer from mail box. Looks like the famous Corus/Armada hotel perfume sales is back! I check out sns and everyday.com.my no sign of this sale. Guess I'm a lucky miu to have the flyer!!! My scanner KOED so I put angel poring magnet on the flyer to flatten it n take pic haha.Angel Poring is mine!

    Brand Fragrance & Cosmetics Warehouse Sales!
    2-4th April 2009
    Ballroom 1, Level 1,
    Time: 10am - 6.30pm

    Up to 70% off!

    Paul & Joe
    Kate Moss
    Paris Hilton
    David Beckham
    Miss Sixty
    and many more...

    *Visa & Master Credit Card accepted for purchases min RM80 & above.
    *Items sold are not exchangeable & non-refundable.

    You can check out my previous reviews about this warehouse sales.
    I've been to this warehouse sales for 4 years roughly. I'm still quite new to the warehouse sales scene! The prices for this warehouse sales by Prestige (distributor) is quite reasonable. However the Q is horrible for the past year. I remember I Q to pay for 4 hours at Armada Hotel, on the first day it was CRAAAAAAAAAZY. The following days were much better.

    But u know, good stuffs are gone by the 1st day.

    Clarin's Pure Pampering Workshop


    Clarin's Pure Pampering Workshop

    Yesterday I went to the Clarin's Pure Pampering workshop at Marmalade Cafe @ Mont Kiara, KL organized by Female & Marie France magazine for its reader. I knew about this before Chinese New Year and manage to be the first few callers who signed up for this workshop. I am no doubt a Clarin's fan! so this workshop is fabulous for me, especially since it's about their new White Plus HP Intensive Whitening Botanical Program using this rare flower called the "Snow Lotus".

    Sounds familiar? did it remind you of the famous Bridgitte Lin & Leslie Cheung romance movie - "The Bride with White Hair"? [google for youtube videos on it here]. It's a tragic romance story about the lovers and with the bride's hair turning white in the end, as she suffers to be with the man she loves. With her going mad with white hair, her man sets out to the snowy mountains in search of a rare white flower which will cure and bring back his love to him. Yeap, that's why when I first heard of Snow Lotus from the Himalayas I think of this movie.

    that's Immi we chatted outside b4 going in

    Back to the workshop! I came early so I wasn't allowed to go in yet. Luckily Immi came early so we could chat before going in for registration at 1.30pm. I was a bit sad that some of my friends couldn't come. It would be so much fun if they came.

    the stage

    the facial demo area

    each table has this poster that highlights the event's agenda
    (and special promotion for Female & Marie Claire's readers)

    the makeover area

    inside marmalade cafe, very dimmed
    (don't like taking pictures in this light)

    Registration was from 1.30-2.00pm. Immi & I had nothing to do until a Clarin's lady came over to give us a hand pampering session which lasted for a few minutes. She demonstrated and explained to us what each product does and taught us how to apply using the Clarin's touch. I was surprised that despite being called a "hand pampering" session, it was actually only a 1 hand demo. It would've been better if both arms were done, this would've made the guests feel "complete" and fully enjoyed a hand pampering session.

    The Clarin's presentation started at 2pm with Erinn Tan introducing & explaining to us the new Snow Lotus range in the White Plus HP Intensive Whitening Botanical Program which guarantees results after 3 weeks! (I am so tempted now). There was a slide presentation on Snow Lotus too. Here's something you should know about it:
    "The Flower of the Snow Lotus closely resembles that of the sacred lotus from Asia. However, this plant is not found on the water but in regions covered in permanent snow between 3,500 and 5,000 m altitude in the mountains of north-west China and the Himalayas. The only herbaceous plant able to survive in such extreme conditions, the Snow Lotus demonstrates its incredible vitality by producing magnificent white flowers despite the intensity of the sun at such high altitudes. Well known in traditional Chinese medicine, it is used for its anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antioxidant properties. It is now a protected species which is harvested through controlled cultivation.

    Chosen by Clarins Laboratories for its exceptional capacity to fight free radicals, the Snow Lotus has become the key active ingredient in the White Plus HP Treatment Program." - Clarin's Website

    When the presentation ended, a facial demo + hands on started. Earlier on me & Immi were asked by the beautician speaker to be facial demo models for the workshop. This is my first time becoming a model for any workshop. Very embarrassed and shy! especially since I am plus size but since it's Clarin's Facial demo, I said YES without thinking because I love Clarin's treatments so much! the touch, the smell, the products just makes me melt by the end of the session & I'll be beaming with delight.

    I was given a 20mins facial demo using the Snow Lotus!

    follows by a very cooling & soothing

    it ended with a head massage oh so nice

    I'm so happy to have experience the Snow Lotus Facial demo even if it's just a short one! The beautician was so good and I enjoyed the facial so much. The Clarin's touch is really truly magical. When the demo ended, she asked me how I felt, I was so so so nervous!!! Well I told her and everyone else that I felt refreshed and the mask was cooling & soothing (so important for my sensitive cheeks).

    Low Ngai Yuen (TV & Theatre Director Producer)

    Sheahnee Iman Lee (News Anchor, NTV7)

    Ayna asking Ngai Yuen some questions

    After the facial demo, it was time for the celebrity testimonial. Two special speakers came they were Ngai Yuen (remember 3R?) and Sheahnee (NTV7 news achor). They both looked good, radiant & happy! I'm very surprised at Ngai Yuen's changed. She's said she's tan & after using this product she looks so much younger and radiant. Her husband notice her change even after 1 week! normally she'll looked like "baked" coming back from work. Sheahnee said at first she wasn't interested but she gave it a try and was amazed with the results! Gosh no wonder Clarins guarantees results after 3 weeks using this program.

    the yummy desserts

    there's pasta, mini pies & finger food

    The workshop presentation ended and light refreshments were served. The food looks fantastic. I love the garlic shrimp pasta! Everyone sat down and began chatting about the products, the demos, the workshop and my friends asked me about my experience as a Clarin's member. I first fall in love with Clarins after experiencing the "Clarin's Touch". Their soothing massages for face & body was like butter melting on toast. I always come out radiating with light & so relaxed after a treatment. If it wasn't so expensive, I'll be going facials every week just to relax! (I am now using their Hydra Quench skincare range & bodycare products! I love their body scrub, huile "tonic" @ water retention massage oil & hand & nail lotion).


    manicure & nail art

    Free Pampering Sessions for everyone! makeovers, basic manicures and nail art! While waiting to do our nails, we camwhore a bit! haha here's some pictures of us with our makeovers done. It was just a simple make up. All of us were wondering what happened to the "Head & Shoulder" massage that was in the workshop highlight? was it forgotten or something? I didn't see anybody getting a massage besides the hand pampering session.

    jasmine had a bad day & was sad

    Ayna & Me

    Ayna came as well. She's so lucky to have come! because the workshop was full, Female Mag put her on waiting list. She got called and here she is! She came late too but manage to come just in time to help take pictures of me doing my facial demo. Thanks Babe!!!

    special trial sets for Female & Marie France readers

    I didnt' buy their promotion whitening starter kits that's being sold for RM70 & RM150 respectively. A lady told me it was the Snow Lotus kits but after speaking to another beautician, I found out it's not. I didn't want to buy another range when I already have my regular range to use. Furthermore I'm more interested in the Snow Lotus 3 weeks program so I'm going to save to buy that!

    our door gift a.k.a goodie bag!

    Here's me posing with my makeover & goodie bag. Inside - White Plus HP Hydrating Whitening Aqua-Milk 10ml, Protective Whitening Day Lotion 5ml, a mini lipstick & miniature par Amour perfume. Do I look good? I mean my skin haha! I've used Clarins for 2 years now!

    I was shock Erinn remembered me from previous workshops! while presenting, she named a few familiar faces and my name was mentioned. Great memory! Infact now that I am home, I recalled being in Clarin's workshop for 3 times already. The first was last year at One World Hotel with Mr. Olivier Courtin, second was their Instant Light workshop few months back and third is this! She's really nice and friendly, wished I taken a picture with her T_T

    (oh and maybe she remembered me from the Clarin's Beauty Fair Sales too last year) shh..

    Sorry for the long and winding post about the workshop! I hope you girls enjoy reading! Thanks to Clarins for a wonderful day & facial demo (oh la la) and friends & bloggers for attending with me. I'd like to read your reviews too on this workshop! so drop me a comment with your link!

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