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  • 2010 Tokyo Lash Bar Event, Pavilion


    glamorous 2010 Tokayo Lash Bar Event, Pavilion KL

    I was invited to the prestigious make up event in town (21/7/10) - the Tokyo Lash Bar 2010 featuring the much anticipated brand new futuristic lash collection called the "Tokyo Neo Odyssey". Elegantly created (and with creativity), this collection offers a cache of eyelashes with new features and special benefits from the exciting city of the future, Neo Tokyo 20XX. From lush to whimsical to hyper-chic looks, your individual expression takes the spotlight with these lashes. Not sure what I mean? wait till you see the transformation by the Shu Uemura Black Book Artists using these lashes.

    can u guess what's the color of the dress code?

    Before I show you awesome futuristic models, maybe you'd want to see me & Buaya Wing model a bit too? (lol). As guests of the event, we had a lash makeover done at the Shu Uemura stations set up woo-ing guests as they go. Each person could choose either a Tokyo Twist or the natural looking black lash (which is new too). Of course wanting to try something "futuristic" we chose to go with the Tokyo Twist, which is a mixture of gold and silver lash. The make up artist will put it on and you're set to dazzle among the crowd. 

    Sazzy Falak is the Emcee 

    opening performance = awesome violin play!

    The emcee for the night was Sazzy Falak, I used to see her a lot with my classmate in LimKokWing Institute (now LUCT). She's really going places, amazing! Then there was an opening performance by a violinist, she dazzle the crowd further with her piece, setting the atmosphere for the next show which is a  Creative Performance by Shu Uemura's Black Book Artists (Lisa, Lavynia, Jayce, Anges, Peggie) called "We are the Stars". A collection of ready to wear make up, suitable for women who seek an ethereal beauty in their daily looks. 

    We Are Stars by Shu Uemura's Black Blook Artists

    The next performance was a magic show which vowed the guests, especially Ling Tan (famous model) as they presented her a Limited Edition Premium Lash from the Neo Tokyo Collection. She never would have guessed that would come out from a rabbit's hat! The cool part about the magic show was the ending where the magicians surprised us with a blast of silver shiny confettis in the air. Cameras were clicking away! 

    2010 Tokyo Lash Bar Event snapshots

    Another Creative Performance wooed the crowd (here comes the futuristic models!) Cheers and claps can be heard when the Galaxy Goddesses took their turns to catwalk down the runaway showcasing creative and breathtaking otherworldly looks by popular Shu Uemura Black Book Artists as named below for each of their creation. Reminds me of that really creative movie called the Fifth Element.

    Galaxy Goddess by Black Book Artists

    what a great night!

    The event ended with Shu Uemura team celebrating with their Black Book Artists and models along with the Managing Director of L'Oreal, Andrew Stanleick and General Manager of Luxury Division, Irene Goh. Photography session and media interviews started, so we went home happy and amazed at the Neo Tokyo lash performances while fluttering our gold and silver lashes. I can't wait to see what they will do for next years performances! 

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