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  • My Sea Monkey is PREGNANT!


    hello sexy winks winks

    GOOD NEWS! When I went back to work, my sea monkey tank no.1 (the first experimental tank) which only had one surviving sea monkey is now pregnant! carrying eggs sacs on her belly! I decided to name my pregnant sea monkey Lola. She reminds of me of this sexy sea monkey with sexy name. Apparently sea monkeys can get pregnant alone or with a male sea monkey! depending on the oxygen and temperature of the water? deep stuff. You can read it here! found lots of info! Captain's website on sea monkey facts. Here are also some quick facts from the Amazing Life Sea Monkey website! and a photo from Captain's website on a pregnant sea monkey. Don't be freak out!

    example of a pregnant sea monkey with eggs

    My Sea-Monkeys are stuck together, what's happening?
    Try not to blush but your Sea-Monkeys are mating! Pretty soon new Sea-Monkey babies will be on the way.
    How does Sea-Monkeys reproduce?
    The male and female can mate together sexually or the female can fertilize her own eggs, a process called parthenogenesis or "self-conception"!
    How can I tell if I have any pregnant Sea-Monkeys?
    The female will carry an egg sac near her stomach.
    What happens if the pregnant female dies before releasing her eggs?
    To insure the survival of the species, nature sometimes causes the female to release her eggs, even after death.
    How many babies do Sea-Monkeys have?
    They usually have about 20 offspring at a time.
    How long after mating will it be until the babies are born?
    Not even we know for sure.
    How long does mating take?
    Sometimes you may see your Sea-Monkeys attached for several weeks,
    so try to give them some privacy.
    Do Sea-Monkeys get hurt while mating?
    Not usually, although sometimes things can get pretty rough.
    What are those sacs hanging off my Sea-Monkey? Are they Sea-Monkey testicles?
    Uh No, actually, those are the females' egg sacs.
    I'm worried that there are too many Sea-Monkeys in the tank.
    How many is too many?
    Your tank will safely hold about 100 Sea-Monkeys, more than that and there may not be enough oxygen for all of them.
    The babies are swimming to the surface of the tank a lot, is this ok?
    They're supposed to. Baby Sea-Monkeys require more oxygen and are surfacing to get it. Baby turtles and dolphins do the same thing!


    1. how long doea your sea monkey survive? are they still alive? where u put them? in air conditionered room? is it ok?

    2. after she got pregnant :( she died shortly after 2 weeks.. so I don't have any surviving sea monkeys anymore T_T sobs....

      i put them in my bathroom, away from direct sunlight. And one at office, but my aircond is not that cold. They need room temperature

    3. my sea monkey is pregant how can you tell it is giving breth

      1. :( actually I don't know too.... my sea monkeys never lived until they gave birth (sad!!!) perhaps.... when u see tiny sea monkeys again and the egg sac gone... u'll know..


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