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Female Mag: Issey Miyake L'eau D'Issey sample

Dear readers, anyone got a copy of the latest Female Magazine? if u do! check out the Issey Miyake ad in this month's Female Magazine, bring the ad to any Issey Miyake counter (Parkson KLCC, Metrojaya MV & Curve to name a few), fill up the form and answer a simple question about the ingredients in the fragrance. Ok I'll tell u what's the answer too haha! It's Rose, Lily & Lotus! I don't know if the sample is going to be in vial form or miniature? if u redeemed already let me know yeah! I bet Issey Miyake fans will go gaga over this. 


  1. can i noe where did u get tis info ? coz i cannot find any from either female's fb or female website. thx u ~

  2. Miu! Any idea when will there be a huge sale perfume sale like last yr from Metrojaya?
    Lolz, my hubby wants to get more perfume. haha

  3. Pink Pink: from Issey Miyake counter SA :D

  4. Sarina: hmmm........ Metrojaya has calm down on the perfume sales, not sure if they're going to do a big one like last year again. Estee Lauder sale is tomorrow, there's a huge collection of perfume brands under estee lauder companies. Hmm other than u missed the Fragrance sale at Corus hotel few weeks ago. But these sales will come again end of the year :)

  5. Miu, may I know is it the ad next to the content's page? I went to Issey Miyake's counter and the promoter also confused about it. xD

  6. yeah just show the ad only :( maybe the promoter is part timer? coz klcc issey miyake at parkson knew about it but i didn't bring page lol....

  7. the page is an advertisement protruding from the magazine...but it says to redeem on the 07 august ... but i guess they have ample stocks since they are still giving it out :)


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