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My name is Tammy Lim and I am an award winning blogger from Top 10 Malaysia Magazine and Cleo Malaysia Magazine. I have been blogging since 2008 and I am also the founder of a local Malaysian beauty & lifestyle community called The Butterfly Project. People often tell me that I'm a wonder woman, but in reality - if it's something you love, you can do wonders.

When I'm not wondering, I'll be on my computer searching for the next fountain of youth or hunting down a fantastic deal. I'm also a shopaholic, wanderluster, spa enthusiast and proud hipster who loves planning special occasions and surprises for her loved ones.
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  • Sky 360° Christmas & New Year Set Review


    Sky 360° Rooftop Restaurant at e-City Hotel @ One City, SJ
    pic courtesy of e-city hotel

    My other half and I recently had the privilege of being invited to dine at Sky 360° rooftop restaurant at e-CityHotel@One City in Subang Jaya. First impressions were that the decor looked modern and spacious as well as offering a stunning panoramic view of the greater Klang Valley. We were there to try the Christmas & New Year Set comprising of 6 courses. As we sat down, we were offered a complimentary welcome drink which was a choice of house wine or a non-alcoholic mocktail. I was feeling adventurous and wanted to try something new rather than my usual tipple of red wine so i chose the latter.

    Canon's New PIXMA G & MG Series - Which One Are You?


    did you catch the latest Canon printers?

    I couldn't attend the latest Canon fashion show PIXMA launch where they introduce two new series into their line of printers. The hashtag? #beautywithin really capture my interest "lagi lagi" with models cat walking in colourful carnival like body suit (or is it body paint) holding the printers. Gone are the days where printers only print out important paper work or your home work. Now they're so advance with all kinda of technology that you can trust them to print out your photographs then to go to the professionals. Save time, save money, save stress.

    Not just printing, you can also scan and copy too! I'll introduce you to the two new Canon series soon. First I want to say, I really need a printer at home. I've been stalking Harvey Norman to check out all the printers but I got a bad headache trying to figure out which one to buy. I guess I need to determine what I am going to do with the printer? Which is to print out a lot of paper work and well yeah Groupons. Just don't know why can't the merchants go paperless yet?! Arghh... 

    I want to flip table when this happens

    introducing the two new Canon PIXMA series - G and MG
    President and CEO of Canon Marketing (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd., Wataru Nishioka and Jeffrey Kung, Assistant Director of Consumer System Products (CSP) Division of Canon Marketing (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd., displaying the latest range of printers recently launched by Canon Marketing (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.

    OKAY so I studied both series released by Canon Malaysia and I got this crazy idea to just make a simple comparison on which Canon PIXMA Series would suit me or you. Seriously don't laugh okay. These pictures just pop out of my head. Don't take it seriously. Canon released two series the Canon PIXMA Ink Efficient G and MG.

    which Canon PIXMA Series are you suits you?

    refillable ink tank system for high volume printing

    The brand new PIXMA Ink Efficient G Series recently launched has a triplet but don't be confused, they are "Same same but different". Equipped with the next generation Refillable Ink Tank System technology. With the new Refillable Ink Tank System technology, the three babies PIXMA G1000 (single function), G2000 (multifunction) and G3000 (wireless*1 multifunction) can print mountains of paper / photos at low running costs without compromising the quality.

    PIXMA Ink Efficient G Series

    save while you print print print!

    With this new ink technology, you don't have to keep buying ink to replace anymore! Just refill with ink if it runs out. It can print 6,000 pages for black printouts and 7,000 for coloured for home or office use.

    Benefits of PIXMA G Series
    • Unique Tank System and Spill-Resistant Ink Bottle Design Desk space is  a luxury  for  many and for  that  reason,  each of  Canon’s  latest PIXMA G Series are built compact but sturdy with an added convenience of see-through ink tanks within the printer body. The PIXMA G Series ink bottle design  features  a  screw-down  cap  that  prevents  unwanted  leakages.  The bottle  tips  are  customised  to  assist  in  smooth  ink  flow  during  refills  without causing any mess or splatters. 
    • Wireless printing requires a working network with wireless 802.11 b/g/n capability. Wireless performance  may  vary  based  on  a terrain  and  distance  between the  printer  and the wireless network clients
    • Impeccable Quality Prints. Featuring  Canon’s  renowned  hybrid  ink  system,  the combination of pigment black  ink  and  dye  colours  delivers  exquisite  photos  when  used with Canon genuine paper. Documents printed with the PIXMA G Series on office-grade papers will present sharper black texts. 

    Bonus: Can also print borderless photos of up to A4 sizes while a 4R borderless photo can be produced in 60 secs. 

    Tip: PIXMA G3000 instant connection to mobile phones, tablets and laptops through its Wi-Fi feature to print docs / photos fast & easy.

    Summary: PIXMA G Series = quality print (doc/pics) + saving costs + high volume printing 

    The PIXMA G Series is available at Canon authorised outlets at RM499 @ G1000, RM599 @ G2000 and RM799 @ G3000. All prices are inclusive of GST (yay).

    printing perfection, elegant designs & superior print quality

    PIXMA MG Series also gave birth to three babies under the PIXMA Photo All-in-One (AIO) printers family. Introducing the MG3670, MG5770 and the flagship MG7770. Perfect for photography fans, it prints superior quality photographs by just connecting to the wifi (well besides the usual way). Throw a party, start selfie-ing and taking wefies connect to the printer and walah go back home with memories that don't just "lesap".

    Stunningly Elegant PIXMA MG Series

    for the hipsters who like blings & print pics

    Stunningly elegant, the three new printers look like beautiful jewels. I'm sure they will posh up your study room.  You can match the printer to your home / room interior as well - MG3670 (Red), MG5770 (black), MG7770 (black, red and the all-new gold colour).  While the printer's look has been enhanced, the quality of the photographs are not compromised. With the coming of the social media age, these new printers are made to suit the social media savvy generation. Cloud printing, connecting via wifi, printing from your Dropbox, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

    Tip: The stylish FastFront Design in MG3670 makes ink cartridge replacement, paper stack loading as well as operations and maintenance incredibly easy from a front-facing position.

    Bonus: You know how lazy I am so I'm happy to know that the MG3670 and MG7770 can be set up quickly after unboxing. No reading long wordy manuals and what CD what this and that installation. Canon has made it hassle free with a guided step-by-step in Canon PRINT Inkjet/Selphy app that does the setting up and registration. You can download it from Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

    Benefits of the PIXMA MG Series:
    • Stylishly Convenient
    • Effortless Printing and Scanning 
    • Wireless Advantage
    • Top-Notch Print Quality Effortless 
    • Cost Efficient and Environmental Friendly 
    Summary: Social media addicts + Quality Photographs = PIXMA MG Series

    The PIXMA Photo AIO MG3670, MG5770 and MG7770 is available at selected Canon authorised outlets  at  RM350,  RM406 and RM841 respectively (price inclusive of GST).

    More information about the new Canon PIXMA Series G and MG can be found at www.canon.com.my.

    My Christmas / Birthday Wish List


    Every year I make a wish list of things I would really like to add into my collection of obsession or things I wouldn't think of buying but would love to have. If so happen some fairy godmother out there or Santa would make my wishes come true, I'll be crazy happy but well it's just a wish. I'm sure you have your own wish lists as well right? Here's mine.

    wish fulfilled by Baby G (my bf)

    1. Pandora Ceramic Jewellery BoxMy obsession with Pandora started with a bracelet and a lovely shopping bag charm given by my brother. Now my collection has grown into a tiny assortment that I keep in a pink heart shape Pandora jewellery box given by a blogger friend Kelly. This Christmas Pandora release a gwp of a simple but still lovely, ceramic box with a purchase of over RM788.

    Canon Pixma MG7770 is a CP30

    looks like cp30 don't you think?

    2. PrinterSeriously need a good printer for my work. I've been checking out printer promotions but could never get myself to buy one yet because I just don't know where to start. Ink or toner? Colour or B/W? Will I use it often? But a printer is useful. Canon has released some printers recently, the Pixma G Series & Pixma MG Series. They look really cool compared to the printers I used to have during college and work. I like the Pixma MG Series, it looks like a jewellery box and shiny, very-the-posh feel. 

    my no.1 favourite is the feather pendant

    3. Pandora Pendants/Necklaces
    Okay back to my Pandora obsession. I only have one necklace in my collection so I would like to add more. I've been looking at the pendants and fallen in love with the big and dangling ones. The small ones are so insignificant looking and also me being big size doesn't help with a small pendant on my neck. My favourites are the feather, angel wings, butterfly, crown, key, and snowflake.

    P.S: OMG just checked out Pandora 1U and all the ones I liked is sold out. There's one last new angel wing necklace left at RM619. My family is buying that for my bday/xmas gift!!! YAY.

    I believe in fairy tales

    4. Pandora Charms - FairyTale Collection
    I just "content" the charm catalogue I took from Pandora's latest new outlet in 1 Utama. I don't understand why there's two Pandora counters now opposite each other on the same floor *scratches head*. Will the Tangs one be closed down? Anyway my favourite collection is the Fairy Tale but until now I have yet to own any. I get a lot of hearts from my friends instead which is nice haha.

    been dreaming about this Mt. Sapola Ultrasonic Diffuser

    5. Mt. Sapola Ultrasonic Diffuser
    Ever since I saw the Mt. Sapola Ultrasonic Diffuser at Bangkok airport 2011, I've been wanting to buy it but couldn't justify to myself to spend that much on a aromatherapy. It wasn't cheap, I think about RM500 and since then the prices has increased as well. I still hope that one day, I will be able to make enough money to buy one especially when age is catching up and having the air moist and nice is great for a good night's sleep. 
    The Ultrasonic Diffuser utilises electronic frequencies to cause a small panel under the surface of a liquid (usually water) to vibrate at a rapid rate. These pulsation waves cause the essential oil and water to vapourise and be diffused into a large spatial area. This diffuser creates a lovely mist that also helps to humidify the air. Sit back and relax while you enjoy the multi-coloured lights of this vapour therapy diffuser.

    Nando's Birthday Party

    6. A Nando's Birthday Party
    For some reason I just have a bucket list of birthday party themes to cross off every year. Last year I didn't throw a birthday party, and this year I am so missing the chance to throw one. I'm thinking going tribal with a Nando's Birthday Party haha. Well another one would be a Magnum Birthday Party. I don't mean the lucky number Magnum, the ice-cream Magnum at Magnum Cafe where all my guests can make their very own ice-cream with the works.

    wish fulfilled by my other half

    7. Bali Romantic Getaway
    This has been the one island that I would like to return to have a real romantic vacation with someone special and it really did come true! I never expected to have a boyfriend after what happened and much less fell for one with a sexy accent. Baby G is all that I am missing out on my life, romantic, sweet, knows what to say, a true gentleman who knows how to treat a woman right. For my birthday, we booked a 10D9N romantic getaway to Bali, staying in 3 different areas. It's not cheap during year end but we pulled it off completing a whole 10D9N itinerary with tours and stays at different areas. Two of them luxury resorts while one is a quaint Balinese style garden cottages in Sanur, 5 mins walking distance to the beach. Flying there on Christmas day itself to spend the year end together counting down to New Year's and my birthday, and also our 6 months anniversary together. That's 4 really good reason why we're putting a lot into this trip. Baby G has said he will pay for it all *omg*.

    Canon 70D wish fulfilled! thx to garage sales

    8. Canon 70D 
    Last month I started a huge garage sale, letting go of my beauty products at a steal to collect enough money to buy myself the Canon 70D camera with lens and a flash. The sigma 18-70mm 2.8 was selling at 50% off at Harvey Norman originally RM2688 now RM1.3k++! I also bought my Canon 70D at the sale price of RM3.3 instead of RM3.8. Wish fulfilled yay!!!

    cool floaties for the pool!

    9. Pool Floats
    OMG I saw people posting their pool pictures sitting or sleeping on a really huge float - a Swam / Flamingo / Donut. They come in all shapes and sizes, I particular like the yummy delicious ones like donut, pizza and pretzel! Really want to know where I can buy one!!! and have a pool party inviting my friends to come take selfies.. lol.

    the one ring to rule them all

    10. Pandora Snowflake Ring (Christmas)
    When I saw the Pandora's Christmas collection, I wanted it right one the spot. It's so beautiful, the snowflake looked right out from Frozen, not that I like Frozen but it looks like the north pole star shining so brightly. Elegantly beautiful, I think it will be perfect for that star dazzling event or just a happy girl wearing a wishing star on her finger. The price wasn't bad considering all Pandora rings with so much bling costs a bomb. This one here is only RM289. 



    Star Wars: The Force Awakens with GSC

    With everyone - brands, shops, etc joining in the Star Wars fever by selling, giving Star Wars related goodies everywhere, GSC has joined in the Star Wars: The Force Awakens fever by giving away two awesome Star Wars merchandise or shall I say fan freak collectibles (made for adult) worth a lot starting from 17/12 - 30/12 @ a 14-day giveaway.
    • ONE limited edition Star Wars The Black Series Kylo Ren Fore FX Deluxe Lightsaber with Metal Hilt (worth RM1,079.90 each)
    • ONE Star Wars The Black Series Electronic Voice Changer Helmet (worth RM 377.90 each) 
    Given away to two lucky winners everyday, here's 4 simple steps to winning these goodies:
    Step 1:            Take a photo of your Star Wars: The Force Awakens ticket,     
                           ticket stub or e-ticket on the same day as your movie
    Step 2:            Post it on Instagram or Facebook
    Step 3:            Write a Star Wars worthy creative caption with 20 words or less
    Step 4:            Include the hashtag #TheForceIsStrongWithGSC

    more info on gsc.com.my.

    The Butterfly Project Christmas Bingsu Party X Bene Box Project


    Make A Child Smile This Christmas

    This Christmas, The Butterfly Project will be taking a 360 degrees turn to have our annual X'mas gathering with a meaningful activity called the Bene Box Project. Big thanks to CaffeBene for hosting our Christmas Bingsu Party and for sponsoring 50 Bingsu Takeaway Boxes (Bingsu containers) for us to do our shoebox project. Well instead of using a shoebox, we'll be using CaffeBene's Bingsu takeaway container. I think it's a brilliant idea because it reminds me of the whimsy jars (see picture reference below) that I wanted to do but never did. You can see through what's inside so filling it up with colourful fun stuffs will make it super cute and attractive!. Especially when you decide to personalise the whole box. 

    Butterfly Project Bingsu Christmas Party a.k.a Bene Box Project
    Venue: CaffeBene, i0i Mall (Puchong)
    Date: 13th Dec, 2015 (Sunday)
    Time: 10.30am - 12.30pm
    Pax: 50 butterflies
    Activity: Bene Box Project (1hour)

    Sign Up Here (A Butterfly Rep will email you a confirmation)

    What To Bring: 
    1. gifts to be packed into Bene Box (1 butterfly per Bene Box only)
    2. stationaries to personalise your Bene Box
    3. you can also write a letter to be included for the child to read

    How Do We Give Thanks Back?
    The Butterfly Project is a non-profit community that has been helping it's members (bloggers new or old) to be connected to brands in Malaysia. Whether it is to improve their blogging, photography, video, instagram or getting more content, we believe our members will fly high when they reach out to fulfil their passion. Funds is always an issue to us all, which is why we believe in giving it back to sponsors whenever we can. For this Christmas Bingsu Party where we will be doing the Bene Box Project, we would like all members who sign up to attend, social share about their experiences. Blogging is not mandatory but encouraged as being a part of the community and as a blogger.


    whimsical jars filled with whimsical stuffs
    colourful, mysterious, looks like it has so much stuffs!

    ice cream whimsy jar by Jessica Rodarte

    What's a Shoebox Project?
    The shoebox project is a small and simple project with a big impact. Simply put, why shoebox? (recyclable material that can be gathered). A person can donate toys, candies, stationaries, anything that is safe for children packed into the shoebox to be gifted away. WAIT.. it can't be a boring thing that's for sure. It has to be fun box, so fun or cool that a smile lightens up when it's open!

    SO what's the Bene Box Project?
    It works the same way, just instead of a shoebox, we'll be using CaffeBene's bingsu takeaway containers which is quite sturdy when the lid is locked. It can be filled with candies and stuffed toys for children and then personalised with markers / sharpies / ribbons / deco parts / stickers for the children!. When we arrive at CaffeBene, we'll be given each a Bene Box to start putting our gifts inside and add a finishing touch to it. We then leave it at CaffeBene, who will deliver it to the orphanage the next weekend.

    How It Works?

    every butterfly will be given a Bene Box
    Bene Box Size: 6inch (H) x 3 - 6inch (W) 
     prepare beforehand what gifts to give
    filled the Bene Box with your gifts
     add a personalised magic touch in the end

    leave it at CaffeBene once you finish!


    Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi Foot File Review


    meet my pink idol

    I can't rave how awesome this Scholl's Velvet Smooth Express Pedi Electronic Foot File for my pedicure woes as I tried this morning to unbox and do a video review on how to use this cool gadget by Scholl. Of course the main thing that attracted me to this is the pink hand held device which almost looks like Clarisonic's facial cleansing device only this is for your feet. This device will file away hard skin under your feet to give you velvety smooth and beautiful feet effortlessly and instantly. I'm going to put this to the test to see for myself.

     the limited edition pink Velvet Smooth Express Pedi device

    The Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi Electronic Foot File comes normally in blue but because it was Breast Cancer Awareness month, you can get it in the limited edition pink woohoo! Retails for RM135.20!

     this is how it looks like

    They say beauty begins at your feet, which is quite true. It's also one of the most neglected areas in on our body. With our busy schedule, running around working, shopping and hanging out we often don't have time to go to the nail salon to have our regular pedicure treatment to maintain smooth and beautiful looking feet. I for one would go have my pedicures twice a month and I would always top up for foot filling (to get rid of my hard skin). The top up ranges from RM15 - RM30 depending on salons where a foot file device (electronic or non-electronic) would be used. It files and buffs away the hard skin and improves the skin texture on my feet. I always wonder, how I can achieve the same effect at home without needing to pay for this extra treatment.

    I did wonder if I could purchase the devices myself to use at home. I didn't really find any and would imagine they're quite expensive to buy. I resorted to the normal flat sand paper type foot filer but after a while got bored and lazy filling my feet. If it was electronic that would be easier and more convenient.

    Then came Scholl's Velvet Smooth Express Pedi Electronic Foot File which I feel the price is not too bad for an electronic beauty gadget from a reputable company. It beats topping up at nail salons!.

    front - back

    can't wait to try it

    comes ready with 4 x AA batteries

    just twist the middle silver part to turn on

    batteries are inserted from the bottom

    click the side, to release the coarse roller head

    just twist the middle silver part to turn on

    the roller head can be wash & replace

    gosh look at all my dead skin cells!!!

    seriously I am impressed!!! 

    from hard skin to smooth skin in minutes

    wash it under running water & leave to dry
    (roller head should be detached from the gadget and washed separately.
    Gadget can only be wiped with a damp cloth)

    I was seriously wow-ed by this device upon the first use. It's easy, fast and gives the same effect I get from paying at the nail salons to smoothen and buff away my hard skin under the foot. I highly recommend to throw the normal foot filers (which isn't cheap I tell you, I bought a few that costs from RM30 - 45). I rather swap them for Scholl's electronic foot filer. Watch my short video review about what I think about the Scholl's Velvet Smooth Express Pedi Electronic Foot File.

    watch my video review!

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