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  • Sky 360° Christmas & New Year Set Review


    Sky 360° Rooftop Restaurant at e-City Hotel @ One City, SJ
    pic courtesy of e-city hotel

    My other half and I recently had the privilege of being invited to dine at Sky 360° rooftop restaurant at e-CityHotel@One City in Subang Jaya. First impressions were that the decor looked modern and spacious as well as offering a stunning panoramic view of the greater Klang Valley. We were there to try the Christmas & New Year Set comprising of 6 courses. As we sat down, we were offered a complimentary welcome drink which was a choice of house wine or a non-alcoholic mocktail. I was feeling adventurous and wanted to try something new rather than my usual tipple of red wine so i chose the latter.

    Crusted Tuna Loin with Mesclun Green, Orange dressing, Caviar & Salmon eggs

     seared & served rare with caviar & salmon eggs

    First dish served was an appetizer of Crusted Tuna Loin with Mesclun Green, Orange dressing, Caviar & Salmon eggs. The Tuna Loin was coated with black pepper, quickly seared and served rare. It tasted succulent which suggests it was a good quality fresh cut. I thought that the ingredients used in this opening dish were an attempt to create a wow factor, introducing the menu in style, particularly with the inclusion of the small serving of caviar and salmon eggs. It certainly had that affect on me and I was pretty impressed with how each of the ingredients used complimented each other, culminating in a delightful fusion of flavours on my taste buds.     

    Lobster Bisque and Garlic bread

    Next up was a choice of 2 different types of Soup - Lobster Bisque and Garlic bread or Chicken Royale Consomm'e. I decided to choose the former as I had never tried it before and was interested in trying it as I'm a big fan of lobster (which I only eat rarely as a treat because it's so damn expensive!) I'm pleased to say that it didn't disappoint and was easily one of the yummiest soups I've ever tasted. Omg so delicious like an orgasm in my mouth hehe smooth, creamy texture with a smokey taste combined with a hint of different spices together with small bits of lobster at the bottom. The garlic bread was crunchy and full of flavour, a fitting accompaniment to the soup. It was most definitely a pleasure to savour such an elegant dish.

    Beetroot Raspberry Granita

    I was thinking that whichever dish was up next was going to have a pretty big task ahead in competing with and following in the footsteps of the excellent Lobster Bisque. It came in the form of a Beetroot Raspberry Granita served in a cocktail glass with a sugar coated rim, which was refreshing and had a mixture of a sweet and slightly sour taste to it. I guess it served as a palate cleanser and also to help lighten my stomach for the main course.

    introducing the main courses (from top - left - right)

    For the main course there are 3 different options as follows:
    • Medallion tenderloin beef with potato fondant, market fresh vegetables & green pepper corn sauce
    • Salmon fillet with capers relish, lemon ginger cream sauce, boiled potatoes & garden fresh vegetables
    • Corn fed chicken with spinach & ricotta with mushroom sauce, truffle mashed potato & garden fresh vegetables

    Medallion Tenderloin Beef 

    I chose the Medallion Tenderloin Beef while my partner decided to go for the Corn Fed Chicken. I must say that I thought the presentation of these 2 dishes, as well as the salmon fillet from glancing over at other customers meals, were creatively inspired by the chef. Very colourful & imaginative and I can tell you it tastes every bit as good as it looks!. The medallions of tenderloin beef seemed to be each cooked at 3 different levels - well done, medium well and medium. I guess the reason for this is to cater to as many diners tastes as possible and offer a diverse selection. I'm personally not too particularly fussy when it comes to how my beef is cooked but I guess others might be. Anyway, I'm sure you can tell the waitress or waiter how you prefer your beef cooked when you order to suit you. I enjoyed mine it tasted like a fresh & fine quality cut of beef although I felt the pepper sauce which accompanied it was a little bit too salty for my liking. But apart from that, everything else on the plate was fine. My partner also remarked that the chicken tasted delicious so I'm assuming the same will go right across the board to the salmon fillet which looked chunky and succulent.

    Walnut Caramel Crusted Tart with Sour Cream

    To finish off the main course was a tasty dessert comprising of Walnut Caramel Crusted Tart with Sour Cream and Berries Compote. Although it's not what I would usually chose for dessert, it was an opportunity to try something new and different for a change. The texture of the pastry was crumbly it fell apart when I broke it apart with my spoon. The filling was rich, sweet and full of caramel with crunchy walnut pieces throughout. My suggestion would be to replace the sour cream (didn't taste sour or fit the dish) with either whipped or ice cream instead to compliment the compote, which comprised of a mixture of strawberries and blueberries.

    cookies & pralines

    A choice of coffee or tea is served with the chef's own version of cookies and mixture of dark/white chocolate covered pralines to polish off proceedings. Sky 360° restaurant's Christmas & New Year Set menu is available for a limited time only from now til 30 Dec 2016. Not available on 24th & 25th Dec. Price is a reasonable RM145 nett per pax for a fine dining experience.

    Sky 360° Christmas & New Year Menu Set RM145nett per pax
    click to view larger

    Sky 360°, Level R (Rooftop)
    e-City Hotel@One City,
    Jalan USJ 25/1,  47650 Subang Jaya,
    Selangor, Malaysia

    Reservations : 03-5115 9887
    Operation hours : 6.30am - 11pm


    written by Baby G (my bf hehe)
    photography Tammy


    1. Waa congrats Baby G for the first post! Interesting ever as if it was written by Tammy!! Now I'm hungry hehe <3 ^_^

      1. wahhhh??? my england not hebat like him also PINKu!!!!! I'm also hungry now...

    2. Images is so damn luring and pretty! Baby G's debut ya? Lol!!! I am waiting for his next posting..... :P

      1. XD IMAGES I TAKE ONE WITH CANON 70D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *banga*

        His next posting..maybe he take another 2 weeks to stress on writing.. ish..

    3. Images is so damn luring and pretty! Baby G's debut ya? Lol!!! I am waiting for his next posting..... :P

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