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  • The Mummy 3 : Should just stay buried.


    I thought it was going to be an epic adventure again but I was wrong. First who is the woman below?

    who is this woman? (

    where is RACHEL WEISZ?!

    One of the reasons I liked The Mummy movie (or series) is because of her and Brendan Fraser. They make the perfect personality and pair in combating mummies. BUT godammit, in the 3rd Mummy Series, someone else replaced her and all that magic is gone. The accent, the way she is is just not Evelyn anymore. Rachel had that spunk and naughtiness about her. Don't forget her accent, it's just so her as the archaeologist who saves Brendan's ass all the time. In this 3rd Mummy movie, the new Evelyn is just the wife of Rick, nothing more. She didn't show the same spunk as Rachel, nor did she use much of her brain.

    who the hell is this... man?

    supposedly the grown up son
    (remember the kid in Mummy 2?)

    Brothers? Or too old to be his son?
    (Don't tell me Rick & Eve had a son during their teenage years?)

    That's actually Alex, the son of Rick & Evelyn who seems to be older than he should be? However putting him alongside Brendan Fraser just makes them look like brothers instead of father and son. Why did they have to fast track his son being so old now? they could've made a good thing by introducing a young boy "Indiana Jones" instead making him look like a old, college drop out who is pompous, sombong to the max, a dam playboy who don't respect his parents. Trust me we're siding Rick on this one because we know who Rick is and hell I don't know who this "Alex" wannabe hero is.

    Besides trying to make his character interesting as the rebellious son, they also made him into a playboy thinking James Bond's seed spreading hobby is fashionable. In just a matter of few seconds, we'll see Alex in combat with the Lin (Isabella Leong) and from thereon, the "love scene" between them is just plain dumb. A play boy and a 2000 year old woman can fall in love within a 2 meetings. They must be wearing a strong "love perfume" to have such chemistry develop so early into the show. A No Brainer Love Story.

    John Hannah a.k.a. Jonathan (Evelyn's brother) is still the good old Jon who sees $$ everywhere he goes. He has more chemistry than anyone else in the movie with Rick.

    It is a wonder why we never see much of their faces in The Mummy 3 posters cept Jet Li (the one who was supposedly retired but is still making movies) and Brendan Fraser (the hero). I don't even want to mention Michelle Yeoh's acting. She has remain the same since all her movies after Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. The effects could've been better, the plot seems the same and the characters involved is a total Zilch with new faces. Some parts of the story could make you think twice. It was 60% Cheesy, 30% bad effects and 10% Brendan Fraser.

    Mummy 3 should stay BURIED.

    If I were to rate this I'll give it 2 stars. I know a lot of people are going to watch Mummy 3 regardless whether reviews are bad because of the glory of Mummy 1 & 2 and hyped up "trailer".


    Advertlets: Wall-E


    I want to watch WALL-E because I love Disney Pixar's animation and I heard this one is so good that they don't need famous people's voice to attract an audience! (except Sigourney Weaver my all time favorite Alien heroin). Here's something cool to know:

    Wall.E & Eve

    EVE (Extraterrestrial Vegetation Evaluator)

    is a sleek, ergonomically advanced robotic probe whose main function is to locate plant life in order to determine if the Earth is capable of supporting human life. She is equipped with scanners and a retractable plasma cannon in her right arm, the latter of which she is quick to use or brandish at the slightest provocation. Her body of design is inspired by the sleek, white versions of Apple products such as the iPod! don't believe me?

    Have you met Wall.E? Everyone's talking about him!

    There's lotsa robots other than Wall.E & EVE like M.O, GO-4, HAN-5, VRO-M, PR-T, AUTO, VN-GO, L-T, D-FIB & aRL-A (some awesome names right?) and I can't wait to see the computer (Sigourney Weaver). Already earning millions since the release in U.S, it's now no.3 in the spot after The Incredibles and Finding Nemo. I will watch Wall.E one way or another, but to watch it with new friends @ bloggers alike will be so cool!

    Hi, Meet Dave!

    dam, I'm in Bangkok for this movie preview..

    but I am going to watch this on Thursday.. hehe

    All U CAN EAT DURIAN at SS2 (opposite Horus)

    OMG today I went to eat durian buffet at SS2 (it's on the padang! a big man-made tent with lotsa durians displayed) and guess how much?


    for one thing, it's not the best grade durians for sure, but for rm10-00 these durians are not bad at all! (rich, creamy and thick) and different pick gives different taste! They also sell the durians for rm10-00 (3 biji) and mangosteins 3kg for rm10-00! Lotsa people eating there! and I went during dinner time. Petrol naik, tukar gaya hidup. Dulu makan D24, sekarang makan Durian buffet rm10-00.

    *sorry pics taken using my handphone camera so the picture quality is not that good =)

    Click on Map for large view =)


    Memory Failing..


    I just realize I went to watch D-Wars and missed out on "21". It's even on my calendar in front of me and I still failed! sigh, well I already watched it earlier on. It's just that I could've given 4 (yes FOUR) tickets to my friends to go watch it instead. Darn! Dang! $%^%^&^&* must be having too many tickets on my hand to even remember when they are showing! arghh... that's like rm40-00 worth of movie ticket gone! argghhh... the horrorr the horrorr.. i am sorry tickets!! I will not betray you again!!! sob sob sob and best part, I watch a S.T.U.P.I.D movie instead of remembering about 21! which is an awesome movie.

    War of the Dragons or Dragon Wars or D-Wars

    Trust me, you don't want to watch this. I slept after trying to give credit to the movie for the first 30minutes. After I just wish I could go home and continue sleeping. Only reason I watched this is because I won RAM Entertainment passes for it. Also if you notice, the movie was released last year and it's being shown in cinemas here now =_=''' <-- annoyed face. Not giving any star for this shiatty movie. Pardon my language. --------------------

    Time Out KL Subscription Giveaway!

    People! Time Out KL is givin away 3 months free subscription to anybody! no payment needed, no obligation! check out their website to subscribe! I already did for myself muahaha! Time Out KL is not bad, I've got their hamburger issue which feature the top hamburgers in KL you might want to chomp down on. Do note I'm not being paid to advertise this, I just did it to let u guys know there's a freebie in town! whoppee dooo!

    Sex & The City: The Movie

    Just came back from Sex & The City and OMG why didn't Malaysia release it sooner? well I'm a big fan of SC and the movie did not let me down one bit at all =) I really don't want to spoil a good movie and let's just say, Baby if you never watch Sex & The City.. YOU SHOULD!

    5 Fucking Fabulous Stars! (what Samantha would say) because I'm a huge fan of Sex & The City!

    (I am getting the DVD!)


    Shaolin Girl Challenge! test your movie watching kungfu!


    I'm going to organize another Movie Blogging thingy and show uncle thomas I am a bad girl! yeah I gona dress up as EMO go. Haha no jk, but I guess we could make it fun? however this time it's a movie on Shaolin Girl, a japanese movie? but I see some Hong Kong actors in it and it's produced by Stephen Chow (my favorite all time Asian actor!).

    Here's the synopsis:

    About a young kung fu teacher, Rin, who must take over her grandfather's dojo. In order to prepare herself, she make a journey to China for 3,000 days of grueling Shaolin kung fu training. Upon her return to Japan, she works to rebuild the dojo and joins her university lacrosse club, putting her considerable prowess to work for the team.

    Watch the trailer:

    The Reviews on Shaolin Girl:
    If you Google Shaolin Girl up, you'll find a bunch of links about how bad the movie is that until Stephen Chow decided to keep a distance after franchising the idea instead of a direct sequel to Shaolin Soccer. Though it may seem the reviews are @##$$%%^&^ I don't mind a challenge to see what's in store and do some review of my own too. The actress seems cute and I love Japanese girls.. haha.


    Shaolin Girl
    TGV 1 Utama
    4 Aug 2008 (Mon)
    9:00 PM

    So the challenge this time is to watch a movie that has been sentence to death by reviewers and see if we too join the dark side! I only have 10 invites available and these are the requirements to get in:

    How to join the Movie Challenge!

    1. Post a comment leaving your blog link, name & email address.

    2. Incomplete entries will be disqualified.

    The List a.k.a the confirmation list
    1. Miu
    2. Brick1235 (guest)
    3. Hurley
    4. Thomas
    5. Thomas's wife
    6. Jasmine
    7. Tiffany
    8. Jasmine's Brother

    dateline: 3rd August, 2008

    21: Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!

    21 is about 5 brainy MIT students who used their intelligence or let's just say mathematical skills under the guidance of Professor Rosa, to "cheat"? the casinos out of hundreds of thousands of dollars. I couldn't decide if the right word to use was cheat, because these fellas are the type of suspects monitored everyday by the casino's "security department" and if caught, will be plundered, bashed and warned not to go back or you know what will happen. If it wasn't cheating, why would they be hunted down like wild animals? surely there must be a sign outside the casino entrance that says :

    "only dumb and unlucky gamblers allowed in"

    Well the plot sounds cool enough right? Don't let the actors fool you because new hot boy Jim Sturgess (if u remember the musical From Across the Universe) is not just a pretty boy who can sing afterall. Kevin Spacey (American Pie) and Laurence Fishburne (Matrix) played their bad cop good cop persona pretty well. There are some familiar faces which made real good subjects in this movie. The quote of the day "Winner, winner, Chicken Dinner" will ring through your head until the next morning.

    This movie is entertaining and maybe you'll start hitting the casino real soon too. I'll give it a 3 stars and I'm on my way to Genting bye!


    X-Files: I want to believe & Blog Mocha!


    Special thanks to Ewin for the group pic!
    (disguises used to protect identities of bloggers)
    Thursday 24th July, 2008 - X-Files BlogMocha!

    First of I would like to thank Hurley, "uncle" thomas, tiffany, ewin, joyce (not a girl), fiona, may & hubby, http://kcspawn.blogspot.com/, Shen & gf, Balka & gf, Danny @ kerbau, Jasmine and lastly Brick for coming to this event! Although the crowd was a mixture of world of warcraft gamers, myb & bloggers from different walks of life, it turn out to be real fun even if it's just collecting tickets from me.

    Joyce & Ewin (who said he won't take my pic but curi ambik also) made the event felt like "a red carpet" event with them and their cun cameras snapping away. Fiona @ IceNyior who is a bubbly sweet girl graduating soon from limkokwing (I'm also from limkokwing! how small the world is), Kelvin a funny guy whose very sporting!, the beautiful couple soon to be happily ever after - May & Kevin (they both look like models!@) I'm so jealous ngek ngek. Tiffany & Uncle Thomas - side kick bloggers from port klang! Uncle and Hurley the devil in orange blog, thanks for doin the impromptu yumcha session :)

    The ones not in the photo are from world of warcraft (wow for short) and they're pretty shy people. I've been doing movie preview events for my guild in w0w for nearly 2 years but since I stopped playing, I decided its time to meet up with a new genre of people (bloggers) and foster new friendships in my country :)

    Thanks all for making the 20minutes of my life seem red carpet worthy and you're welcome for all the currying from your blogs! *shy*

    Special thanks to Joyce for this pic =)

    I will end this moment with a review on the movie we all watched:

    Truth be told, this movie arrived a bit too late (10 years) even for the after glow of it's popular tv series X-Files. Since then, a lot more pseudo x-files type and investigative, crime solving, supernatural shows has since come and go leaving us behind with special effects, cool plots, shocks, surprises, gore, blood, killer scenes to go comparing X-Files with. The movie was in short, boring, draggy, the usual plots seen already in some other movies and tv shows, the character developing of the newbies were weak and disappointing to begin with as they show no depth in "trying to be the anti-mulder" persona.

    The long awaited "love scene" between Mulder & Scully was a drag as it seems all the tension build up in the shows just ended with 2 old, grumpy, unbelieving couple who lost a son (don't know how, don't know why) and still up till todate arguing like teenagers. That isn't what we want to see, but thanks for the scene on Mulder caressing Scully on bed.

    The "bad guys" in the movie, were nothing more than a story u seen or read from somewhere about scientific research on head transplant, and it's not new. It would at least save the plot if they show actual scenes of the victims suffering, being chopped around the neck/body parts, blood ozzing and screams more horrific than "NO NO let me out". AND hey how about the sentimental missing people's syndrome where families cry, friends searching, people getting afraid of this incidents? I don't see that being much shown. Looks like it's quite a normal town where people go missing everyday and nobody comes to claim or look for them. BAh HUmbug.

    Too old, too late X-Files has left the building and with this movie "I want to Believe" isn't making any come back worth talking about. I'll give 1 star for Mulder & Scully' to believe in each other again.


    Shu What?


    I went to Shu Uemura's Family & Friends Sale today and it was disappointing. Why? read below:

    1. limited range of cosmetics n skin care available for sale;
    2. price is not cheap compare to other luxury brands around;
    3. their staff probably got the best in the morning leaving behind the slow items;
    4. small room, few tables only;
    5. color variety on lipsticks/blushers/eyeshadow very limited, u can count with few fingers.

    The queue is heavily guarded to prevent over stuffing the small "shu atelier" room, so waiting time will kill u if u meet the crowd above. You can see from the picture, that's where the sales are. A lot of people left not buying much or nothing at all. I even left without buying anything as the price is not really cheap for such basic colors/cosmetic.

    Price Spy:

    Lipstick/LipGloss = 1 for rm30, 2 for rm50
    Blusher 1 for rm40, 2 for rm70
    mascara 1 for rm35, 2 for rm60
    fake eyelashes = rm20
    bronzer kit = rm50
    foundation = rm60
    eyeshadow = 1 for rm30, 2 for rm50
    eyeshadow pallete = rm40 - 50
    crayon pen concealer (2 colors each side) = 1 for rm35, 2 for rm70
    nail polish (didn't bother to see price)

    facial scrub rm30
    skin upliftin rm50
    skin whitening care range goes from 100 above
    skin whitening set rm100

    there’s also Giorgio armani, about same price as above..for eyeshadow/lipstick/eyeliner etc.. didn’t care much coz.. nothing to shout about..

    kiehl’s lip balm rm10
    kiehl’s lotion rm10
    kiehl’s lavender shower rm20

    well i was there late morning.. it was a small sale..

    That's about it, I don't think I will go to their next Shu Sales anymore.


    I promise

    1. to write about the diy workshop
    2. to review the x-files movie
    3. to watch sex & the city
    4. to post up group pic of the "x-file" mini blog gathering
    5. to post up more food
    6. to go to more warehouse sales! especially shu uemura's today
    7. write about my day today renewing my passport at immigration centre

    don't know if i can fulfill all this haha.. my blog like no space to write so much hahaha


    Ikea Sales 24th July - 17th August, 2008


    Attended the member pre-sales in the morning, nothing much to shout about. It's just some selected items at a special price just for members and only for the 1st day 24th July, 2008. Although some knick knacks are at a good deal for crafty people like me (got so much things to store and do with it). After some thinking, I'm going back to get more jars @ rm5.90 each for colleague and for my new kitchen. Behold miu the cheapskate's buy at Ikea today!

    the lot

    fixa torx tool set rm3-90
    (some handy, don need worry where all the tools are)

    bastis food bowl large rm3-00 each
    (for my dearest dog kopi)

    jappling jar/lid 2.2L rm5-90 (original rm15++)
    (gona 2 keep my craft materials inside)

    maskot n flower box rm2-90
    (can start gardening but actually I'm buying to put my crafts stuffs inside!)

    When my colleague saw the 2.2L bottle @ rm5.90, she regretted not buying it! keke so now she tumpang me to buy 2 set for her. I think it's really worth it, the 1.1L bottle goes for rm6.90! original price rm10++. So I'm going back tonight to buy some bottles ^_^


    Tag You're It

    I've been tagged by a cheesy guy name Hurley who likes strawberry milkshake & maroon shirts. He said I will "kena" gypsy curse if I don't repeat this "game" n tag 5 victims. I know he's kidding about the curse! and this is my 1st time playing a blog-tagging-chain-game so it sounds fun! I'm goin to play along and think about who to tag...hmm..

    It starts with (and this is what u have to copy n paste in your blog too if u're tagged)

    1. The rules of the game get posted at the beginning.

    Journey 2 D Center of D Earth Review

    After work, I went to 1utama to jalan-jalan. Well as usual, I will drop by the place I used to work and watch a movie or two. Tonight, I watched Journey to the Center of the Earth at 6.50pm, it costs me RM7-00 only (I just realize it's Wed Specials). I choose this movie because Sex & The City was at 11.50pm and there's no way I am going back at 2am. I was tired n feeling a bit under the weather so I just pick this movie and bought a Spritzer from GSC at rm2-00 (highway robbery). As I sat down, I felt sleepy and coma for a few minutes. However when the movie started, I was awaken by a T-Rex running across the screen. Thank you T-Rex for waking me up. The actor or hero of this movie is Brendan Fraser (George of the Jungle, Bedazzled, The Mummy <-- awesome) who happens to be my dream guy too. Yea yea you probably know why I watch this movie now haha. The main attraction for this movie is the 3D effects (T-Rex, magnetic rocks, colorful backdrop of the scenes) and it really brought me into the chase. You know all adventures is like a chase, chasing for something, chasing to get out, chasing this person. In this case it was chasing to get out of the "place they got trapped in" before it becomes an oven. It brought me back to the time I played Mario on Nintendo. The running, the jumping on rocks, avoiding death and finally getting out of the pit hole for good. The Mine Cart Chase reminded me of the time I played Donkey Kong on Nintendo too, and when I played that I really felt like I'm going to die. I wasn't tired anymore and my heart went thump thump each time an obstacle show itself. I like how Brendan aka Trevor being the cool, protective uncle over his nephew who lost his father 10years ago out of nowhere and Hannah the butt-kicking, mountain climbing, heroin who charges 5 grand an hour for her services. Somehow as scary as it seems, everyone still survived the ordeal (I know I won't.. I'll probably slip or get eaten by the T-Rex who ran like a Bullet Train) and get filthy rich thanks to Sean (smart i like u kid) but i don't advise u readers to buy the book and start your get-rich adventure ok?

    Overall I give it 3 stars =) for a family bonding session, a thrilling chase & adventure and the 3d effects of an awesome world that exists in the core of the earth.


    Advertlets Movie Contest : you don't want to mess with Zohan


    I'm goin to enter the contest below, just registered only, but I haven't got down to really doing anything yet. I'm wondering if I should enter.. seeing that I could just pay rm6 to go watch it. Hmmm tough choice. Well hope u guys readin this wanna enter also because it sounds like a really fun event with hair raising topics and bloggers with a penchant to win Prizes!. I love comedies, especially Adam Sandler ones. I hope it's not too late to go! think about all the hairy people we can meet!

    In You Don’t Mess With the Zohan, a comedy from screenwriters Adam Sandler, Robert Smigel (Triumph the Insult Comic Dog), and Judd Apatow (Knocked Up), Sandler stars as Zohan, an Israeli commando who fakes his own death in order to pursue his dream: becoming a hairstylist in New York! Dennis Dugan directs.

    Join us for the screening!

    Screening details :
    Date / Day : 12 August 2008 (Tuesday)
    Time : 8:30PM
    Venue : Cathay Cineplex Damansara
    Hall : 8 (254 seats)

    Watch it with Advertlets!
    The movie only opens in cinemas 21 August 2008, but you get to watch it earlier with Advertlets on 12th August 2008! It’s simple - all you have to do for a pair of tickets for the movie screening is just write a post on your blog! The blog post should include:

    • Your thoughts on why you want to watch the movie. Is it Adam Sandler? The hilarious trailer? The other bloggers you’ll meet there too? Is it because you could use a new hairdryer? Let us know! :)
    • The Advertlets/Zohan flyer from this promo (this one) with a link to this post.
    • Related pictures/videos are cool, and we recommend using them to spice up your post.

    Write a post, and you’ll be automatically entered in the BLOG CONTEST mentioned below. It’s open to all active Advertlets members. To qualify, you need to have at least 1 Advertlets Ad Unit installed on your blog. After you’re done writing the post, drop us an e-mail at posts@advertlets.com.

    Got hair? Got a blog? Join the contest!

    Just write a blog post (details above), and you could win!

    1 x Limited Edition Zohan Water Gun (worth RM 250 each)
    1 x Limited Edition Zohan Star Shape KeyChain (worth RM 150 each)
    1 x Pensonic Hairdryer PHD 1205 (worth RM 180 each)

    Show us your hair’s style! Show up with the most creative/weird/horrible hairstyle at the screening itself, and you could win!

    1 x Limited Edition Zohan Water Gun (worth RM 250 each)
    1 x Limited Edition Zohan Muscle T-Shirt (worth RM 200 each)
    1 x Limited Edition Zohan Star Shape KeyChain (worth RM 150 each)
    1 x Pensonic Hairdryer PHD 1205 (worth RM 180 each)
    1 x Wing’s Saloon Hair Service Voucher (worth RM 150 each)

    Terms & Conditions

    • Only one blog per blogger is eligible to take part
    • You can take part in both the BLOG & HAIR contests, but can win for only one category
    • All prizes are to be collected at the venue itself, and are not eligible to be collected otherwise, prizes will be awarded to other nominees.

    PS: Here’s the trailer…

    I got hit by the musical bug..


    As you know, I attended the "Grand Night for Singing" by the Canticle Singers which was a musical production about some famously known songs sang by various well known musical productions, singers and theater. I don't normally attend musicals, in my life I only attended 3 musicals so far. One was during my form 4 year which I can't remember what it was anymore, the second was by my friend Vincent, who sang in "Broken Bridges" about a old town name Ipoh (oh I really enjoyed Ipoh Town musical) and lastly this by the Canticle Singers thanks to Mr. Choong who gave me the opportunity to attend as guest :)

    I'm really happy to have heard in one night, all the famous Broadway numbers, pop, rock, jazz and gospel hits. I particularly loved "Taylor the latte boy" sang by Jade Liew LY. She really opened up my eyes during this number and I just can't help but fall in love with her and the song. I enjoy Mama Mia! thumpin with Lion King and the savoring Sweeney Todd the Demon Barber of Fleet Street. I was saddened by Miss Saigon, about a Vietnamese girl abandoned by her American lover. I must say it was a truly enjoyable evening to end my hectic day and the sums of most Broadway shows in just one night.

    I search in youtube for Taylor the Latte Boy and found this actress whom I've been watching Pushign Daisies, sing it and boy she's also got me..falling in love with Taylor the latte boy.

    Kristin Chenoweth (Pushing Daisies)
    singing "Taylor the Latte Boy"

    side note:
    I thought we had nightmare encounters in cinemas but u know what even in theater u can face the same "problems". It made me laugh, I didn't think I would find similar problems in another platform of place.

    In cinemas u hear ppl talkin about the movie "eh eheh this is the killer haha, omgomg like this like that eh this story is about etc etc" so in the theater I got this instead, a Japaneses woman singing 80% of the entire musical loudly next to me ( she must be thinking she's a part of the show).

    In cinemas u get earthquakes, ppl rocking their chairs n goyang kaki like no tomorrow? so in theater, the same woman singing n thumping her feet on the flimsy man made seating platform which rocks my seating row and the platform was thumping so hard, my heart was beating to it.

    I came to a musical to listen to a Musical Production, not some woman singing happily bcoz it makes her happy. It really spoiled my moment trying to embrace the theatrical experience. This is not a concert Madam.


    Saturday Fever!

    My Saturday schedule was jammed pack until midnight, I can't believe I made it to all the places in my schedule. First this was my schedule:



    alarm ring


    waiting for new friend Christine 2 pick me up to go Estee Lauder's Staff Sales @ Renaissance Hotel, KL


    Q'ing up


    finally went in










    On way back to TTDI!

    Facial Appointment at Beyond Beauty
    - a birthday present for Olina @ derma intense glow facial + gold eye mask treatment.

    rush to Eastin Hotel for Treazures DIY Craft Workshop

    rush back home!

    dinner at Jasema Mamak, TTDI

    rush to Istana Budaya, KL for A Grand Night For Singing (invited by HK Choong)

    reach! at last! goin in theatre

    musical production ended..goin home

    home at last ZzZzZz...tired

    hectic? yes... sigh I'm too old for this.


    Estee Lauder Staff Sales - the horror & happiness

    I woke up early at 6.30am got ready to to Estee Lauder's Staff Sales. Met a new friend name Christine from nearby, pick me up 2 go. We arrived at Renaissance Hotel at 7.30am and look at the Q..

    the hall outside grand ballroom

    the line that hall is from another hall!

    this is the line goin to the hall outside grand ballroom, where.. actually it starts from downstairs lobby --> staircase --> hall outside grandballroom-->this room --> hall outside grand ballroom (entering zig zag formation)-->finally can get into grand ballroom (Crazy? yes at 7.30am)

    and this is the line at 10.30am

    I can see Malaysians turning ugly early in the morning, not because they woke up early but bcoz of :
    • come late, try to cut Q
    • come late nvm, want to cut Q infront of entrance
    • come late nvm, cut Q nvm, when ppl say pls don't cut Q they answer "ala all Q same je" (yah i bet there won't be laws anymore with ppl like u)
    • come early, camp outside grandball room & have picnic but left all the garbage after finish (in the middle of hall, at walls, on grounds.. Mcdonalds plastic bag..etc)
    Anyway that is what I got:

    Estee Lauder Pure Color Eyeshadow Pallete at rm60
    (pls bkful coz some are priced at rm70, when i reach cashier, i told them to CHECK for me the price, n they say it's all rm70. I firmly told them how can the same items be priced differently? can u check for me pls? I don't want to pay just bcoz u choose the higher price tag to charge me)

    Clinique LipStuffs rm55 for 3
    MAC LIPGLASS rm60 for 3

    I didn't like the idea of prepacking all the lipsticks/glosses. They purposely pack that way to get rid of their unwanted/slow colors. Some prepacks u can't even see what color it is! yeah there's CODE at the bottom sticker but how are people goin to take their time to find the codes in a room jam n packed with 300 or more people? Sheesh some codes aren't even there for u to see what colour! Dam good gimic am I right? But if u manage to find mix match colors u like or u particularly like those unwanted colors it's a good buy.

    well i choose this pack bcoz i love the plump lip n shine gloss.. however the 2 other lipstick color idk what colors r those! hentam beli je (the paper code also dun have the colors) so it turns out to be a pink lipstick and a really dark... kinda dark raspberry color (k la not bad when i test on hand it's not as black as it looks)

    manage to grab last 2 Tommy Hillfiger's True Star GOLD gift set worth rm120 each.

    Estee Lauder Beauty Gift Set rm120 (kawan bought)

    Estee Lauder Pleasures Exotic rm140 (kawan grab last set!!)

    Total Damage RM400 over but actually I bought most things for my friend Xana who gave me a list of things she wants. So my mission accomplished for her, but I didn't get to buy pleasures set sob sob so sad.

    To Sum Up:

    I don't think this is the best sales I've been to, considering the prices for perfumes r not really that low as compare to luxasia or anna sui warehouse sales that I went last month. I'm not an Estee Lauder, Mac or Clinique fan but I do wish I could get some things from them but coming 7.30am to the sales is consider VERY VERY LATE already and the 5am-6am crowd had better selection. I heard they open the sales at 7am or earlier instead of 8am (no wonder I see some ppl already bought things b4 8am opening time). Renaissance Hotel car park was THE SHIAT 3 hours = rm14??? dam was there a validation for event participation?

    I don't think I'll go to their next sales. Not worth my time, stress, money, the crowd is HUGE.. for a private invitation type sales! (I prefer the public sales that goes for 2 or 3 days) and the ugly side of Malaysians that u might come across with early morning.

    Angry Biatch signing off..

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