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When I'm not wondering, I'll be on my computer searching for the next fountain of youth or hunting down a fantastic deal. I'm also a shopaholic, wanderluster, spa enthusiast and proud hipster who loves planning special occasions and surprises for her loved ones.
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  • Estee Lauder Staff Sales - the horror & happiness


    I woke up early at 6.30am got ready to to Estee Lauder's Staff Sales. Met a new friend name Christine from nearby, pick me up 2 go. We arrived at Renaissance Hotel at 7.30am and look at the Q..

    the hall outside grand ballroom

    the line that hall is from another hall!

    this is the line goin to the hall outside grand ballroom, where.. actually it starts from downstairs lobby --> staircase --> hall outside grandballroom-->this room --> hall outside grand ballroom (entering zig zag formation)-->finally can get into grand ballroom (Crazy? yes at 7.30am)

    and this is the line at 10.30am

    I can see Malaysians turning ugly early in the morning, not because they woke up early but bcoz of :
    • come late, try to cut Q
    • come late nvm, want to cut Q infront of entrance
    • come late nvm, cut Q nvm, when ppl say pls don't cut Q they answer "ala all Q same je" (yah i bet there won't be laws anymore with ppl like u)
    • come early, camp outside grandball room & have picnic but left all the garbage after finish (in the middle of hall, at walls, on grounds.. Mcdonalds plastic bag..etc)
    Anyway that is what I got:

    Estee Lauder Pure Color Eyeshadow Pallete at rm60
    (pls bkful coz some are priced at rm70, when i reach cashier, i told them to CHECK for me the price, n they say it's all rm70. I firmly told them how can the same items be priced differently? can u check for me pls? I don't want to pay just bcoz u choose the higher price tag to charge me)

    Clinique LipStuffs rm55 for 3
    MAC LIPGLASS rm60 for 3

    I didn't like the idea of prepacking all the lipsticks/glosses. They purposely pack that way to get rid of their unwanted/slow colors. Some prepacks u can't even see what color it is! yeah there's CODE at the bottom sticker but how are people goin to take their time to find the codes in a room jam n packed with 300 or more people? Sheesh some codes aren't even there for u to see what colour! Dam good gimic am I right? But if u manage to find mix match colors u like or u particularly like those unwanted colors it's a good buy.

    well i choose this pack bcoz i love the plump lip n shine gloss.. however the 2 other lipstick color idk what colors r those! hentam beli je (the paper code also dun have the colors) so it turns out to be a pink lipstick and a really dark... kinda dark raspberry color (k la not bad when i test on hand it's not as black as it looks)

    manage to grab last 2 Tommy Hillfiger's True Star GOLD gift set worth rm120 each.

    Estee Lauder Beauty Gift Set rm120 (kawan bought)

    Estee Lauder Pleasures Exotic rm140 (kawan grab last set!!)

    Total Damage RM400 over but actually I bought most things for my friend Xana who gave me a list of things she wants. So my mission accomplished for her, but I didn't get to buy pleasures set sob sob so sad.

    To Sum Up:

    I don't think this is the best sales I've been to, considering the prices for perfumes r not really that low as compare to luxasia or anna sui warehouse sales that I went last month. I'm not an Estee Lauder, Mac or Clinique fan but I do wish I could get some things from them but coming 7.30am to the sales is consider VERY VERY LATE already and the 5am-6am crowd had better selection. I heard they open the sales at 7am or earlier instead of 8am (no wonder I see some ppl already bought things b4 8am opening time). Renaissance Hotel car park was THE SHIAT 3 hours = rm14??? dam was there a validation for event participation?

    I don't think I'll go to their next sales. Not worth my time, stress, money, the crowd is HUGE.. for a private invitation type sales! (I prefer the public sales that goes for 2 or 3 days) and the ugly side of Malaysians that u might come across with early morning.

    Angry Biatch signing off..



    1. Wow!! U did all that for a friend? Good lah u! :) The queue looked crazy ...

      At least after all that long wait you managed to get some stuff lah :)

    2. mui....ada lah you can get it validated...flat rate rm 8....there was a corner to get parking card stamp.... i was there for 6 hours

    3. Thank you so much Tams!Yay!

      How long did you have to wait at the Q?! I would've given up, man! So much patience!

      At least the tickets were put to good use.. :)and you gained a friend who also had a car :)

    4. sns, wow u actually come 2 my blog read my horror story?? hehe.. ^_^
      yea at least my mission accomplice for xana! (met one new friend, manage to grab true star gold and witness WAR goin on)

      tubbies: OMGG rm8 validation?? next time i better be smarter T_T!! didn't see any corner due to the huge-mongous crowds T_T..

      xana: 1 hour since 7.30am to get into the grand ballroom hall. Christine was lucky, worth her time to go. Her mission accomplished quite early :D

    5. wow.. mission accomplished early.. if i was her, n my mission was accomplished earlier than expected, i might even "over-accomplish" my mission! (if you know what i mean!) hahaha! geez...

    6. miu.... so sweet of u..did all tht for yr friend. Lucky xana.

    7. yeah..i'm not in town mah..so i consider myself real lucky to have a friend like Miu! :D

    8. oh chomy xana got me the invitations, that's the least I could do to return the favour :D

      xana now at singapore kenot go..kakaka

    9. miu, i like your BB lipgloss

    10. hi miu....i have posted prices of the stuff that i bought and remember on sns...hope it helps....

    11. hahahah.. miu.. its funny but true. ekceli if a day me tak baca your blog.. sure will miss it lah.. hahah.

    12. yet u went second time miu...
      couldn't resist ey? ;)

    13. Although it came late but that antique look would have been welcome.
      skin bleaching


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