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  • Corelle Corningware Pyrex Visions Warehouse Sale


    Just came back from Pinggan Mangkuk warehouse sale. I would say it's a good deal considering how expensive it is without the discounts. Brands offered - Pyrex, Visions, Corningware, Corelle, Rubbermaid. Good time to get something for someone's wedding or for open house! Amazing sets, limited varieties by now as the morning crowd has taken the best designs/sets. Still good enough to get some bakeware, kitcheware, pots and pans. Siemens also got, but like the put on table stove is RM60, toaster RM45 (original RM100 over), coffee maker etc. Rubbermaids are mostly all gone, I took the last box cooler! muahahah rm49-00! see pic below!

    Pyrex Jug + 6 glass cups RM10-00 only! A deal at this Sale.
    (only sunflower design)

    Where is the sale? At ATRIA Shopping Centre! better go quick coz lotsa people especially housewives buying the stuffs like no tomorrow! Gee, I wonder I should buy something for my friend's wedding from here? Not sure if it would be handy.. thinking about it. Anyway here's some Juicy Info from me!

    Siemens Toaster RM45 (rm110)

    (there's also stove, coffee maker, oven hub all around RM50 less or more)

    Corelle Promo
    16pc Dining Set rm569 free 3 pyrex roaster dish rm229
    12pc Dining Set rm499 free rectangular serving dish rm149
    6pc Covered Casserole Set rm369 free pyrex store n see x 2
    5L covered casserole rm239 free pyrex baking dish rm79

    Corelle Sets (No Pic)
    26pc rm429 (rm699)
    20pc rm349 (rm699)
    16pc rm329 (rm599)
    12pc rm199 (rm349)

    Pyrex Sets
    38pc classic set rm399 (rm902)
    12pc starter set rm139(rm293)
    6pc essential set rm75 (rm167)
    3pc serving set rm55 (rm122)

    3pc serving set RM55 (RM122)

    12pc starter set RM139 (RM293)

    38pc classic set RM399(RM902)

    Pyrex 3pc Roaster Set RM139 (RM229)

    Pyrex Individual Baking Ware
    Pyrex 3L oblong baking dish rm45 (rm97)
    Pyrex 2L oblong baking dish rm39 (rm79)
    Pyrex 20cm Square Baking Dish rm35 (rm79)
    Pyrex 35x24 oval dish rm40 (rm70)
    Pyrex rectangular serving dish wares rm59 (rm109)
    Pyrex 3pc mixing bowls set rm55 (rm109)

    Pyrex 3pc Serving ware - Dots RM129 (RM399)

    Middle of everything - roughly 50% off individual kitchenware
    (cup/dish/bowl/glass etc)

    Visions Promo
    Visions 8pc rm499 (rm739)
    Visions 5pcs rm299 (rm439)
    Visions 4pc rm259 (rm329)
    Visions 0.8L rm89 (rm149) covered versapot w/plastic cover
    Visions 2.5L Covered Saucepan rm149 (rm219)

    6pc Round Casserole Set rm289 (rm459)

    Corningware Promo
    6pc casserole set rm229 (rm399)
    6pc classics casserole set rm249 (rm519)
    6pc round casserole set rm289 (rm459)
    6pc covered casserole set rm279 (rm399)
    9pc covered casserole set rm299 (rm629)
    10pc chef classic set rm249 (rm519)
    1L covered saucepan rm99 (rm179)
    1.5l & 1L covered casserole set rm199 (rm428)

    Corning ware Covered Casserole
    1L rm89 (rm153)
    1.5L rm95 (rm162)
    2L rm109 (rm185)
    3L rm135 (rm215)
    3.5L rm149 (rm249)
    5L rm179 (rm275)

    6pc starter set rm299 (rm499)

    Pyrex Pots & Pans
    24cm covered stock pot rm229 (rm369)
    26cm covered stock pot rm269 (rm419)

    Pyrex Fiesta

    24cm covered stock pot Fiesta rm179 (rm339)
    28cm covered stir fry wok Fiesta rm169 (rm319)
    26cm covered stockpot Fiesta rm209 (rm399)
    34cm covered wok + rak Fiesta rm259 (rm509)
    28cm frying pan Fiesta rm89 (rm179)
    24cm frying pan Fiesta rm79 (rm149)
    16cm covered saucepan Fiesta rm69 (rm189)
    20cm covered stir fry wok Fiesta rm99 (rm189)
    24cm covered shallow casserole Fiesta rm139 (rm269)
    26cm covered casserole Fiesta rm189 (rm369)
    24cm covered casserole Fiesta rm159(rm309)
    20cm covered casserole Fiesta rm129 (rm249)

    Pyrex Essence
    16cm covered saucepan essence rm129 (rm209)
    28cm covered frying pan essence rm159 (rm249)
    28cm covered stir fry wok essence rm209 (rm329)
    20cm covered stir fry wok Essence rm129 (rm209)
    34cm covered wok + rak Essence rm329 (rm539)
    26cm covered casserole Essence rm249 (rm389)
    24cm covered casserole essence rm209 (rm329)
    20cm covered casserole Essence rm169 (rm279)

    Fuh.. it wasn't easy writing all the price list down but I hope it's a good use for u shoppers. Don't scold me if prices are wrong leh! maybe I wrote too much down until blur? lol. But should be alright lah ya. Oh before I forget, a lot of goods are already gone at this juncture (late afternoon) so I only got to list down what I see. I heard from the sales people that they're gona restock the goods in the morning again so hopefully u guys get to buy some goodies that I didn't get to buy/see. Happy Shopping!

    The last thing I bought from this warehouse clearance for my friend's wedding and boy it looks awesome! Don't forget after paying, u need to go to the corner for people to check your goods for deffects/broken/etc.



    1. typical "Ah Soh", muah ha ha. buy first, consider later what to do with it.
      anyway, it's pot calling kettle black bcos i am warehouse sale junkie too :P

    2. the shop you open one is it? everything you also know the price...like promoting! I got the bullseye rite? =P

    3. Nu lah hurley, I not so rich open shop like this (but i guess i do like promotin things I see & like).

      This is kinda like a chick thing, informing each other what goodies r out there n how much.

    4. wah so 'teruja' one... I think the dinner sets are quite cheap.Been wanting to buy, but when saw at Parkson last time so expensive , 1 plate rm50++ aiyo... SO gud buy if can grab one set during the sale... Kudos for the excellent job. I am 'kitchenware' addict... :)

    5. Hi,
      im interested with pyrex individual baking ware.
      May I know how can i get the items?

    6. these were from a yearly sale at Atria, so far this year's sale, I don't know if it's happening... :(

    7. do you know where i can get double boiler in malaysia? mine already broke..i want to buy a new one..

    8. WOW! lovely like this post.its really amazing .Thanks for sharing this!


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