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  • The Dark Knight Movie Preview at Cathay, CIneleisure.


    I just came back from The Dark Knight movie preview screening at Cathay Cineleisure, Mutiara Damansara. Many thanks to those who attended this movie preview and I do apologized for the mixed up with seats done by the organizers. Seeing I was the first in queue, and for a good 30minutes at it, I was quite disappointed that:

    1. Art Square mislead me to think my seats are back rows when I've asked them where the screen was in their seat checklist.

    2. If it wasn't a mistake, why did they not inform me I'm stupidly taking first row seats when I waited 30minutes and was the first to redeem my seats? Don't they know they will make 22 people angry?

    I would forgive them if:

    1. they apologize to me for the misunderstanding/mix up due to rushing to set up? failure to notice the checklist is wrong? failure to locate which is back or front rows and;

    2. give me more preview tickets.

    Luckily the movie was great and we didn't feel the need to murder anybody. Though I am very disappointed about what happen. SO to you guys who attended this movie tonight, you can choose to come to one of the following movie preview with me :
    • The X Files: I Want To Believe
      Cathay Cineplex Damansara
      24 Jul 2008 (Thu) 9:30 PM

    • Shaolin Girl
      TGV 1 Utama
      4 Aug 2008 (Mon) 9:00 PM

    • Meet Dave
      TGV 1 Utama
      9 Aug 2008 (Sat) 11:00 AM
    Tickets are limited so do tell me which you'd prefer to go. I will not be here for Meet Dave screening so for this particular one you'll need to redeem the tickets yourself on screening date. Please drop me a reply under my comment section with your e-mail & I'll put you on the invite list =)

    OK finally my review on The Dark Knight:

    Well it'z awesome & Joker was the coolest character in the movie. His acting, his tongue licking all the time (yeah bcoz he go cut his mouth) Heath Ledger was really into the character! and I must say I will miss him (fallen in love with him since 10 things I hate about you & A Knight's Tale) he overshadow the batman and 2face's end of innocence was spectacular. 2 villains and a bat, I couldn't be happier. However I don't know why Maggie Gyllenhaal was casted because she's different, a different type of actress imho. Well nvm I give the movie a 4 stars to go and brace yourself for 2 hours 30mins of awesomeness k!

    Might want to read reviews from those who came to this event =)
    Hurley's review
    ShyShen's review



    1. Heya Tammy as per request here's my 'review' of the movie @ http://shyhshen.blogspot.com/2008/07/why-so-serious.html

      I may sound gay here but damn just can't get enough of Heath Ledger's Joker in the movie!

    2. great thanks! will put a link to ur blog =)

    3. The movie definitely deserves a 5-star rating. The late Heath Ledger performance almost overshadowed everyone in the movie, stealing all the limelight every scene he appears in. Ledger's Joker is scarily psychotic, sadistically maniacal, and disturbingly funny; it is sad to think that we won't be able to see his acting again.

      Moving away from the well-publicised Joker, the TDK strikes us with the fragile side of The Batman. Despite the fact that he is clever and skilled enough to deal with thugs, he couldn't stop the misfortunes happening to his lover and Gotham City. Not to mention that he is constantly
      outwitted by The Joker.

      Finally, I thought that the "Dark Knight" simply means another nickname for Battie, and I think the producer needs to be more creative on the title. But I got it totally wrong. It is more than a name.

    4. good review zulgalin =)

      lol on the title..

    5. kudos to the makers Dark Knight for their record breaking opening weekend... it's no wonder there's talk of another one coming out ASAP


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