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  • Goin 2 the Estee Lauder Staff Sales!


    Hooray! I finally got the invites 2 Estee Lauder's Staff Sales! all thanks to Xana & her pal =)

    I'm goin on Saturday 8am & help Xana buy her stuffs also. Only problem is where is this place/hotel and who I should ask to go :( need to find a victim with car who can take me go hehe. FYI these brands are under Estee Lauder and they'll be on sale!! It's a great bargain! I will try to sneak some pictures in lol.

    estee lauder, dkny, origins, mac, Bobbie brown, Michele kors , clinique, tommy hilfigre and aramis

    To those from sns/mbabes, if u can fit this criteria let's go together plz!:

    1. Go early before 8am
    2. Come back before 11.30am (well how long we stay there is ok, just as long i be back by 11.30pm)
    3. which means if u can pick me up to go together and drop me back at my condo, i will be very happy to have u as my date go to the sale.
    4. don't leave me there once u get my invite pls :(

    that's all.. if u don't mind picking me n fetching me back, pls leave ur e-mail, details about yourself (e.g name n place u from, as it will be fair that u don't come all the way just to take me) btw I live in ttdi :( near 1utama.




    1. wah lau eh!!! you really from north artic ah (thereby is an eskimo)?? renaissance also don't know where ah? tsk tsk tsk

      renaissance hotel have one of the best buffet spread (fresh oyster, strawberries etc) - last time lah, long time no go already - how can don't know where?

      i think there's a monorail stopping nearby, it's a walking distance from HRC.

    2. T_T sob sob.. got scolded by apek..

      maybe i not yet born leh uncle..

      come let's go shoppin? get ur wife something? haha

    3. tak mau.
      i got 3 main weaknesses
      1) shopping - now i reserve to do in bangkok only
      2) eating - now i stopped until i lose the spare tyres
      3) reading - the only weakness that i still keep

      so, can not go shopping, i will buy and buy and end up don't know what to do with the things i buy...

    4. yea.. my weakness:

      1- buy magazines
      2- buy cosmetics n dun use
      3- stock up perfume gudang
      4- spend money like water..

      sob sob sob

    5. buy cosmetic and didn't use? wah like that gimme loh...let me explore my feminine side =P

    6. so hv u decide to go to the sale? if u need transportation to go ther, i dun mind to drop by ur place n pick u up. i need d invitation actually. read ur comment on the SNS.

    7. I am sooooo interested to go for the Estee warehouse sale.If you are still in need of a ride and have an extra ticket give me a buzz soon at 013-3408242.I'll live around Tropicana area so i dont think there'll be a problem in fetching you and getting there early.

    8. hi lovelypink & munah got email?

    9. yeah. oranges_pink@yahoo.com. is dat mean i'll get the invi card? woweeee!

    10. girls!! (rolling my eyes)

      no wonder estee lauder and gangs making billions of dollar....

    11. i wanted email yesterday so i could ask questions about time/location. I've decided to go with someone from ttdi (my area)who e-mail me from another forum, so sorry lovely & munah.

      If u girls really want to go, i read from sns, asking from dkny at sogo also can get 6 tickets. Try all the brands involved? n see whether can get or not.

    12. Too busy today to go ticket hunting..boo hoo.No worries and i hope you enjoy yourself tomorrow..go crazy gal :) I am just wondering wether one can enter without a card at later time? However i'm not willing to risk it..the skin on my body is still of the normal thickness.

    13. Sad, just discover your blog yesterday...too late for the estee Lauder staff sales...miss it already, WOoowoo...:(


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