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Memory Failing..

I just realize I went to watch D-Wars and missed out on "21". It's even on my calendar in front of me and I still failed! sigh, well I already watched it earlier on. It's just that I could've given 4 (yes FOUR) tickets to my friends to go watch it instead. Darn! Dang! $%^%^&^&* must be having too many tickets on my hand to even remember when they are showing! arghh... that's like rm40-00 worth of movie ticket gone! argghhh... the horrorr the horrorr.. i am sorry tickets!! I will not betray you again!!! sob sob sob and best part, I watch a S.T.U.P.I.D movie instead of remembering about 21! which is an awesome movie.


  1. getting old I see, when can u be promoted to "auntie"? =P


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