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My name is Tammy Lim and I am an award winning blogger from Top 10 Malaysia Magazine and Cleo Malaysia Magazine. I have been blogging since 2008 and I am also the founder of a local Malaysian beauty & lifestyle community called The Butterfly Project. People often tell me that I'm a wonder woman, but in reality - if it's something you love, you can do wonders.

When I'm not wondering, I'll be on my computer searching for the next fountain of youth or hunting down a fantastic deal. I'm also a shopaholic, wanderluster, spa enthusiast and proud hipster who loves planning special occasions and surprises for her loved ones.
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  • Man Almost Loses Penis Humping Steel Bench


    hk-man-penis02 Man Almost Loses Penis Humping Steel Bench picture

    In Hong Kong , the police received a disturbing call from a man in trouble (I got a forward email about this, but this news kinda happened last month - thanks Johnny! for highlighting it)

    Xing, a 41 year-old man, was calling from LanTian park in the middle of the night. The lonely and disturbed man had apparently thought it would be fun to have sex with one of the steel sit-up benches around the park. The bench has numerous small holes in it, which Xing used to attempt to satisfy himself. However, once he became aroused he found that he was stuck and could not get his penis out of the small hole. He panicked and called the police to help him.

    hk-man-penis03 Man Almost Loses Penis Humping Steel Bench picture

    When police arrive they found Xian stuck face down where he had been stuck for some time.When doctors arrived on the scene they tried to release some of the pressure by removing some of his blood, but the penis was so swollen that they ended up having to cut the entire bench free and take it, with Xian attached, to the hospital.

    4 painful hours later, Doctors finally separated Xian from his bench. Doctors stated that if he had been stuck for even an hour longer, they would have had to remove his penis.

    guys, don't over do it with your toys!

    My date with Emmagem tonight!

    OMIGOSH! karen's going to be wearing a house bunny t-shirt tonight! must take pic!


    Hi all :D

    Don't forget to come and watch House Bunny with us on

    DATE: 30th September 2008
    TIME: starts at 930pm
    VENUE: Cathay Cineplex, Cineleisure Damansara.

    You have won a pair of tickets and 3 of you won a cosmetic pouch :)

    COLLECT TICKETS: 9pm onwards from me, Karenmarie at the Cathay Cineplex area either in the top or bottom floor (I'll probably send in a text message as a reminder). I'll be wearing a white House Bunny Tank Top have long hair, a pair of eyes, nose and mouth (wtf, lols.....If you can't recognize me in my t shirt, then, please call me at XXXXXX lols). There wouldn't be any ticket booth, as i probably won't get one.. By 9.25pm I will be closing my shop already! So please be punctual, k? I don't want to wait so long.

    Seatings are free-seating also. So come earllyy earrlyyy to book awesome seats :D

    Owh, and please wear pink if you have any, just to celebrate the love for Pink :D We will be taking pictures also! :D

    See you tomorrow!!

    Karen Marie


    Onion - Out of Order


    apparently the Onionminator is out of order

    Yesterday I was at Ikea & being there I had to eat the famous rm2 Ikea hot dog! When I reach the Relish Table, this is what caught my eye. My boyfriend was laughing at this "out of order" sign. He said "how can Onions be out of order?? not out of stock? machines can go out of order but onion??"

    Maybe the Onion-minator is out of order thus no more onions for our hot dogs!!! sad...


    In this swap challenge, I'm supposed to send 5 postcards & a bookmark (new & unwritten) to Christina (Greece) and a note explaining to her about my postcards. Today I sent the package off already to her before Pos Malaysia goes on a 5 day holiday for the Raya celebration. I hope she likes my postcards.

    Foreign Maids are not Slaves.

    There is something disturbing me for the past few years as I watched foreign maids do what they do in Malaysia. While there are employers who treated them humanely, there are others who abuse, take advantage and treated them like slaves. Where are their rights? don't they have basic employment & human rights like us? Deep down, aren't they trying to survive like everyone else?

    We know abuses happened, punishments go astray. How about noticing that maids are also being used to work in restaurants, cafe, shops, and being "loan" to family members, friends and even for third parties? No one shares an ear or gives a damn about them or how they feel. Aren't they being employed to look after your house? note I said house not houses. They cook, clean and look after children too. Why do some employers, even us - think that they needed to do more than that? A moment of relaxation after doing the daily cleaning would result in "MY maid is so FREE goyang kaki at home". Come on, they're not your slaves to be work for 24/7. Just because they don't fight back, protest or tried to say no (and even at times don't even know if that's their job scope) don't mean you can in simple BULLY them.

    While many of these commonly known problems are being highlighted what about the hidden issues of maids being forced to go to religious places? eating non-halal food? washings dogs and so forth. These are just some of the possible things that might be happening and no one is giving a damn about these maids. Why?

    Where are their rights. Do they know their rights? read The Malaysian Bar's article and be a good Samaritan. They are humans, if u see anyone being abused, treated unfairly, poorly or taken advantage of - are you going to ignore this or do something? what would you do if u were a maid? how would you feel if your child or a family member is a maid and being treated in the same inhuman way? would u like to be treated the way you're treating your maid? think about it.

    Youtube's Maid in Malaysia.

    Don't tell me your maid gave u hell, so you're giving her hell back. Don't even try to tell me they deserved it. If you have treated your maid humanely you will have no problem reading my post. If you had in any way felt "insulted" by my post, my question is. Do I know you? Do I know your maid? Is she being abused?

    bad stomache .. ugg...


    I slept at 4am and woke up at 8am because of a bad tummy fix. I think I ate something bad yesterday. What I had for lunch & dinner was:
    • cafeteria fried rice + poh pia
    • buffet food
    • 2 pieces of imported chocolate due to expire in Nov, 08.
    I'm goin back to sleep & putting some "minyak kapak" omg.. i feel like a sick horse.

    AMBP Travel Ambassadors


    I just got back from Menara Star! It was an exciting evening meeting with bloggers who was selected to be travel ambassadors for ambp. I didn't get to meet all of them but I know that I am one of the 40 lucky bloggers among 200 over applicants, selected & invited to attend the launching of the new and revamp allmalaysia.info site (powered by The Star) and a cool travel tool (developed with MayFlower Travel Group) that allows visitors to book tickets for flights, accomodations, car rentals and tour packages.

    QuaChee the blogger, also the author of 50+1 was on our hit list

    Well the event didn't start until late so you know what happens when bloggers met each other for the first time (or anything for that matter). Cameras snapping away, exchanging information and blog sites, gossiping about anything you can think from education, politics to hentai (ops).

    hurley posing for me

    Then the launching started and they had a host of VIPS giving speeches & a brief introduction about the site & travel tool. It was a short one as buka puasa time is near and everyone is hungry! I was disappointed that the travel ambassadors were not given an opportunity to come out as a group to be introduce during launching, seeing that they view bloggers as partners and not as rivals.

    Well I didn't take much pictures of the buffet as I was so hungry and had to wait for the others to buka puasa first. There's better & yummier food pictures at Shah's blog where he got to dig in before us. The pictures looks better than the food! his camera is good!

    the invasion of bloggerzoiks

    We headed to the cafeteria with our food and sat down. (left-bottom) I met Johnny who blogs about life, QuaChee who inspires, Tecky a food blogger, Hurley who jokes, (right-bottom) Thomas the ultimate, Sam the hamster lover, and lastly the guy who loves contests SoonSeng. I didn't know my evening would be so cool and happening. I had a blast meeting and getting to know them all. Michael told me to dress smart/semi-formal and these people show up in jeans and nice tops. If I knew I wouldn't have come as a Malaysian Mascot. Actually I was rushing to this event, I didn't know what to wear and decided a baju kurung would be "formal" and presentable for this occasion. Darn I felt like a endangered hippo species.

    Nevertheless I can't wait for my 1st assignment! hopefully I get a nice suite with jacuzzi all by myself and go to spas and yummy places to review! just like Xana from Expat magazine. It's the experience that counts, so Mayflower please make it a unforgettable holiday experience! (don't put me sleeping with strangers and such!)

    a video of the event

    Things that I will blog about real soon:

    1. my Bangkok trip day 2! sorry sorry.. T_T
    2. my Garage Sales as I don't know how to do it T_T
    3. more movie preview!
    sorry girls (and guys) been very caught up with moving into my new condo and thinking how to overcome the defects and renovations of the place that's giving me and my bf a headache until he nose bleed. Think twice if you're thinking about Hartamas Regency II condo, don't get nose bleed.

    Updates to my condo problems:
    • floors tiles are loose and coming out! and we had a customized table on top of it! how do we fix tiles without breaking down the table? (also there's a slight chance floor tiles are out of stock also!)
    • management couldn't care less about the defective bathtub. It's a big problem as how are they going to bring in a new tub without breaking down the small bathroom?
    • our bathroom tiles are "out of stock" and I don't know what the developer will do now.
    • our bathroom wall tiles are also hollow! u can play music on the walls.
    • the condo lights has mood swings - on off by itself. Complained to the management and all they can say is, it's our problem. We buy and replace ourselves. Initially they said its the bulb problem, so we went and buy bulbs. Still same problem. They now said it's the thing inside that needs to be replace. Imagine that we move in August and the lights seems to be 100 years old?
    • stupid master bedroom with weird shapes, we have no idea how to design this room which has a wall jutting out from nowhere and 8 windows!

    Stila Girlfriend Club

    I was caught by surprise when I was doing my daily spy over my bloggeramas (blog butterflies) and reach my new found friend's blog, Shaz. Her post blew me off my seat haha so to speak. It was a really nice post about stila (my favorite cosmetic) and about how she needed the one last receipt to finally redeem her stila benefits from spending rm1,650 in 6 months! it's so crazy. I really pity her! how cruel is Stila to deny her of her benefits just because she lost one receipt? this girl has been a fan since ages ago! She regularly supports Stila and they don't recognize her last star because she don't have receipt to account for it. Hello? Mars to Earth. How on earth she got her last star then? freakin climb over your counters and steal your star sticker supply?

    shaz posted my letter 2 her! omg

    Anyway, I agree with her that the Stila Membership System is screwed. I have 3 stila membership cards and my beautician can't recognize me because I didn't go to their counter for 2 months. That just shows they see their customers by the $$$. I also notice that each time I do my makeover there, the beautician will leave me in the middle of it because some customers show up at their counter. They'll take their time "trying to sell" to the customers while I sit and wait for them. Woah? don't they have other sales assistant to do that? why must u always leave me 1/2 way during make up to attend to other people? What's more sad is I've spent so much there and they don't really want to give me samples/freebies and even a stila paper bag. I had to beg them for it and yet still end up either with nothing or spending more to get it. Bah Humbug.

    Therefore I concluded that my favourite cosmetic is still my favourite. Just that the people under this brand is stingy, money minded people who cares more about earning commissions than their faithful customers who kept going back to them. I suppose they would throw the red carpet if Datins come to splurge at their counter and ignore you totally because..

    "girl you don't spend enough here"

    So Shaz, thank you for finding me. It's so magicially crazy that a beautiful person like you found me through searching for "stila". We've a few things in common but I'm no fashionista like you! U go girl! Do some make up tips so I can learn in your blog ok? I need serious makeover help.. my friends been trying to makeover me until they gave up. Guess I better go enter the Female Magazine's Butterfly Makeover challenge and see if that can turn me into a beautiful swan. OH and you should've told me you're going to snap my letter and post it up! I could've "zhing" the letter and make it sparkling out of your blog lol!!!


    A-Z Whimsy "Box" Swap International

    I'm going to send this out tomorrow or Monday to my swap partner in U.S. This is a A-Z Whimsy Jar swap. Unfortunately sending a jar would be too costly for me so the organizer said a box will do just fine. I had a tough time trying to put together this whimsy. It's also my first time and I can't say how many times I have change the contents of this swap. I've settle for something simpler and fun instead of throwing an entire scrapbook kit as a whimsy (my initial idea but after some thinking decided it was not the concept of whimsy). I'm still clueless and I better just send the package off to U.S before I change the contents again *lol*



    I received this cool swap from Anne (U.S). The postcards and bookmarks amazing. I feel like visiting U.S after I read her letter and see the pictures of some famous places. Thank you so much Anne! I hope you got a interesting swap from your partner too! Hearts for u!

    Painted Skin Preview 24/09/08

    I watched Painted Skin preview (directed by Gordan Chan) at GSC 1utama last Wed. I love how Zhou Xun portrays Xiao Wei, a fox spirit in human form who falls in love with Commander Wang Sheng (Chen Kun) and is determined to make him fall in love with her and become his wife. Unfortunaltey Commander Wang Sheng already has a wife, Pei Rong (Zhao Wei) and even worst, Xiao Wei needs a daily supply of human heart to remain in human form (thus u see many deaths suddenly when Commander Wang Sheng brings back Xiao Wei to his town to stay)

    foxy lady a.k.a Zhou Xun

    Zhao Wei a.k.a Pei Rong

    donnie yen a.k.a depressed x-bf

    Eventually jealous wife Pei Rong got suspicious of Xiao Wei and plea Pang Rong (Donnie Yen) who'se probably her ex-boyfriend to expose the demon fox's diguise. Pang Rong who obviously exiled himself because of Pei Rong, is still holding feelings for her and thus agree to help her out with the help of "demon buster "Xia Bing (Sun Li) <-- darn funny character. The movie is about L.O.V.E and not about monsters. So don't expect a horror movie here ok! To the weak hearted, you might cry like me as the story builds up to a halting tension of Zhao Wei switching places with the fox-demon in order to protect her useless husband. The funny antics of Donnie Yen & "ghost buster" will throw you off your chair. Strangely, I was also caught in by the fox-lady's charm as with all the men in the movie. She's really something.

    I like my brother's wife

    I have wet dreams

    i think you're a demon fox..

    I will snatch your husband

    pest control at your service

    Want to eat human heart? call love delivery service 24/7.

    Watch this if you like any of the stars above and if you have a penchant for olden days kungfu-demon stories. 4 Stars in my chinese movie books!

    Miu your travel ambassador!!! next president

    All Malaysian Bloggers Project

    hello! I am now a ambp travel ambassador! yes yes I get to go on free trips in Malaysia!! (evil laughter rolling on floor). Though I'm not sure if I get paid or how much I would get paid for doing it, but I would love to make my life spicier ! I'm dreaming of nice pent house with jacuzzi in the heart of Kuala Lumpur (r u all jealous already) probably I can put web cam on and u can see me drinking champagne while soaking in my jacuzzi tub (ok la i am just joking). Anyway I can't wait to go on a free holiday! and do some critic like Ugly Betty (she did a critic/report on a posh hotel in Las Vegas). Who else got selected too? Oh darn I have to attend the ceremony tomorrow and already I'm scared of turning up like Ugly Betyy (I am one sob sob). Who can make over me?? sob sob..


    Congratulations! This is to inform you that you’ve been selected as a Travel Ambassador for the AllMalaysian Bloggers Project.

    As an AMBP Travel Ambassador you'll be sent to go on holiday trips (as and when available), courtesy of our partner the Mayflower Travel Group, and all you're required to do in return is play the travel critic and write about your experience. Note we will use your future ‘reviews’ (including photos) on the AllMalaysia.info website.

    To confirm that you’re accepting this position, you will be required to attend the official launch event of the all-new AllMalaysia.info Travel Tool.


    Kose Warehouse Sales! 25-27th Sept, 08


    for more info click on banner!

    25 to 27 September 2008
    Kose Warehouse Sales
    [SNS : Read the feedback from last year's Warehousesale]

    Products Offered
    Cosme Decorte
    Beaute de Kose

    Time : 10am to 6pm

    Cash & Credit Card Only
    All Bags Are NOT allowed in the Warehouse Sales area
    Items Purchase are NOT exchangeable or returnable

    Location (Tel:603 7880 6808)
    Google Map
    Kose (M) Sdn Bhd
    No 9 & 11 (Block I)
    Jalan PJU 1/37
    Dataran Prima
    Petaling Jaya

    uncle frog is a bloggerzoik!!!


    yay i won house bunny movie preview from emmagem!

    I am so going to watch House Bunny on 30/09/08 at Cathay Cinelesure! Oh and I won a limited edition House Bunny cosmetic pouch too!

    ------------------------from emmagem.com--------------------- :D

    Hey people, okay, so it was a tough choice, we had to randomly choose 11 from first round of elimination of the slogan part. It was a hard decision, if we could, we would bring everyone with us! But, don’t worry, you’ll get win other prizes at emmagem. Just keep on trying :) We will be having a lot more contests soon!

    Anyways, here are the winners who won (1) pair of tickets to watch House Bunny on Tuesday 30th September 2008:

    Winners of the limited edition House Bunny PINK cosmetic pouch:

    Racheal Heah

    Tammy Lim/Miu
    (Ok, this is NOT tammy, but her lovely bf who decided to pose for her)

    Juicy Yan



    Today after watching Mamma Mia! organized by nuffnang, my boyfriend was in a hilariously funny mode to insult me and bloggers. Basically what happened what, after the show ended bloggers started clapping (and this was the second time that happpened, the first was Wall-E hosted by Adverlets) my boyfriend started laughing and saying "BLOGGERS!!! CEH BLOGGERSS!! U LA Bloggers!!!". Then we we were driving out of 1utama, we passby the bloggers again all in a pack outside the cinema exit. Most where taking pics, letting their pics being taken and chatting.

    Now in my boyfriend's eyes there seem to be a new trend of people besides gamers, geeks, nerds etc. This new race is called "bloggerzoiks" by him. Why? well he observed the event and made some claims that Bloggerzoiks are weird people who likes to blog and that these bloggers are made up of:

    1. the camwhores (particularly the girls that kept posing infront of the cameras repeatedly in different stances/pose/looks)

    2. the photographerwhores (who snaps pics of camwhores & everything else even seats)

    3. obsessive compulsive blogger a.k.a O C B

    4. the ones that don't belong to the category above (yet to be determined by him but for now I'm in that category of unwanted, no life blogger)

    He continue to say some blogging symptoms:

    1. if they're away from the keyboard, you can see their palms sweat

    2. if the internet was down, they're dead

    3. if they don't see their counter go up they'll complain about why their counters don't go up

    4. and if the counter don't go up, they'll cheat their way to counterized their site

    5. must repeatedly check their blog at least once a day

    6.if they see their counter go up, they'll still complain about it.

    now at this point, I've already avenge for all of us bloggers alike by hitting repeatedly on his head to the point that he was driving like a drunk driver on steroids. Bloggerzoiks.. really?

    Only 435 premises can charge 5% gov tax

    Report restaurants still charging service tax

    PUTRAJAYA: Some restaurants are still charging service tax to its customers although the number of outlets permitted to do so has dropped sharply from 4,800 to only 435 premises since the Government raised the sales threshold to RM3mil.

    Customs director-general Datuk Seri Abdul Hamid Abdul Rahman said his department was aware of complaints by consumers. Customs officers have been making checks to ensure restaurant owners whose outlets did not meet the requirement would not charge their customers 5% service tax.

    However, he said, not many people have come forward to make an official complaint on errant restaurant operators but they merely had gone to the press to air their displeasure.

    “It is difficult for us to take appropriate action if we do not know the identity of the culprits. Therefore, we urge the public to come forward and provide us with information so we can act on it. My department is proactive and we do act on complaints but we need details,” he told reporters Wednesday after the launch of a seminar on Customs International Business Partnership by Deputy Finance Minister Datuk Kong Cho Ha.

    Even the director-general himself was not spared from being charged service tax by a restaurant operator and Rahman said his men were in the midst of investigating the case.

    He said the public could go into the department’s website to check the names of restaurants which still have the licence to charge service tax and lodge their complaints by e-mailing the department.

    Effective July 1, only 435 restaurants nationwide have the licence to collect service tax. A total of 4,800 outlets had to surrender their licence as they were no longer eligible to make the collection following the Government’s decision to increase the sales threshold level from RM500,000 to RM3mil a year.

    On another matter, Rahman said Customs estimates the collection of import duty from motor vehicles to be RM8.5bil this year, while duties for cigarettes and alcohol would also be more this year at RM2.9bil and RM1.35bil respectively.

    He also said between January and August, the department had registered 3,133 cases of smuggling involving goods worth RM95mil and taxes valued at RM162mil.

    “With the high-tech gadgets, equipment and increased surveillance work, we have managed to cripple many smuggling attempts and will continue to do so,” he said.

    Mattel 1 Day Sale! 23/9/08 only!

    click on banner for more info

    Please vote for me! Scrap-n-Crop Contest!

    Everyone! I need your help! I've enter my Merdeka LO (layout) into my 1st scrapbooking contest at Scrap-n-Crop Contest blog. I'm so happy that they have shortlist me in their contest! Please vote for me by voting for my entry #01 on the right hand side column. My meaning of my country's independence is one heart undivided, here in my home.

    Voting begins today and will continue for 6 days T_T sad..

    Christian the Lion, a love story.

    I came across this touching video about a lion cub & his human friends who took care of him until he was too big, so they had to send him to Africa. Love know no boundaries, watch what happen when his friends go back to Africa to visit him.

    Swap #3 Same Day Postcard


    postcard from newrule, Malaysia

    I received my swap postcard from a fellow Malaysian (newrule) ! wow what are the chances you get to send to your own people in a international swap site? I had to send mine to Bree in U.S and I don't know how long that's going to take *sad*. But anyway the postcard newrule says it's puasa month (ok she's malay!) and she sent me a postcard with food on it. Now I am hungry! bad newrule! Thanks for the yummy postcard ^_^

    My postcard to Bree in U.S

    Pok Brothers Warehouse Sales

    15 units for rm50

    4 units rm10

    rm2 each

    himalaya rm10
    good maids rm3-rm8

    rm10 for 5 bottles
    (drank 1 already lol)

    Today manage to convinced my bf to go to Pok Brothers warehouse sales. My bf complained so much as we were traveling from Sri Hartamas to USJ. The traffic jam was really bad from SJMC onwards to Summit. He was cursing away at the sales & traffic throughout the journey. We spend almost 2 hours being stuck in traffic jam. When we reach the warehouse sales, there wasn't much selection and the brands featured were mostly unknown/not-so-popular brands. However I manage to buy some Goodmaid products (not bad very cheap few range from rm3-rm8), Himalaya shampoo rm10 for 400ml (rm5 for 200ml or buy 3 x 200ml = rm12), Pokka drinks 5 units rm10, Pringles one box rm50 (15units), Alif sauses in rendang, thai curry, sambal tumis etc rm2 each packaet, frozen food rm10 for 4 units (pizza at rm10 each, i didn't buy)

    We found out they only accept CASH & we didn't bring enough cash -darn-. There were electronics, toys, house cleaning supplies, food and drinks there. I even saw condoms being sold but unknown brand again. Disappointed at the brands featured. Small tents, crowd is ok, friendly sales people but darn far from where I live so petrol was wasted for this sales. Not going again next time. I have price list from this sales but figure it's not that important.

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