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  • Bloggerzoiks?


    Today after watching Mamma Mia! organized by nuffnang, my boyfriend was in a hilariously funny mode to insult me and bloggers. Basically what happened what, after the show ended bloggers started clapping (and this was the second time that happpened, the first was Wall-E hosted by Adverlets) my boyfriend started laughing and saying "BLOGGERS!!! CEH BLOGGERSS!! U LA Bloggers!!!". Then we we were driving out of 1utama, we passby the bloggers again all in a pack outside the cinema exit. Most where taking pics, letting their pics being taken and chatting.

    Now in my boyfriend's eyes there seem to be a new trend of people besides gamers, geeks, nerds etc. This new race is called "bloggerzoiks" by him. Why? well he observed the event and made some claims that Bloggerzoiks are weird people who likes to blog and that these bloggers are made up of:

    1. the camwhores (particularly the girls that kept posing infront of the cameras repeatedly in different stances/pose/looks)

    2. the photographerwhores (who snaps pics of camwhores & everything else even seats)

    3. obsessive compulsive blogger a.k.a O C B

    4. the ones that don't belong to the category above (yet to be determined by him but for now I'm in that category of unwanted, no life blogger)

    He continue to say some blogging symptoms:

    1. if they're away from the keyboard, you can see their palms sweat

    2. if the internet was down, they're dead

    3. if they don't see their counter go up they'll complain about why their counters don't go up

    4. and if the counter don't go up, they'll cheat their way to counterized their site

    5. must repeatedly check their blog at least once a day

    6.if they see their counter go up, they'll still complain about it.

    now at this point, I've already avenge for all of us bloggers alike by hitting repeatedly on his head to the point that he was driving like a drunk driver on steroids. Bloggerzoiks.. really?


    1. Pardon me...what is nuffnang? sign up can get lots of free stuff? hehe tell me more abt it ya.

      Ur bf is very funny hehe. Actually i cant tahan cam whores. :P

    2. Jamie read this and wonders if bloggerzoiks are such silly, despicable bottom of the barrel type make fun of people then what does that make him dating one??? More an observation then accusing!
      You should have fun with him make up a long list and a name for his type of person! Who dates a blogger so he knows what is happening in the world...
      But he is funny and sounds very well thought out.....How embarrassed were you at first when he started doing this!?

    3. damn he is smart!!

      "guilty" as charged :(

      no food and water for a day, i'll survive, no internet, i'll have withdrawal symptoms, seemed like gotta go on "internet-diet" too to trim the excesses.

      but hor, i think he is a "closet-blogger" too for surrounding himself with bloggers (well, he is dating one who will definitely be around other bloggers) - birds of a feather always flock together, remember?

    4. Squirel: ok i will blog about nuffnang! it's a blog-ad site that promotes bloggers+advertising. They frequently have events like movie previews and makan. If you're their member, and u enter the contest, u get to go movie previews :) thou i think the way the organized is the worst compare to cinemaonline, hotmagazine, artsquare..

      jamie: I was laughing hysterically when he started it. I hit back at him, he is a big GEEK so i threw back all the insults to him n bash him up. He bash me back when I blogged about it. He claim copyright and that he will start a blog just to insult bloggers (BAH !!!)

      uncle: closet blogger u may be right! there's more but i forgotten what he said already. The funny ones i remembered. When our car passby the bloggers, he started talkin in a high pitch tone and big wide smile, pointing at them and laughing. He said "CLAPPIN ?? CLAPPIN??!! HAHahhahah" (thank god I didn't clap when the movie end, it's a movie not a theater) free seating & double standard as well. I got shoo off from sitting the last row. When I sat the next row, i got shoo off again. I asked them so where can we sit?? another guy shouted 1-4th row is reserved for XXXXXXXX (who? so we're lower than them? wow..) so in the end lotsa bloggers only get to sit from middle onwards. If they wanted so much control, they should've make some effort into allocating seats so everyone won be so pissed off. And by George, if I knew it's going to be free seating and sux seats I wouldn't even had gone! Cinema Online and other pioneers for movie previews events is so much BETTER than them.

    5. Wow get to go for movie previews?? oo i wannnn hehhe ....Pls also tell me more on movie online, or hotmagazine ya. thanks!

    6. really boh! my blog alot about movie previews mah..

      i posted house bunny wan u din join?! nuffnang & emmagem hosting it (but emmagem already release results yesterday)

    7. he claims copyright? gosh, luckily i got mentioned credit to him, otherwise, have to take down from my blog, hehehe

      makes me wonder, he really think along my line, may be sometime, i need to borrow him from you for my treasure hunt, when the others (like hur) are not available, hehehe.


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