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Hasbro Warehouse Sale Gone Bonkers

September 6, 2008 - Shah Alam. Shoppers gone wild and mad at a Hasbro Warehouse Sale. Warehouse Sales Assistant joined in the madness by throwing stocks in the air for shoppers. Looks like a animal feeding time at local Zoo. There should be strict rules and crowd control for such warehouse sale madness going on this weekend in Selangor & Kuala Lumpur. I experience so much "uglyness" that I stayed away from "factory like make shift" sales and only attend those held in hotels.

My aunt was once crushed by 2 tables in between at a warehouse sale in Damansara. The Sales Assistant pushed it away and my aunt is just infront of her. That's Dior Sales to u.


  1. I did not realize sales were so dangerous over there! looks like you need to hire a blocker to run interference to get close to the items and another one to protect you! although if you had to hire people you might as well buy them not on sale it would be cheaper and safer!

  2. hahahah i do agree jamie! for safety purposes better buy at shops!!!

    it's crazy isn't it? i think they're throwing transformer toys out


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