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  • 60cents per piece?! BAH HUMBUG


    Last Month I went to a nearby photo centre as I needed to print out pictures from my SD card. The shop's name is JC Daniey Photo Centre and they have Fuji Film Logo and banners. The moment I receive their receipt (which is on the photo envelope normally) I was thinking wow RM6-00 for handling? handling what? You know lah last time before the digital camera age, these charges were for processing your negatives & etc. Now no more negatives also charge? it's my SD card somore. What they do is just upload to their computer and start printing from there. I mean is the charges for their effort to click some buttons on the pc? well nvm if it's legally allowed.

    I am actually more pissed off with the fact that I paid rm12-60 (60cents a piece) for 21 photos that upon collection my jaw almost fall onto the ground. First look the quality of the pictures is so Ghastly Horrible! I printed better pictures for lower price at AMCORP MALL man! and those pictures were GLOSSY shiny! right here I'm holding on to photos that seem to be printed off at home using those "photo paper" u buy at stationary shops. They're not shiny, they feel flaky and they're so dam ugly.

    I asked the girl "Ini charge 60sen??? quality sangat teruk" translated to "This for 60cents? very bad quality!" the girl simply smile. I knew that coming, whenever a customer complains the best thing to do is keep quiet and smile because there's nothing they can do about it.

    My bf saw the photos & was also horrified by the quality. Looking behind the photos, the brand paper wasn't even Fuji Film. "Wow 60cents for this?"one would've though they're paying for FujiFilm quality products. He advised me to file a complain which I thought "in Malaysia? nothing would happen". But after some time, I decided to do something about it.

    How many people are they ripping off? 60cents a piece isn't cheap! (and these are BAD QUALITY photos!) Are they fuji film dealers? or they're just sitting on Fuji Film brand name? and selling their own?

    I really would like to know.


    1. next time go to reputable shops.

      some people are just plain unscrupulous, serve them right by discouraging people to go there.

      write a complain letter to the management cc consumer association cc ministry of domestic trade, that will teach them a lesson. fair enough that nothing much will happen but will enough complain, someone bound to take not. try it, you'll never know the outcome.

    2. Jamie thinks for that price Miu could buy her own printer and good quality paper and start printing her own!
      I was thinking that you should of asked for samples of there work but they probably would have been from some where else's! But you are right to send in a complaint if only to make you feel better by saying what you want to and getting it off your mind!

    3. i am afraid :( of complaining for the wrong reasons. BUT nevertheless i shall give it a go because.. I want some questions answered!

      i've sent an e-mail inquiry @ complaint to Fuji Film & FOMCA (Consumer Association) - don't know if they will reply me hahahhaa.

      But yes Jamie, it's off my mind :D

    4. we better start a culture of fighting for our rights as malaysians are just too "cincai" and "tidak apa" - couldn't careless and very forgiving.

      also, our mistake is we are too trusting and takes thing for granted, ie, we didn't check for the quality and assume we would be given a good one. i am guilty as well to above...am trying to change now :D

    5. but it's clearly a Fuji Film shop (observing from it's Logo outside shop and Fuji Film order envelope)

      how to check quality of photo-prints before it's printed :( (other product shop should be easy for checking but services is hard one to gauge)

      the ones all over the shop is of course better looking ones T_T sigh

    6. good miu,
      you should complain to FOMCA!

      more malaysian consumers should take action and complain to FOMCA !

      trust me you can even can refund for so called no refund once buy policy !

      i luv how you fight 4 ur right!

      way to go miu :)


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