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  • Money No Enough 2 will make u cry


    Yesterday was Super Wednesdays @ cinemas in the klang valley. I went to watch "Money No Enough 2" with Jasmine. This is a Singapore film about the lives of 3 brothers and their really pitiful mother. I thought it would be a comedy, yes it is and it's also part "TEAR FOUNTAIN" maker. I must say they really know how to turn on the water works on this one. Even guys cry in the movie (yeap next to me). Don't mention about the girls, Jasmine was sobbing by my side throughout 1/2 of the movie. I tried to hold back my tears but the last scene was.. may god have mercy on your soul.


    Initially I thought this film was about ERP & Singapore Taxes, then I thought it's about the struggling lives of 3 brothers and money issues. In the end, it was about people not caring for their parents, the way their parents had cared for them. It's really a sad movie. Although I do think what the movie is trying to advise everyone especially Singaporeans (well it's about Singaporeans right). The movie throws in awareness issues like having babies and treating the senior citizens a.k.a your old parents with love. Not having enough money does something to us until we think things like "mother screws haywire" thus she has no feelings anymore, let's put her in the toilet to eat and sleep. This is really an educational film for the younger generations (if you're not a senior citizen, u r the generation!). A "Kisah Benar" Movie (Kisah Benar is a short tv series about the real lives of people in Malaysia, where there's no fairy godmother to the rescue. It is a moral inflicting awareness tool)


    the sad hokkien mom song that killed us

    Bravo to actor Henry Thia & Malaysian actress Lai Ming for potraying such realistic "scenes" of a typical chinese family where money is really not enough and a parent's love is endless. I am now a big fan of Lai Ming. She's dam good! and mygawd Mark lee sure knows how to act! he does all kinds of personalities in films from a sissy to a smooth talking businessman! A must see film wherever you are.

    5 STARS in my books

    Synopsis of Movie No Enough 2

    Ten-years since the first Money No Enough, local celebrity auteur Jack Neo’s “Money No Enough 2” returns to bring attention to the common man’s life in Singapore where the pursuit of money is a never ending passion .

    The story revolves around three brothers from a middle-income background in contemporary Singapore. These are characters who are representative of the business owners, white and blue collar workers of Singaporeans.

    The oldest brother Yang Bao Hui (by Henry Thia) represents the lower income group. As a child, Hui left school at an early age to earn money to help support his poverty stricken family. He has been working as a delivery man in the same company for the last 30 years. At the persuasion of his younger brother, he strikes out as an entrepreneur to sell health supplements. As business improves, he quits his dead-end job and puts all his time into the business. Unfortunately the business is forced to a standstill when the health supplement is deemed unsafe for public consumption, which inadvertently brings Bao Hui close to financial ruin.

    The second brother Yang Bao Qiang (by Jack Neo) portrays a well-heeled successful businesman. As the owner of his own business, he and his wife flaunts their wealth in typical Singaporean fashion, with designer clothes, a flashy car and a big house to put it all in. However in a moment of greed, he allows himself to be cheated out of his fortune and gets into a very difficult financial situation.

    The youngest brother Yang Bao Huang (by Mark Lee) represents the ordinary middle working class. He earns a good salary working as a regional supervisor for a health supplement trading company, and spends lavishly to maintain his ‘wannabe’ lifestyle. When the health supplement business goes bust, debts pile up and Bao Huang too, faces financial ruin.

    As the winds of fortune changes, the brother’s begin to neglect their elderly mother. It was easy to be generous and filial during the good times but when household budgets tighten, what is the cost of true filial piety? Even the most basic arrangements, including whom mom should stay with, become a contentious issue.

    It is the filmmaker’s wish that Money No Enough 2, through the ups and downs faced by the three Yang brothers, help us to reflect at our own priorities while giving us a chance to laugh at ourselves.


    1. reading this, i know for sure that i will cry buckets if i watch this movie. i have soft spot for my mom and reading this, i think the movie will remind me of the things she went through too. thanks for highlighting this, i will try to catch this movie asap.

    2. oh like this uncle will cry buckets!!

      reminds me of my grandmother and maybe myself in the near future.. (50 years more)

      *subject to evil grandparents or parents. 18+ non parental guidance needed, act with caution!

    3. i loike reading ur blog. Esp on the updates of warehouse sales. Ur blog rawks!!

    4. omg your blog rawks too.. the amount of food pics u have is very encouraging!!

    5. 50 years or more? or less? 50+18=68, u still got credit meh? i know for sure give you 20 got no change already, hahaha. give 30, may be got change a few sens back, hahaha.

    6. did u cry while watching the show?

    7. darn i couldn't hold it any longer..

      the ending will definitely put a tear to your eyes..

      unless u r so heartless

    8. hey i saw the movie too n like jasmine, couldnt help crying for the most part of the movie. sigh...
      lai ming damn good rite?? i loved her acting in the movie!

    9. Yeah Lai Ming is so good! can't believe we got such a talented auntie actress!! gona join her club n i want her to be my grandmother too..

      uncle: i thought the mortality rate 80 for females in Malaysia and men 70years old? :(

    10. But Jamie thinks that the quality of life means more then the mortality rate it would be depressing thinking I would have to live to 70 if life sucked the big one!

    11. hey miu! just came across your blog. i just watched the movie and i didnt cry, but i was really touched and of course, the actress that made the whole show great was lai ming! if i ever see her, i would totally hug her cos shes sooooo cuttttee!!


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