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When I'm not wondering, I'll be on my computer searching for the next fountain of youth or hunting down a fantastic deal. I'm also a shopaholic, wanderluster, spa enthusiast and proud hipster who loves planning special occasions and surprises for her loved ones.
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    I was caught by surprise when I was doing my daily spy over my bloggeramas (blog butterflies) and reach my new found friend's blog, Shaz. Her post blew me off my seat haha so to speak. It was a really nice post about stila (my favorite cosmetic) and about how she needed the one last receipt to finally redeem her stila benefits from spending rm1,650 in 6 months! it's so crazy. I really pity her! how cruel is Stila to deny her of her benefits just because she lost one receipt? this girl has been a fan since ages ago! She regularly supports Stila and they don't recognize her last star because she don't have receipt to account for it. Hello? Mars to Earth. How on earth she got her last star then? freakin climb over your counters and steal your star sticker supply?

    shaz posted my letter 2 her! omg

    Anyway, I agree with her that the Stila Membership System is screwed. I have 3 stila membership cards and my beautician can't recognize me because I didn't go to their counter for 2 months. That just shows they see their customers by the $$$. I also notice that each time I do my makeover there, the beautician will leave me in the middle of it because some customers show up at their counter. They'll take their time "trying to sell" to the customers while I sit and wait for them. Woah? don't they have other sales assistant to do that? why must u always leave me 1/2 way during make up to attend to other people? What's more sad is I've spent so much there and they don't really want to give me samples/freebies and even a stila paper bag. I had to beg them for it and yet still end up either with nothing or spending more to get it. Bah Humbug.

    Therefore I concluded that my favourite cosmetic is still my favourite. Just that the people under this brand is stingy, money minded people who cares more about earning commissions than their faithful customers who kept going back to them. I suppose they would throw the red carpet if Datins come to splurge at their counter and ignore you totally because..

    "girl you don't spend enough here"

    So Shaz, thank you for finding me. It's so magicially crazy that a beautiful person like you found me through searching for "stila". We've a few things in common but I'm no fashionista like you! U go girl! Do some make up tips so I can learn in your blog ok? I need serious makeover help.. my friends been trying to makeover me until they gave up. Guess I better go enter the Female Magazine's Butterfly Makeover challenge and see if that can turn me into a beautiful swan. OH and you should've told me you're going to snap my letter and post it up! I could've "zhing" the letter and make it sparkling out of your blog lol!!!



    1. hello there...

      u r so sweet to have done that...
      & that stila membership thingy , is not worth it lah...
      after reading ur story abt it , yes , definitely they r after ppl's money !
      crazy !!

    2. hi hunny

      thanks for the kind words :D

      yea the stila thing.. ish.... sadlah.
      6 months membership and have to spend so much. $_$ !!!

      but to those who got the money, it's no problem for them. Wish I was rich..

    3. oh..u post ur letter here also eh? hehe..

      anyways..about ur story of "trying-to-sell-to-other-customers,while-u-wait-patiently-for-the-SA-to-do-ur-makeup" right,has happened to me also.. but in my case, i was the "other customer"..
      while i was browsing n looking around at their counter.. the SA was doing a makeover for this one girl.. and then when she saw me.. she quickly came to me and started to promote all the newbies.. n she also did some free eye makeup for me(in my previous post)...just for me to feel like buying her stuff i think..hehe.. (i think she abandoned that girl bcuz she must have thot that im a potential customer that's gonna buy her stuff so she started to treat me nicely n that poor girl was just gonna do the makeover..n plus she already "got" that girl to be her customer..so i guess thats y instead of she get her makeup done first, the SA totally abandoned that girl n came to me n try to sell her products..

      and then when i realized that the girl was waiting so patiently to get her makeup done, then i quickly said..ok2 enough already..i just take this one..n made my payment quickly as i feel sorry for the girl who has been waiting so patiently.. =(

      what a terrible sales girl la!! she should have just concentrate on that girl because she was DOING her makeup! it is sooo rude to leave other ppl just like that while u r doing ur service!

      I understand how u feel honey, I would have feel the same way too if im in ur shoes!

      y do stila has only 1 SA? haiyoo..

      anyhow..anyway.. thank u for the compliments.. gosh.. im blushing already! hehe ;p
      but i dont think i am like what u said la dear..im just a normal girl who loves to play around with colors n makeup! hehe..

      and...urm..yeah..i think i will do some makeup tips in my next post.. but not sure when la! hehe.. but i promise i'll do it k babe.. hehe ;)

      ok..have a nice day miu!!!

      p/s: is ur real name Miu? what a cute name!!

    4. hihi, i am oso a stila gal!!!i start using stila since it first came into malaysia!!!
      but only famous with their stuff since it open a counter at 1u....
      however, i found that the ba at stila counter really need to improve theri attitude!! sometime when i just go lepak at 1u and stop by their counter to ask for new items, no body will layan me at all, cos they know i am not buying!!!what a sales attitude???
      then i turn to isetan the gardens, a much more better service there.
      the ba told me that because at 1u counter there, they hv oledi got those vip customer, so the customer like me just purchase small small thing they won care much... plus, 1u counter got so.... many customer, the ba will not free to entertain u. and oso the freebies all give out to those vip!!!
      when i went to isetan the gardens, i get a very good service, sometimes even i jsut go lepak there, the sales gal still chit chat with me, and let me try all the things i wan, even end up i din buy anything! then next time when i went, she still treat me as good as usual.
      and most important, the gal recognise me. every time when i went they will just ask about me and my friend, even though my friend actually jsut went to the counter once or twice with me!!
      the sa gal i like is name denise at isetan the gardens, and the other gal at metrojaya mv also nice!!!

    5. hi nicole!

      omg u r so right..

      infact these past few days i am fummin mad at BU stila! u know why? I was giving the run around for 4 times just to buy their Citibank rm150 stila promo voucher but each time i go there to pay for it they don't have the CODE to pay it. 4 times i go!! can u imagine that? each time i have to wait and end up going back and coming again the next time just to pay for it bcoz i promise i will!

      The 4th time was few days ago and the code problem still not resolve! why they advertise in citibank if they don't even have the information ready abotu the promotion and the code to sell it?? finally get to pay and redeem my 150 worht items bcoz they use "last year some other promo code".

      WOW u would think after what i went through, the BA would be more nicer and give me at least some samples right?? NO WAY MAN.. so STUCK UP!!

      I HAVE NEVER GOTTEN ANY SAMPLES B4 FROM BU COUNTER EVEN AFTER SPENDING THOUSANDS at MEMBER DAYS/BONUS LINK DAY/NORMAL DAY. WHen I ask for it, the BA SAYS oh we have very limited only we don't simply give out. WHen i told her i saw your sales ppl give out to customers only then I realize got give out SAMPLES! SHE WAS SO RELUCTANT and finally gave me 1 sample. SHE EVEN TRY TO TALK ME DOWN SAYING I DON QUALIFY TO GET THE SAMPLE BCOZ OF MY PURCHASES! HELLO I SPEND THOUSANDS OF RM TO BUY YOUR PRODUCTS AND U SAY I DUN DESERVE IT?

      she said oh u already get the tier gifts so we dun give sample. I MEAN HELLOOO I ALSO BUY THINGS WITHOUT TIER PROMO BEFORE N I RECEIVE NOTHING. I NEVER GOT THE EYE BROW SHAPING THAT IS FREE WITH ANY PURCHASE STILA BEFORE UNTIL I ASK HER.. "can i do the eye brow?" she ask me "u never do b4?" n i replied "no, nobody give me before". Didn't u get it during the event? she replied. "I GOT THAT ONE BCOZ OF THE MAKEOVER WHICH I HAVE TO PAY AND I ASK FOR IT SOMORE NOT THEY WILLINGLY DO IT".


      From reading Shaz Girl's BLOG i knew PAVILLION, KLCC has better service n they give samples and freebies out to their customers!


      I think i should change brands. Stila just does crap to me now.

      I am so angry hearing your story. Looks we we're not the only "losers" they treat like this. Spend so much darn money supporting them, but never appreciated in the end! talk so much also. One lousy paper bag also don't want to give. Samples also don't want. Isn't the sample a point for us to test and if we like it, would buy their products???


      i give up. I hate stila BU.

    6. hi miu,
      wah, that bu stila ba really......remember her name and compalin to company!!!
      what is the reason that U GET THE TIEGIFT SO NO MORE SAMPLE??? sample is free for those who interest to try!!! stupid!!!
      last time when i bought at isetan mv,my frind and me share to top up till rm500cos my friend wan to get the purple colour box...so we combine 2 receipts!!then the ba saw me so pity dun hv gift, she jsut gift me the pink colour soft case!! so we get 3 boxes...then i ask again for free sample, then she give us 2 mascara!!!!
      another time i go to redeem the yearly club gift, my gifts include a red carpet palette which i oledi hv similar, so i change with the ba, the gal oso change for me, direct gift me a PLUMPING LIP GLAZE (RM90). she said the lip glaze is free gift of the counter...for ppl purchase more than an amount... but she oso can jsut give it like this... the company won check how many receipt u get and how many free gift u give!!!
      i been a parttime promoter b4, its depends on the ba to give the gifts... some ba will keep all the gifts, then they take home themselves.....

      next time go to mv or klcc to buy stila!!dun give up such a good brand jsut bcos of these rude ppl!!!

    7. OMG SOO GOOOD?!!!!

      arghh i really hate that bu counter already!! just early this year i spent rm2k in like 3 months keep on support them n buy stila for my mother as birthday, mother's day gift. Each time i spend a lot coz the BA duwan give me free gifts. Only way is to spend TIER TIER! sometimes i din even buy tier also get nothing!@!!

      is it i didn't grumble no money that's why they think i am printing money is it???

      i am so sad.. i gave my support to BU counter.. they treat me like this! i feel like beggar already! even beggar get something!!!!

      i think they keep for their own friends or for their "FAVOURITE TOP CUSTOMERS". Few times I ask, the BA like to say "u know u must buy from same beautician only fair later we give u thing" or "u din buy tier that's why no free gift" but when i said i did, she change her answer to "of u see tier already give u the gifts, so i can't give u sample. It's reserve for other customers".

      I ask then..i do buy things without tier before. I didn't get anything O.O!!! then her reply was "oh our samples very limited, cannot simply give out. Right now also I dun have much samples. It's all gone. we cannot simply give"

      WAHLAUEH.. serious..... in 6 months i completed my stars just to get make up case. And i have 2 member card somore! NEVER GIVE ME ANYTHING EXTRA!

      i dun even dare complain coz.. what can i say @_@ sigh

      klcc/mv very far from my house.. T_T i guess only when I really desperate i will go to klcc/mv...

      even the stupid rm150 citibank promotion make me go 5 times to wait there for them settle code system only can buy. Inconvenience me like this & i pay rm150 also duwan give me gifts!! after much pushing only she give me 1 sample. their customer service is really @##$$%%^&^&*..



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