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Guardian Stock Clearance Sales! 19-28/9/08

Saw a lot of banners at TTDI advertising Guardian Stock Clearance Sales! Luckily my favourite shopping site has a picture of it :D u can click on the picture to go to that site for more info. Personally I've been to many Guardian Warehouse Sales before with my family. There's a range of items to get for everyone actually. St Ives facial srub/cleanser which I bought for under rm8 last year, Ferero Rocher chocolates (a box of 16 = rm10!) 2 years back at Bukit Jalil, make up sets by color institutues, health supplements (slimming as well haha) skin care, body care, snacks and a whole load of other stuffs. I'll definitely go to this one on Friday, though I may not be early as I do need to work! lol


  1. Jamie wishes he won the lottery so he could sneak over there to one of these sales with a video camera and Stalk Miu through one of these Sales just to see how she dose it but I have a feeling I might not be able to blend into the crowd but for some strange reason I get the feeling I could stand in front of here and she would only have eyes for the sale items she was headed for!

  2. lol jamie.. shop first, talk later! my motto! (i'll sure see u in a room full of malaysians!)

    and u'll be a spotlight in the middle for the sales. Probably could met your soul mate there too and later thank me ^_^ hehe

  3. Jamie wonders is that where you meet your guy, if so then you were actually shopping to pick him up were you!


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