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Another wild beast love affair..

(L-R) My brother Dennis, Jasmine, Kevin & Cheryl, and Heikal.
I'm right on top yipee!

Jamie is so excited about Genting @ Merdeka (more than me!) and I haven't got the time to blogging it down yet as I'm currently swamp with work from right left and center. I'll give him something to cuci mata first as the Malaysian saying goes (cuci mata = direct translation wash eyes. Actual meaning is for your eyes to feast upon). If any of you have been following my blog, I've won tickets to watch Dreamz @ Genting Highlands, all thanks to Michael @ AMBP. The show was amazing ( Uncle Frog don't think so). First I'll talk about our seating. We had front row seats and second row seats right infront of the stage so the show practically took us right infront of our faces. It's really different from watching afar as I discovered because you get to watch LIVE really in your face. The colours, costumes, the tiger, the dancers and even wink at the cute perfomers.

My friends who sat front row really got the best of the show. The entire show was right in front of them and the magicians target them a lot to the extend of frightening because there was a run & chase scene, and the runner was caught and struggling FACE FRONT of my friends only 6-10inches apart from their face. I can't agree more that the highlight of the show - white tiger & lion were only shown a few minutes to us.It was a majestic sight even for a few minutes as the white tiger and lion prance about in front of us.

And to Uncle Frog's question of:

".. mistake on the so-called story line. Where the "princess" were transformed to "lion". Those of you who are going to watch this, you will know what I mean. Give me a shout or drop me a comment to see if you all noticed what I have noticed as a glaring mistake."

Yes I notice the "error" and I was laughing at it. Maybe the princess hails from Thailand the land of lady boys? I said that because (well Jamie and hurley is going to be wondering what the heck is these 2 talking about) when the princess transformed, she transformed into a MALE WHITE LION. A bunch of us started laughing away.

Overall, me & my friends enjoyed the spectacular show live from our seats. It was better than the Defy Gravity show last 2 years ago (which sucked so much). The music band played live and the costumes were so colorful & intriguing to me! it definitely gave me some ideas for Halloween. It's not the best show ever, but it's not bad too. We all loved the show and when the moment came up to take pictures with the white tiger & lion, we went for it (Well only 6 of us) hence the picture above, a little memento of our time up the cooling hills of Genting Highlands.

Of course we had to pay for the pictures, it was RM60 to take a picture of the white tiger or lion, or RM100 for both. Maximum 6 person only per picture (hence 6 of us) and a reprint cost rm30 (my brother reprinted). Quality of that digital print ain't good, but it will do as a lovely keepsake of our time =)

BONUS STORY: All of us get to touch the white tiger after taking the pic (yes touch only we didn't dare to pat or hug it) it was furry and coarse. Suddenly the white tiger let out a moan "gnoooom auummmm" all of us was like "WTF let's go quick" scare shitless. It turns out, our dear clumsy friend Jasmine had stepped on it's tail. Poor poor Samson (the tiger's name)...







more pics at face book lol!


  1. probably you get front view, that's why the show's better, i got side view, so, may be some of the effect is gone. but i got direct view of the motorcyclists (right in front of me), so, that sort of compensate.

    good that you enjoyed it, like i said, it has it's moment.

    ha, good, you caught the "mistake". were you telling your friends to look out for the mistake? :D

  2. totally different from watching movies in cinema where people avoided front row seats lol.

    nah uncle i forgot about that mistake until the white lion came up, laughing away remembering what u said.

  3. Hey wait a minute Jamie thinks that probably the lioness had a headache and the poor guy had to step in and do the part! Or the princess could have been a ladyboy! some of them it is almost impossible to tell them apart unless you have them turn there head and cough!
    Its a good appetizer now to wait for the main course to this story on your blog!
    You know the sad part is those people worked so hard in rehearsals to do that show and probably none of them noticed the obvious!some one stolen there tent I mean the wrong sex of an animal!
    poor animal with a careless person stepping on its tail, I bet she felt bad!

  4. lol..

    the person who step on the tail felt really bad! even now if she knows i'm tellin this "story" she'll pinch me for sure.

    a minor detail like that will just throw your hard work off, but i guess maybe the sex transformation wasn't an importance or their lioness had headache like u said! hahaha..

    the main course will come about tonight! (hope that stops jamie from replyin every hour)


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